300' Craft With Portholes Seen
By 3 Carloads Of People
From "Skywatch International"
Filer's Files #50 MUFON Skywatch Investigations
By George A. Filer
MUFON Eastern Director (609) 654-0020
From Tim Edwards
--- Experts Say Flash Was a Meteor Dec. 13, 1997 By ( Associated Press) A mysterious flash of light that prompted calls to authorities in four Midwestern states and led to a brief search for an overdue plane was probably caused by a meteor, experts said. The light -- described by many as a glowing orange or red was seen about 8 p.m. CST Friday across hundreds of miles, from Minnesota and Wisconsin south into Iowa and northern Missouri. ``It was a good-sized red ball,'' said Wylie Peterson of Colfax, Wisconsin. ``It had a pretty good tail behind it. It was too big to be a flare.'' A search was organized after a private airplane was reported overdue at the Boyceville, Wis., airport. It was suspended after doubts were raised about whether the plane was missing and the meteor possibility was considered. Astronomy experts at the University of Minnesota and Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, said the phenomenon was best explained by a single meteor burning through the Earth's atmosphere. December 13th, marks the peak of the annual Germinid meteor shower. Thanks to:UFO Research
Karen Heaster reports that on October 29 at 6:15 PM, three car loads of professional workers were going home (north of Marietta, Ohio) when a 300 foot long object with portholes appeared before them in front of a cloud. All three cars pulled off the road to look at it. After 15 seconds it seemed to pull back into the cloud which turned red. The cloud and object then disappeared. No further information is available at this time. Thanks to: Ted.Spickler.B and the American UFO Newsletter (Bob Teets, Headline Books, WV).
Rob McConnell reports that on December 15, "I received a telephone call from a lady who lives near Wright Patterson AFB. The lady told me that since 1994 she has witnessed, along with some 20 neighbors, multiple UFO sightings and 2 craft landings." (Prebles County, Ohio) The lady told me that she has called the Defense Department, NORAD, the USAF and other US governmental agencies telling her sighting stories - to which she has, allegedly, never received any answers.
The description of the crafts involved, according to the witness, are very bright white with an outer rim of red. In one case, she observed USAF jets attempting to intercept these UFOs. In another incident, this lady also saw a craft emit a green beam. I will have more information on this case, and will post it, along with a transcript of the radio interview I will be doing with her this coming Saturday, December 20 on The 'X' Zone Radio Show. Sheriff Hayes of the Preble's County Sheriff Office and the Register Herald in Eaton, Ohio have confirmed that the witness called in and reported UFO activity. Specific dates of sightings include: April 96, April 97, September 97. Thanks to Rob McConnell, Producer & Host, of The 'X' Radio and TV Programs,
MUFON investigator and Board member Carolyn S. McNellis reports: On December 2, at 4:32 p.m. Eastern time, I spotted a fireball approximately half the size of a ping pong ball at arm's length with a two inch tail. While driving south on RT 12-A at the intersection of Hwy 89 at W. Lebanon, NH, (the road parallels the Connecticut River, NH's border with VT), I saw the object in the southwest sky. I concluded that, because the sun was just going down, the object was picking up the golden orange of the setting sun. That evening I questioned a local astronomer-friend who said he had not heard of a meteor at that time, but December was supposed to be full of meteor showers. I witnessed Hale-Bopp in early spring and this was MUCH MUCH larger . If this was 1/2 the size of a ping pong ball, Hale Bopp was the size of the head of a pin, and needed binoculars to really be seen clearly. I watched this fireball until the road took me into the woods. Seven minutes later, when I emerged from the woods, it was not to be seen. It was an awe inspiring sight, but one that made me hope it was headed elsewhere in space -- gloom and doom warnings of what will happen "if" have certainly made an impression on me!
