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Alternative Health Tip

If you aren’t able to get enough iron from your diet or multi-vitamin, or if you have increased iron needs due to pregnancy, age or prolonged endurance training, you may need to add a separate iron supplement to your routine. Iron supplements can be a great way to get your body’s iron levels back on track. 

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  Betty Martini Blasts NutraSweet PR Article
  A Young Mother's Tragic Battle With NutraSweet
 Another Devastating NutraSweet Testimonial
 The Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat
 Lyme Disease Is Sexually Transmitted - Reactivated By Aspartame
 Vaccines That Kill Children?
 Doctors Who Are Opposed To Compulsory Vaccinations
 UK To Regulate And Control ALL Alternative Health Therapies
 Scientists Confirm Dangers Of Traveling Economy Class
 Organic Pesticide Linked With Parkinson's Disease
 Modern Kitchen EMFs May Make Women Less Fertile
 Herpes Vaccine Protects Brain Cancer Victims
 Scientists Discover Cure For Arthritis

 Cow's Milk May Raise Diabetes Risk In Some Children
 Shampoo Vaccine? - New Virus Carries Vaccine Through Skin
 Ten Percent Of Population Believe They Would Be Better Off Dead
 Greatest 'Scientific' Fluoride Fraud Yet?
 Making Plants Sick - GE Scientists Turn Off Plants' Immune Systems
 Dr. Peter Breggin, MD: Impact Of Psychoactive Drugs On Children
 The Rise And Fall Of ADD/ADHD
 Researcher Proves Babies In Womb Can Hear At 30 Weeks
 Children 11-13 Are Being Forced To Grow Up Too Soon
 Research Proving Magnetic Therapy An Important Medical Tool
 Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea Spreading In The US
 Malathion - Health Effects Research Summary
 Toxic Level Of Mercury Found In New England Rain And Snow
 New Evidence Power Lines Cause Cancer
  Genetic Vaccines And Mycoplasma
 Lawsuits Assert Drug Makers And Shrinks Invented 'ADHD' To Sell Ritalin

 Tofu Shown To Shrink The Brain
 Unknown Herpes Found In Apes - Poised To Jump To Humans
 Freon In Cigarettes And The Fluoride Breakdown Connection
 Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic In Children Coming - Fat And Fast Foods To Blame
 Breast Cancer Awareness - Beware Of Deception It's Your Best Protection!
 Green Tea, Fluoride, And The Thyroid
 Girls' Diets Affect Puberty And Increase Later Life Disease Risk
 Feces, Vomit On Raw Meat A Growing Risk
 Dental Water Sprays Contain Bacteria That Could Kill Some Patients
 At Last...A Good Use For Aspartame?
 New Breed of Pig May Allow Animal-Human Transplants
 Electrical Lines Linked To Suicides
 That Occasional Cup Of Coffee Can Be Fatal
 Daily Spoonful Of Cinnamon May Help Diabetics
 The Ten Lowest Radiation Cell Phones
 What The Ten Lowest Radiation Cell Phone Chart Means
 Mycoplasma Infection - From GWI To Chemtrail Illness - Extremely Important
 Ben And Jerry's Ice Cream Contains HIGH Dioxin Levels - Study
 Britain - Little Children Being Treated For VD

 Cloned Pigs Open Door For Transplant Organ Farms
 Aspartame Crisis Posed To World Environmental Conference
 Caffeine Is Added To Soft Drinks To Addict The Consumer - New Study
 Fluoride - The Lunatic Drug
 Almost All Vitamin C Is Now From Gentically-Modified Corn!
 'Cat Box Disease' May Change Human Personality And Lower IQ
 Travelers Carry TB Worldwide
 Heed Your Body's Internal Clock
 Cell Phones - Convenience Or 21st Century Plague?
Fat, Lazy, Over-50 'Couch Potatoes' Eating Their Way To Early Graves
 Parkinson's Linked To Residential Pesticide Use
 Motorola, Others, Sued - Cell Phone/Cancer Link Claimed
 Child Abuse Scars Hormones For Life
 Scientists Hail Cancer Success As Gene Therapy Helps Shrink Tumours
 New Find May Aid Animal Organ Transplants
  Animal Organ Transplants To Humans Could Trigger Deadly Global Disease Pandemic
 Four Million Americans Have Hep C - Most Don't Know It
 Americans Breathe Millions Of Tons Of Wind-Born Asia Air Pollution
 Pus, Sores, Cancer Tumors, & Filth - USDA's Deregulation Of The Meat Industry
 Aspartame And Weight Loss
 'Got Milk?' Ads Targeted By Doctors
 Online Sex Cruising Risky - Partners More Likely To Have STDs
 Many US Teens Face Heart Attacks From Clogged Arteries
 Just What We Need - Irradiated Eggs Are Coming
 Mycoplasma Fermentans Incognitus
 Mycoplasma Mastitis In Dairy Cattle
 Work Stress Actually Boosts Body's Immunity
 Many UK Women May Harbor Fatal Hep C Virus

