Billy Meier's 'Asket' ET Pics Came From The Dean Martin Show!
From Joachim Koch
From UFO UpDates - Toronto

You can now see photographs taken from the 'Dean Martin Show' video on the webpage of Germany's UFO magazine, the UFO-KURIER!
Jochen Kopp, the chief editor of the UFO-KURIER, managed to establish these very impressive photographs on his site. Although it is totally under construction, at least the Billy Meier page works!
Go to: (click Aktuelle Nachrichten)
Once you have reached the site, please click on " Aktuelle Nachrichten" (engl.: latest news) on the left hand side of the page, then you'll reach the Meier page with the German text on the Kal Korff/Luc Buergin interview with Calliope Meier and Korff's work with the tv documentary which is now scheduled in July this year.
In the middle of this German text - it is the German translation of the text we have posted here in English -
"Here are the photographs from the 'Dean Martin Show' and below - the direct comparison with the photographs of "Asket" which Billy Meier claims to have taken "aboard a Pleiadian star ship."
Jochen Kopp informed me today that after the release of the latest issue of the UFO-KURIER there is an increasing amount of mail coming in stating that, independently, the writers of these letters immediately recognized 'Asket' from the Billy Meier book.
For copyright reasons, in the print version of UFO-KURIER, the photographs of 'Asket' alledgedly taken by Mr. Meier were not included, only the photographs from the 'Dean Martin Show'. So this hardens the evidence: even without having the direct comparison as you have on the UFO-KURIER webpage, the readers of the magazine recognized the same - fraud.
Though you maybe dislike this or that name, or this or that researcher - this time, with the Korff/Buergin/UFO-KURIER cooperation, we have contributed to the unmasking of another guru.
Joachim Koch, Hans-Juergen Kyborg
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