John Thompson, MUFON Georgia State Director reports, I just got off the phone with a man who says that he saw a triangle-shaped UFO. The sighting took place at 8:40 PM on December 5th, on Highway. 100, two miles north of Franklin. The witness observed a formation of 5 white to amber color large lights. A structured object would have made a triangle about 50 feet in size. "The UFO flew to the southeast at 2000 feet altitude or lower." He observed it for nearly 20 seconds before losing sight of the UFO behind some pines. He said, the UFO flew slowly and made no sound. The lights did not flash, and he is assuming they were on a structured object that could not be see. The sky was clear, with little wind and the UFO according to him was clearly close enough for him to have heard noise if it had made any. He said he is certain it was not an airplane nor like anything he has ever seen before. A check with the Heard County Sheriff's Department and 911 revealed no other reports except "gunshots were heard behind a nearby rock quarry." A call to LaGrange Calloway Airport (15 miles to the southeast) showed that no planes fitting the description of the alleged unknown object landed there on Friday night. An investigation will be completed. Best Regards, John Thompson.
On December 9th, a bright red, non-blinking object, about five times as large as a bright star, hovered over the Reno area for about an hour, from 5:15 PM to 6:15 PM Pacific time. Radio Station KKOH (780AM) received lots of phone calls about the sighting. The Reno Police Station said they received no calls. The Reno Airport said they were watching the object, nothing on radar, and estimated its speeds same as upper winds speeds. They ruled out a balloon because the object came to complete stops, becoming stationary at times. The Desert Research Institute, which releases balloons, reported nothing from them in the sky. The Naval Air Station said they did not see the object, but had nothing in the skies at that time. The object headed south at about 6:15 PM Pacific time. The Reno Gazette-Journal ran a small notice of the sighting on the second page of its second section today, 12/10/97. Thanks to Skywatch and Doc in Phoenix
On Wednesday, November 26, 1997, at 11:34 p.m., Pilar Olazabal was driving home with her friends, Juana Villalobos Moreno and Carlos Iturbide Masana, in Punta Arenas, the southernmost city in Chile, when the two women spied an oval shape that looked like it was on fire. It illuminated the road in 300 meters in front of them. The strangest part is that it was seen only by the two women and not by the man." Juana dropped off her friend and started to drive back to her own apartment. Ten minutes later, "on one of the main streets of Punta Arenas, she saw a bright object behind her car," in the rear-view mirror. "It was closing in very fast, at about 50 meters (165 feet) behind her and 20 meters (66 feet) off the ground. The UFO was oval in shape with red, yellow, blue and green lights that rotated very fast. She stopped her car, and the object flew over her car at 20 meters above, and she got a good look at the UFO. It then accelerated at very high speed, heading for the Strait of Magellan." The sighting was investigated by Bertran Cardenas of Agrupacion de Investigaciones Ovniologicas (AION), Chile's foremost UFO study group.
On Tuesday, December 9, 1997, another UFO was observed with binoculars "The UFO had the shape of a ring of smoke with a ball in the middle. and then changed into a solid metallic sphere. A video was taken and looks similar to the one filmed in Mexico during a lunar eclipse.
Rodrigo Fuenzalida (president of AION) was being interviewed on Channel 4 with the Chilean Air Force Captain Cristian Puebla who is an Aeronautics Engineer, Professor at the Air Force Politechnical School and Coordinator of Space Projects. When the Captain was asked about the UFO's registered over Chilean soil, he said the following "Yes, these UFO's have appeared all over our country and by the way they behave and maneuver I can only say that they are extraterrestrial in origin. It is impossible that these UFO's are man- made". This was said publicly on Channel 4 TV. Many other sighting have been reported in the last few weeks with one landing in a military practice field near Santiago. Thanks to Luis Sanchez (Thanks to Luis Sanchez Perry and UFO Roundup #49 Joe Trainor Editor .
On November 15, 1997, at about 4 p.m., two teenaged boys spotted a UFO over their hometown of Siracusa, a port city in Sicily on the Golfo di Augusta, 224 kilometers (140 miles) southeast of Palermo. Grabbing a 35mm camera, the boys shot several photos "of an object of discoidal form" as it "moved about in an erratic manner through the skies above Siracusa." The UFO also "periodically halted in mid-air" from time to time. They described the object as having the shiny reflective surface "of the glass of a window." (See the Italian newspaper Giornale di Sicilia for November 30, 1997. Grazie a Edoardo Russo e Antonio Rapulla per questo rapporto.) Thanks to UFO Roundup, Joe Trainor editor.