 'Missing link' Discovered In Fight Against Cancer
 Water Purification Using Clorox Bleach - New Information From Red Cross
 Beef & Poultry With Cancer, Pus, Lesions, & Disease Approved For You To Eat!
 Food And Environment Main Cause Of Cancer - Not Peoples' Genes
 Alzheimer's Vaccine Makers Say It Is Safe
 Memory Loss Can Be Curable
Insulin-Producing Cells Grown In Lab Could Revolutionize Diabetes Treatment
 Hepatitis C Treatment Can Lead To Complete Recovery
 'Aspartame (NutraSweet) Causes Brain Tumors...Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt'
 Barbecues Are Fun - But Think This Over...
 Extra Fat Means More Happiness, Better Sex
 Surprisingly High Rates Of Hep C In VA Patients
 Chip That Could Restore Sight Implanted In People
 Cutting Calories Shields Brain Cells From Effects Of Aging
 Aspirin May Do More Harm Than Good For Heart In Some Cases
 UK Young Peoples' Self-Esteem Falling - Withering Pressure To Be Attractive
 Cell Phone Users Report Headaches And 'Burning' Skin
 Ottawa Researchers Find Virus That Kills Cancer Cells
 Night Headaches Linked To Temporary Cessation Of Breathing (Sleep Apnea)
 Some May Carry Fearsome, Deadly Ebola Virus Without Having Symptoms
 No Chest Pain In One Third Of US Heart Attacks
 Strange New Deadly Virus Appears In Iraq
 Is Ritalin Raising Kids To Be Drug Addicts?
 Michael Fox, Parkinson's, And Aspartame

 Vaccine Dangers And Chicanery Getting Major Attention
 New, Deadly Maylasian Pig Virus Now Found In Bats
 Baby Develops Taste For Food While Still In The Womb
 200 Tons Of Beef Recalled - Deadly E. Coli Bacteria Found
 HOAX - Gas Pump/HIV Needle Warning Message
 Less Time With Partner = More Interest in Sex
  Skin Cancers Destroyed By Light And Oxygen therapy
  Nutrition Experts Urge Schools To Ban Junk Food
  Hepatitis B Vaccine Linked To Onset Of Diabetes
  Anti-Depression Drugs Can Backfire If Given For Wrong Reasons
  Germs Found To Thrive In Women's Bathrooms
  Neotame (Near Clone Of Aspartame) Now In Spain? The Latest On NutraSweet
  'Rebirthing Therapy' Claims Life Of 10 Year Old Colorado Girl - 3 Arrested
 Mother Charged in 'Rebirthing' Death Of Her Daughter
 Happy Drug Prozac Can Bring On Impulse To Suicide - British Study
 Older Preteen Children Not Getting Enough Sleep For Physical & Mental Needs
 Concussion May Be More Serious Than Thought
 When It Comes To Telling Patients Bad News, Most Doctors Waffle
 Fish Deficiency 'Could Harm Mental Health'

 TV May Contribute To Alzheimers
 Take Me Back To Saccharin - With NutraSweet You Just Can't Win
 Radiation Therapy For Breast Cancer May Damage The Heart
 Standard TB Therapy Not Fighting Resistant Cases
 American Homes Are Crawling With Allergens
 Cell Phones May Be Leaking Hazardous Chemicals
 Aspartame Murders Infants - Violates Federal Genocide Law
 Indoor Hot Tubs Can Cause Serious Lung Disease
 New Cell Phone And Brain Tumor Study Results
 New, Dangerous Asian Mosquito In Connecticut Raising West Nile Virus Fear
 Pesticide Residues In Fruit And Vegetables
 Cancer-Causing Pesticide Use Rising In CA - 1.5 Billion Pounds Used 1991-1998
 Anti-Depressants Getting Into Our Water Supply, Rivers, Lakes
 Common Spices Protect Bacteria From Food Irradiation!
 Deadly New US Herbicide In Columbia - Drug Control Or BioWarfare?
 Under-Age Sex Ends in Regrets, Sadness, and Diasppointments
 The Aftermath Of Prozac, Zoloft, Luvox, Fen-Phen, & Many Other Serotonergic Drugs
 US Company Says It Can Remove Major Cancer-Causing Substances From Tobacco
 The Abortion - Breast Cancer Link: America's Best Kept Secret

