Anomalies on South Peak ?
By Robert Botik
Posted 7-12-97

South Peak Update
By Robert Botik
Posted 10-23-97

As part of a grand finale posting of the primary mission photos released last night by NASA and found at prm-thmb.html, within this group you will find 81007-Full.jpg - the shot that grabbed my attention that evening in very early July and caused me to contact Jeff Rense and his superb webmaster, James Neff, as well as some close friends in media.
In this latest release, which I urge you to view with your own system and straight from a NASA site, you will notice it is a slightly wider angle view and all of the original imperfections are there as in the original. I was asked to carefully look for any signs of alterations or funny business on the part of NASA or JPL imaging folks. I see none Through the dozen or so shots of South Peak, through various filters, the anomalous objects have remained and we continue to see the most provocative image of any taken on this mission - The Anomalies on South Peak. And yes, in this latest release, you will clearly see they left in that gap in the original mosaic splice that I asked James Neff to tighten. Glad they did, otherwise, someone would be sure to yell manipulation, cover-up! Now, just the predictable "experts" will take marks off for neatness.
The Mars Pathfinder mission ended August 3, 1997. As of this writing, Rover and Lander are in great shape, just not communicating as the equipment has dropped below a certain operating temperature. I am confident the men and women at NASA and JPL, on one of these breaks in the Martian cold snap, will regain control and tell it to quit going to the depleted batteries and reset the clock. I think there will be more, in time, coming from these two very distant probes that have performed way beyond anyone's expectations. And just look at what they have brought into our homes and to our personal computer screens!
So what is the latest on South Peak? The primary mission has ended. The extended mission is currently stalled during this first cold winter blast at Pathfinder. In a way I am glad about this too. This is finally permitting scientists, engineers, and imaging people some breathing time. Time to meet and carefully piece together additional data including some highly detailed photos. As far as South Peak, my general sense after corresponding and talking with NASA, the best is yet to come.
My sincere thanks to all of you who have written me and shared your own special thoughts on the uniqueness of South Peak.


First, let me say up front, I believe we are on Mars. A little education and a lot of faith in my fellow man tells me we did it. We are looking at the most amazing pictures from Mars. For those who believe this may all be a Black Ops sandbox hidden in Pasadena, you probably should skip this article.
The moment this high resolution black & white photo was released by NASA and JPL my eyes were attracted to the area below South Peak (the one on the left) and the linear elements that seem unique to the area below the crest.
According to JPL and NASA measurements, we are looking at a point approximately 1.0 kilometer from the Lander and with visual acuity of a little less than human vision.
Using my own graphics program, I "posterized" or increased the contrast in this area and did a 2:1 and a 3:1 blow up. I invite you to do the same and tell me what you see. I counted five separate clusters of pixel activity and linearity bearing no semblance to the stratification and horizontal lines of the terracing at the right or North Peak.
One can see an obvious gap or opening in what appears to be a mosaic patch and its line runs upward and into the area of interest. So, with the help of the Sightings webmaster, James Neff, who was kind enough to respond to my request to do the visual voodoo he does so well and close this gap, here are the results.
In the wee hours of last Saturday night / Sunday morning James Neff, Jeff Rense and yours truly, exchanged these images back and forth over the Net. What a great time we live in where three grown men, in three distant parts of our country can play like boys in a cyber sandbox, sharing images and our thoughts over pictures from Mars. I think we may be seeing something artificial on the slope of South Peak. Perhaps visual signs of life and intelligence far larger than microbial on Mars. What do you think?
NASA has 12 more special filters planned for more Hi-res shots to this most fascinating area of South Peak. Perhaps one of them will bring us better definition and understanding of what we are seeing here. In the meantime, what a joy to explore space and planets with them! Until then, the little boy in me sees a hillside construction maybe left abandoned long ago by an ancient Martian civilization. My thanks to all the folks at JPL and NASA for making this play and adventure possible.

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