Alfred J. Quiroz reports that while he was Quartermaster of the Watch enroute from Midway Island to Guam in January 21, 1966, he saw five lights in a "V" formation heading west. The objects were at a very high altitude and similar to the Echo satellite of that period. After chewing out the lookouts for not reporting the UFO's I logged in the sighting in the ship's log. The weather was clear and visibility was 20 miles. The entire bridge observed the formation. We had no radar contact. We assumed they were a flight of B-52's enroute to Guam. We contacted Guam and several other bases that all denied having aircraft in our area. As we observed the UFOs with 7 X 50 binoculars, the object executed a 90 degree turn, accelerated and sped off at an extremely high speed and disappeared heading south. The disappearance was like a very fast fade out. The Officer of the Deck lowered his binoculars and quietly exclaimed, "Gentlemen I believe you call those ! UFOs." I logged in the sighting and the maneuver. The ship's log mysteriously disappeared a few months later.
There was another incident that occurred while on daylight patrol in the Tonkin Gulf in March. The lookouts reported a shiny object floating just below the surface ahead of the ship. The object was a silver ball about 3-4 feet in diameter and it appeared to be heavy. The Captain ordered the ship to stop and all equipment was turned off. Officers hurriedly searched through manuals on Warsaw Pact mines and nothing was found that matched what we were looking at 200 yards away. The Captain called in a helicopter from the carrier we were operating with. It hovered over the object and lowered a sonar boom. The pilot was on the loudspeaker of the bridge so we were hearing his description of the object. Silver, metallic sphere, no seams, marking or rivets, just an independent ball floating just below the surface. At this point the pilot decided to have his door gunner open fire on the object. I was trying to film all of this with my 8mm movie camera. The distance was too much for my camera. The pilot reported that the bullets were bouncing off. The pilot suddenly excited yells "Whoa, that damn thing just took off!" Somebody yank that thing down," the pilot exclaimed. Our captain immediately ordered everything turned back on and General Quarters was sounded and we proceeded to our ASW (Antisubmarine warfare) stations. We searched for 72 hours and found nothing. I am curious if anyone else or ship reported an incident like this one. Phone # 520-327-327, Tucson, AZ 85713. Thanks to ISUR and John Thompson.
BOGOTA (Reuters) - A meteorite may have triggered a fire that killed four small children in central Colombia. Bogota's El Espectador newspaper quoted witnesses, including the children's father and local firefighters, as saying "fireballs" had been spotted raining down from the sky in the impoverished area of Huila province where the children died in the house fire on Sunday evening. The children, all under six, were alone in their ramshackle house when the fire broke out. A hole, measuring about 10 inches in diameter, was discovered in the zinc roof of the house, along with traces of a sulfur-like substance that was being studied in a local laboratory. The hole in the roof had been punched from the outside, Rojas said, adding that everything seemed to indicate the children were the unwitting victims of a meteorite.
Niels Bohr Institute in Denmark , announced a big meteor impact has probably occurred in Southern Greenland at 61 25N, 44 26W on Tuesday, December 9th, 5:00 AM. The position is on the ice cap approximately 50 kilometers NE of Narsarsuaq Airport. Based on fairly accurate direction findings and the fact, that Danish and Norwegian trawlers were situated on both sides of Southern Greenland it can be determined, that the meteorite fell on land. Greenland saw the huge light in the early hours of Tuesday morning last week. Observations of the satellite light track from Nuuk indicates that the meteorite passed a bit south of Nuuk in a southeasterly direction towards the mentioned impact site in Southern Greenland.
The flashes observed in conjunction with the meteorite were so bright as to turn night into daylight at a distance of 100 kilometers and can be compared to the light of a nuclear explosion in the atmosphere. However, we stress that there is no reason to believe other than natural causes. During the day, the position will be over flown by an ice reconnaissance plane, from the Ice Central in Narsarsuaq on its planned flight from Kap Farvel to Nuuk. The event can in size probably be compared to the Kap York meteorite, that in prehistoric time fell in Melville Bay, Sassivik south of Thule. Findings from the meteorite consist of a number of iron meteorites totaling 50 tons.
Victor Kean has compiled the data on the increasing high rate of Flying Triangles (FT) sightings over Southeastern England. During July of 1997, there were 63 observed FT visits to the Nuclear Power Station at Sizewell, Suffolk. Up from 61 sightings in May and 62 in June. The Bradwell, Essex Nuclear Power Station received 39 observed visits in July also up from the 35 visits in May and 26 in June. The Dungeness,(Lydd), Kent Nuclear Power Station (NPS)had 27 observed visits in July. This is a slight downturn from 31 in June and 28 in May. There were no sightings during July of the Grey FT with Amber or Orange lights.