 Milk And Dairy Products Suspected Of Causing Crohn's Disease
 Belief In Afterlife Can Make You Live Longer
 Many High-Risk Individuals Unaware Of Genital Herpes Risk
 Hep B Spread The Same As HIV But '100 Times' More Communicable
 How To Defy Death - Stay Thin
  The Major Cause Of Cancer, Part 1
 Soy Under Fire - Not Soy Good?
 Do You Know What's Organic?
 More Kidney Infections In Women Becoming Drug-Resitant
 TB Epidemic Raging Across Asia - Cases Soaring From China To Afghanistan
 Aspartame Health Problems Continue Long After Stopping Ingestion
 Vegan Diet May Reduce Chances Of Heart Disease
 Aspartame, "Erin Brockovich" & Title 18 Of The Criminal Code
  Return Of New York's Deadly West Nile Virus Feared Imminent
 Vegans Advised To Take Vitamin Supplements
 Too Much Dairy May Lead To Prostate Cancer
 West Nile Virus Found In Mosquitoes Wintering In New York 
 To Get Obese Kids To Exercise - Turn Off The TV 
 New treatment Ends Varicose Veins With Radiowaves
 Herpes Is Infectious And Contagious Without Symptoms
 Massachusetts On West Nile/Mosquito Alert 
  The Drugging of Kids - Garbage Science in America
 Diesel Fumes Mean Cancer For Thousands Of Americans 
  Home Carpets Catch And Hold Benzene From Car Exhaust
 New Procedure Destroys Lung Cancer In China Study 
  Shared Electric Shavers May Spread Hep C And Other Disease
 New Super Antibiotic Accidentally Found In Crocodiles 
 A.G.E. Formation - The Road To Diabetes, Disease, And Aging 

 Are You A Victim Of TMI? 
 Massive Hep C Epidemic In Egypt Caused By Injection Campaign 
 Prozac May Stunt Growth 
 Antidepressants Alter Rat Brain Cells In Only Four Days 
  US Obesity Problem Getting Worse
  Children Face Danger On School Grass From Pesticides
 Bacteria & Viruses Kill 100s On 'Clean' Beaches 
  Childhood Cancers Linked To Highways And High Traffic Streets
  Dr. Julian Whitaker - The Lowdown On Aspartame/NutraSweet
  Fluoride Does Increase Risk Of Hip Fractures
  Millions Of TVs, Computer Monitors To Be Tossed - Lead Hazard Identified
  TB Bacteria Found In Pasteurized Milk
  US Toddlers Being Drugged With Prozac And Ritalin At Soaring Rates
  Biggest Asbestos Scandal In US History Uncovered
  Irradiated Meat Is Now Available
  Fabrics Could Be Source Of Hospital Superbugs
  Which Saw Palmetto & Ginko Biloba Products To Purchase
  US OKs New Vaccine For Children 
  Doctors Too Optimistic For Failing Patients
  Diabetes Reversed In Mice With Stem Cells - Human Tests Next
  Vaccine Horror - When That '1 In A Million' Is Your Child

  Dental Water Lines Loaded With Dangerous Bacteria 
  Coke Recalls Fresca Soda - Parent Alert On Pedialyte And Augmentin
  Up To HALF US Cattle Found To Have Deadly E. Coli Bacteria
  Possible Cause Of Parkinson's Disease Uncovered
  Herbal Products May Cause Bleeding & Complications In Surgical Patients
  Cannabis 'May Kill Tumors' - 33% Success Rate In Rats
  Cell Phone Effects On The Brain And Kidneys Probed
  Male Sexual Dysfunction Triggered By Aspartame (NutraSweet)
  Time Spent Online Means Time Away From Family, Friends And TV
  Media War Against Kids? 
  Pokemon-Induced Seizures Caused By Abnormal Brain Response
  Hand Sanitizers No Substitute For Soap And Water
  Pilots Have 25 Times Higher Rate Of Skin Cancer
  New Call To Take rBGH Bovine Growth Hormone Off The Market 
  5,000 Die Every Year From Infections Caught In British Hospitals
  Cigars Increase Lung Cancer Risk Fivefold
  Magnetic Fields Decrease Seizure Frequency In Some Patients
  FDA No Longer Monitors Herbal Supplements - You're On Your Own
  Firm Sees Trials of Pig Organ Transplants Soon
  Chinese Herbs May Cause Kidney Failure
   Noni Juice Said Potential Hazard For Patients With Kidney Disease
  Far Too Many Hysterectomies Still Being Performed
  New Parasite Discovered In Some CFS Patients 

