JCS Chairman Says
U.S. Safe From Aliens
From Stig Agermose
WASHINGTON, Sept. 24 (UPI) -- Americans should sleep soundly at night with no fears of an alien abduction -- because the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff certainly does.
Gen. John Shalikashvili made his revelation during a question-and-answer session at the National Press Club today. After responding to questions about pressing issues such as Bosnia, military down-sizing and sexual misconduct scandals, the Clinton administration's top military advisor fielded one from deep out of left field.
The question, read by a moderator, asked Shalikashvili if the United States had been truthful about threats the country faces from aliens traveling in unidentified flying objects.
It claimed a recent survey showed a sizable percentage of Americans fear abduction by aliens. That prompted Shalikashvili, who came to the United States as a teen, to quip, "Am I the alien they're talking about?"
On a slightly more serious note, he said he believes U.S. military officials have been completely forthcoming about extraterrestrials. Some people believe the government has covered up evidence that a flying saucer crashed in New Mexico 50 years ago, but Shalikashvili, who retires next week, said no evidence exists.
He concluded, "I sleep well at night without the fear an alien being is going to capture me."

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