On July 3rd the Flying Triangle was seen over the Bradwell NPS at 2340 hours and over both the Sizewell NPS and the Dungeness NPS at 2345 hours some 94 miles apart suggesting that two Flying Triangles were in 'operation' during that Working Period. The last sighting of this was at 0155 hours at Sizewell. This was a remarkably short Working Period of only 2 hours 15 minutes compared with the 'normal' 4 to 5 hours. Thanks to Victor Kean and the FT Group.
The Pathfinder Robot uncovered evidence that Mars was once warm, moist and more like Earth than its forbidding surface might now suggest. The Martian plain was sculpted by liquid water in the past that proves that the planet was once much warmer. John T. Scholfield of the Jet Populsion Laboratory stated in an AP interview that "There's nothing we found that would preclude life on early Mars." Some rocks on Mars bore evidence that they were formed on a lake shore or even under water.
Reuters reports that a mishap that forced the Mars Global Surveyor to make emergency flight changes has led to a surprising wealth of data on the planet, including pictures of a dust storm the size of the southern Atlantic. "This will affect all the incoming data for the next two years," Arden Albee, chief scientist on the project. "It gives us some very significant science that we couldn't have gotten in the normal design. We come very close to the surface of Mars, much closer than we would have." Global Surveyor arrived to orbit Mars in September, almost unnoticed amid the fanfare surrounding the Mars Pathfinder mission and hobbled by an equipment mishap. The problem arose shortly after launch in November 1996, when one of the two arms holding Surveyor's solar panels did not deploy properly. The problem forced Surveyor, which is carrying an array of sensors and cameras to map and analyze Earth's closest neighbor, to alter its orbit not to put too much pressure on the arm. The flight change means the spacecraft must now fly backward and will not reach its final intended position until March 1999, one year behind schedule. Nevertheless, scientists said the new elliptical orbit, which brings Surveyor to within 75 miles of the surface instead of the planned 250 miles, was giving its cameras an eyeful. "We have canyons which are hardly named which are steeper and deeper than the Grand Canyon." Albee, of the California Institute of Technology, said. "We'd never have been gutsy enough to design the mission this way." The main focus of scientific interest now is a huge dust storm that Surveyor has tracked from its beginnings two weeks ago as a small disturbance toward Mars' south pole. "It is currently about the size of the southern Atlantic. We don't know if it will grow into a global dust storm," Albee said. Mike Malin, responsible for the cameras on Surveyor, said it did not appear the storm would spread over the rest of the planet and that was good, because there were plenty of other things to look at. Among them were layers of rock that could suggest evidence of deposition by water at some point in the planet's past and small depressions that Malin said might be the empty beds of Martian ponds. "This would be the first evidence that seems plausible of standing bodies of water on Mars," Malin said. Editors Note: Evidence is continuing to mount that intelligent life once existed on Mars and a startling announcement by NASA is likely.

Bob Beckwith, a MUFON scientist and engineer sent me a letter stating in part: Magnetic levitation was first demonstrated at Nottingham University by Dr. Peter Main on April 13, 1997. Main's experiment was verified at the National High Magnetic Laboratory at Florida State University on December 1, 1997. These landmark experiments far overshadow the first experiments demonstrating the splitting of the atom...On December 7, 1997, American Computer Company released information about the "Transfer Capacitor" obtained in 1947 from Roswell by IBM and AT&T, but not recognized for 50 years as significant. Roswell as the origin of the transistor in 1947 is now well documented. Other Roswell material was distributed to industry in 1960.
Pressure must be placed on the selected recipients of 1947 material to release the material for further study by the free scientific community. The use of nuclear energy will surely then become obsolete and dangerous as the ultimate in pollution. Our scientific eyes must be opened to the existence of the EBE's in our midst and the vast new knowledge that they bring us. Bob Beckwith with Drew Craig have written an exciting book called, HYPOTHESES, that outlines the future technology being uncovered through the study of UFOs. Thanks to Bob Beckwith at

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