  British Doctors - Nicotine Is As Addictive As Heroin
  Brain Does Not Work Right After Sleepless Nights
  Dioxin And Asbestos In Tampons 
  St. John's Wort Herb Can Interfere With Drugs
  Cigarettes Contain Over 600 Secret Ingredients And Additives
  Why Some People Get Fat And Others Don't
  MSG - The Deadly Mouth Aphrodisiac
  Flavored Cigarette Use Soaring Among Middle Schoolers
  Optimists Live 19% Longer Than Pessimists
  BC News Attacks Organic Food 
  MSG In Baby Food - It Doesn't Get Any Worse Than This
  Canola - Canada's Oil Spill Onto The American Market 
  Vegetarians' Sex Life May Suffer If Diet Is Incomplete
  One Third Of Japanese Suffer Serious Chronic Fatigue
  Monsanto Sells Off Its Nutrasweet Business
  MTBE Use Discovered In Vancouver, BC Fuel
  West Nile Virus About To Return? Mass War On Mosquitoes?
  Prozac - The Truth Hidden Truth Exposed
  Coffee Removes Heavy Metals From Tap Water
 Cell Phone Dangers And More Bans On Use By Drivers 
 More Evidence Linking Hostility To Heart Disease 
 Diet Coke/Aspartame Said Visits Plague Of 92 Symptoms In Secret FDA Report 
 Protein On TB Bacteria May Hold Key To New Treatment 
  Most Breast Cancer Patients Now Try Alternative Medicine
 Demented Seniors At Risk From Household Poisons 
 Mouse Virus May Be Linked To Human Breast Cancer 

 The Truth About Lead Paint Dangers In The Home 
 Snoring Women Twice As Prone To Heart Disease 
 Brain's Reward Centers Catered To By Drugs, Sex, And Food 
 At Least 30 Previously Unknown Diseases Have Appeared Since 1973 
  Coke Fires 6,000 - Aspartame Poisons Millions 
 Suicide Found To Be Linked To Defective Gene 
Could MTBE End Life As We Know It In The US?
Scientists May Have Breakthrough For Schizophrenia Treatment
High Liposuction Death Rate Found Be US Survey
Cocaine May Be Damaging Hearts Of Young Users
Groups Sound Red Alert Over Smog - 'Public Health Crisis'
Step Toward Potential Treatment For 'Mad-Cow'-Like Illnesses
Hepatitis C Poses Lower Liver Risk Than Once Thought
Many Genetically Altered Crops Not Tested For Health Safety
CBS News Catches On To The MTBE Disaster
Prescription Drugs - The Reason Behind The Madness
Excitotoxins, Neurodegeneration, Neurodevelopment, Migraines, & Seizures
Hurry Sickness' Hits 21st Century Rat Race

Alternative Remedies Being Used In Fighting The Flu
Ho Ho Ho, Glow Glow GlowAnother Death From Untreatable Staph
Pesticide Exposure Threatens Children At School
Warning Of Hep C Risk For Cocaine Snorters
Disasters In The Mind - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Where's My Orgasmatron? - And Still Eating Heated-Up Dead Animals
Gray Hair Target Of Gene Repair Research 
Every Cigarette Takes 11 Minutes Off Man's Life
Today's Youth: A 'Numb Generation'
What Happened To US Navy Medicine?
Road Salt May Cause Cancer Says B.C. Researcher
Anthrax Drug Supplier Fails Fda Manufacturing Inspection
Raw Food Craze Tackles Cholesterol Problems
You Should Drink More Water
Having Kids Early Can Shorten Lifespan
US Doctors Not Properly Informing Patients
Dr. James Bare's Pictures Of 1947 Rife Frequency Instrument
Genetically-Modified Processed And Whole Foods List
Europe Fears Drug-Resistant TB Epidemic 
U.S. Officials Warn of West Nile Virus Return 
US Surgeon General Declares 20% Of Americans Mentally Ill
SmithKline Sued Over Lyme Vaccine
The Health Effects Of Canola Oil - None Dare Call It Rape
5,000 Americans Infected With Drug-Resistant Bacteria From Chicken Last Year
Kids Spend 5.5 Unsupervised Hours A Day With TV, Video, Or Computers
A 'No Milk' Epiphany
Doctors Warn Of Hepatitis Exposure In Blood In Sports
Pediatricians Urge End To Oral Polio Vaccine
Childhood Gets Shorter- Sex Begins Sooner - Media To Blame
Enormous Gene Breakthrough - Entire Human Chromosome Mapped
The Booming Trade in Human Baby Parts

Cell Phone-Like Microwave Exposure Reduces Memory In Rats
Promising Cancer Therapy Uses Nuclear Waste
 Strongest Evidence Yet Of Cancer Risk Near Power Lines
Acupuncture Conclusively Shown To Reduce Pain
Soy Phytoestrogens - They Can Actually Promote Cancer
Genetically-Modified Corn Leaves Deadly Toxin In Soil
Pet Reptiles May Pose Health Hazard - Wash Your Hands 
Science Rediscovering Electric & Magnetic Fields For Healing & Health
The Cell Phone Tower EMF Problem 
Soy Products Said A Significant Health Risk
Cell Phone Technology Killing Songbirds, Too
Toxic Waste Spread On Crops - Eventually Served For Dinner
Americans' Growing Waistline -18% Citizens Are Obese
 Dr. Peter Breggin Rips AMA Position On Ritalin
 The Addictive Side Of Aspartame Consumption
 Teens' Biological Clocks Different - Classes Should Start Later
 Plum Island Seeks Upgrade To Level 4 For Deadliest Viruses
 Methanol And Aspartame - Bad News
 New Drug Scores Against Drug-Resistant Staph Aureus
 USGS Reports West Nile Virus Now Found In 18 Bird Species
 Candles Can Create Health Risk
 China To Stop Feeding Of Live Animals To Captive Carnivores
 21 Week Old Fetus' Tiny Hand Clasps Doctor's Finger - Stunning Photo
 Flashing Lights, TV Shows, & Photosensitive Epilepsy
 Unreal Images - Average US Model: 5-10, 107 lbs...Average US Woman: 5-4, 143 lbs
 Malathion Spraying Can Actually Cause INCREASE In Encephalitis
 Misinformation From Team NutraSweet (Monsanto) About Methanol In Aspartame
 Deadly E. Coli Bacteria May Be In Half Of US Cattle

 Outrageous: Single-Use Medical Devices Commonly Reused In US
 How 'Chasing the Dragon' Causes Brain Damage
 Artificially Grown Sex Organs May Soon Be Possible
 Monsanto's rBGH Milk Hormone Linked To Cancer?
 Even Teens Show Signs Of Heart Disease And Clogged Arteries
 Chinese Diet Protects Heart - Western Diets Shown To Lead To Heart Disease
 North Dakota Child Spread Tuberculosis To 16 Classmates
 Light Drinking May Help Regenerate Liver
 Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - Is It a Problem?
 Day Care Shown To Weaken Mother-Child Bond
 Japan Admits Public Got Considerable Dose Of Neutron Radiation
 Male Menopause Not A Myth Say Doctors
 Children At Risk From Pesticides On Fruits & Vegetables
 Platform Shoes Claim Another Life
 Americans Getting Fatter By The Day - US To Step Up Fat Attack
 Mad Deer Disease Spreads In US - Hunters Dying From Similar Thing
 Cell Phone Nightmare - Brain Tumors, Neuromas, Genetic Damage Suspected
 Hog Industry Produces 37 BILLION Gallons Toxic Waste In N. Carolina
 Early Risers Likely To Be More Stressed
 Study Eyes Strokes During Chiropractic Neck Adjustments
 Another New 'Childrens' Vaccine About To Be Approved
 Mental Illness Increasing Among Young - Suicides Growing
 Latest In The War On Aspartame - Interview With Dr. Sandra Cabot
 Long Island Lobsters Mysteriously Dying - Plum Island Link?

 New Proof Cell Phones Damage Longterm Memory
 British Farmers Spreading Thousands Of Tons Human Sewage On Food Crops
 Food Chain Filth - French Toilets Fed Directly Into Livestock Feed Production
 Halloween Horror Movies Can Sabotage Your Social Life
 Multi-Drug Resistant TB Racing Around The Globe - A Deadly Harvest
 New Flu Strain Could Kill Millions
 US Teens - One Third Report Major Stress Every Day
  Body Piercing Causing Trouble For Doctors
 Revolutionary Electronic Process Kills Bacteria In Meat And Fruit Safely
 French Farmers Have Fed Sludge & Human Excrement To Livestock For Years
 French Farmers Feeding Cows Banned Drugs
 When Is 'Playing Doctor' Okay?
 Radioactive Element Found In US Baby Teeth
 Major UK Grocery Chain Bans Aspartame Over Brain Tumor Concerns
 Pentagon Looks At 'PB' As Possible Cause Of Gulf War Syndrome
 Latest Data On Cellphones And Cancer - Not Good
 Hawaii's Wonder Plant Treasures: Noni And 'awa
 Plant-Based Diet Key To Warding Off Cancer - Phytochemicals Crucial
 Deadly NY Virus Remains Major Mystery
 They're Poisoning Our Kids - Aspartame Warning - The Facts
 Autoimmune Disorders May Be Triggered By Environmental Factors
 National Physicians And Surgeons Assn Advises Stopping Mandatory Vaccinations
 Canada Narrowly Misses Beligan-Type Food Contamination Event
 Caffeine Causes Physical Changes In Brain Cells
 Serious Risks Of Flu Vaccine For Pregnant Women
 Ear-licking Dogs Can Pass Infection To Human Ears
 Experts Say Flu Growing Deadlier
 Medical Journal: TV And Lack Of Parenting Contribute To Childhood Violence
 Unbelievable - 'Illegal Manual' Used In Tokai Nuclear Accident
Emerging And Re-Emerging Viruses

 Tokai Nuclear Accident DataPage
 West Nile-Plum Island DataPage
 It's Not West Nile Virus - Its A Brand NEW One
 MTBE Disinformation Campaign Rolls On
 Tamoxifen Found To Increase Risk Of Endometrial Cancer
 Smog Sends 53,000 To Hospital Each Summer
 African Plant Drug Starves Cancer Tumours
 Heroic Scientist Who Warned Of GM Food Danger Vindicated
 Should AIDS Infection Status Remain Secret?
 Thousands In UK Get Electric Shock Treatment (ECT). 59% Did Not Consent
 Super-Resistant Staph Aureus Found Outside Hospitals Now
 FDA WRONG! - Dairy Growth Hormone rGBH Proven To Survive Human Digestion
 How Soy Fights Cholesterol Is Discovered
 DHEA Gains More Stature In Latest Test Results
 Will Organic Foods Actually Make You Healthier?
 Dealing With Migraines - One In Five US Women Suffers
 Antibiotic Resistance Seen As Risk In Food Supply
 The Plague In Wating...
 If You're Reading This, You May Be A Net Addict!
 MTBE - Deadly Medical/Scientific Facts & Information - Read!
 Middle School Bullying Especially Tough - Not Limited To Loners
 Irradiation Sought For Ready-To-Eat Foods
 Why Being a Workaholic Has Its Perils
 TB Ramage - One Third Of World's Population Infected
 Watchdog Groups Say Death Toll From Vaccines Amounts to "Genocide"

 The Air You Breathe Can Kill You
 Human And Animal Sewage Fed To Some French Pigs And Poultry
 Night Eating Syndrome Defined As New Eating Disorder
 48% Of Bottled Spring Water Found To Have Bacteria
 Monsanto's (rGBH) Genetically Modified Milk Ruled Unsafe
 British Scientists Say Pig Organ Transplants 'Safe For Humans'
 Car Sick - Even 'Clean' Cars Destroy The Environment
 Sex Now A Social, Psychological And Political Minefield - And It Can Kill
 FDA Goes After Colloidal Silver In Over-the-Counter Drugs
 Anger In US Workplace Said Chronic
 New Technique To Cull Embryos At High Cancer Risk
 UK Research Links Possible Viral Infection To Childhood Leukemia
 Impotence Caused By Eating Meat Says Animal Rights Group
 Pancreatic Enzymes And Coffee Enemas Slow Pancreatic Cancer
  More Bad News About Aspartame
  Hormone-Mimicking Chemicals Causing Havoc In Human Body
  'Serious' Balkans Ecology Damage And Health Problems
  Tumor Links To Aspartame Soft Drink Study
  Answering Monsanto's Denial Of The Aspartame/Brain Tumor Issue
  German "Ebola Victim" Dies... Of Yellow Fever - Panic Over
  Cinnamon Found To Be Lethal Weapon Against E. Coli O157:H7
  Heavy Metals In Pesticides Said Can Lead To Youth Violence
  Dr. Blaylock Blasts Aspartame Toxicity In The Lancet
  US Elderly Said To Thrive On Sex Says Survey
  Confirmed - Flying Economy Causes Blood Clots
  Blood Banks Turning Away Tattooed And Pierced Donors

  UK Scientists To Study Alleged Aspartame Link To Cancer
  Midwest Bottle-Fed Babies Ingest Cancer-Causing Weed Killer
  British 'Supergerm' Created For Defense - 'Ethnic Specific' Germs Discussed
  TV News Violence Said Possibly Devastating To Children
  Fluoride Scandal Uncovered In Northern England
  Falling In Love Really Does Drive You Mad
  Hormone-Treated Beef Thought To Trigger Puberty Sooner
  Sunscreen Said To Increase Cancer Risk
  Saving Dutch Elms From Disease With A Vaccine
  Japan Declares TB Emergency
  Heartburn Sufferers Need To Learn About Their Pain
  Newly-Identified Virus May Cause Hepatitis
  Australian Government Gets Tough On Vaccinations
  MSG - How To Avoid The Hidden Sources
  Is Aspartame Blinding The World?
  Deadly Germs Now Resistant To 'Superbug' Drugs 
 Antidepressants: A New Hope After Horror - Prozac For Kosovo? 
  Nine Dead, Hundreds Sickened By Unnamed Plague In Southern Russia
  Tongue Piercing 'Can Be Fatal'
  Half Of Normal-Weight White Girls Think They Are Fat
  Novel Approach Brings TB Success
  Computer Monitor Radiation Blamed For 1/3 Employee Sickness
  Gad - New Ultra Deadly Virus Canadian Lab Spills Waste Water
  SIDS Prevention Tactic Leads To Epidemic Of 'Misshapen Head' In Infants
  Human Blood Protein And Tissue Growth Agents From Plants?
  Pesticides Now Being Tested On Human Volunteers
  How SV-40 Virus In Early Polio Vaccines May Cause Cancer
  Tinkering With The DNA On Your Dinner Plate
  Most Americans Fail Food Safety Quiz

  Doctors Finally Waking Up - Newborns DO Feel Pain
  Cell Phone On Your Belt Brings Radiation To Liver And Kidneys
  Breast Milk Said 'Most Contaminated' Of All Human Foods
  Mystery Flight Attendant Sickness Baffles Air Industry 
  Sunbathing Is Healthy Say Experts - Debate Rages On
  Vitamin A Derivative Kills Cancer 
  US Death Rate Rises Sharply At Beginning Of The Month
  Suicide Said A Serious Option For 44,000 12 & 13 Year Old Canadian Children 
  Britain's First Drug-Resistant 'Superbug' Cases Found 
  Hepatitis B Vaccine Now Mandatory For All LA 7th Graders
  Alternative Medicine's Explosive Growth
  A Possible Cure For Alzheimer's?
  The Doping Of America's School Children - Ritalin And Violence
  Genetically-Modified Crops May Harm US Organic Food
  Call Made To Double Daily Vitamin C Recommendation
  Government Report Says 3 Nations Hide Stocks Of Smallpox
  Extending Your Life Through Genetics
  Pfizer's 'Trovan' Antibiotic Tied To Sudden Death, Liver Damage
  Cell Phone Radiation Called Potentially 'Lethal'

  Human Growth Hormone Involved In Diabetic Kidney Disease Say Study
  Doctors Kill More People Than Guns and Traffic Accidents Combined
   Entirely New 'TT' Virus Found In California Blood Donors 
  Get Screened - Rampant STDs Can Complicate Childbirth - Easy Tests
  Smoking And Depression Subdue Immune System
  Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) - Beyond Normal Eye Strain
  Study Links Bulimia/Anorexia In Fiji To The Arrival Of TV
  Bacteria Thrives In Simulated Mars Conditions
  Meat Irradiation - Consumers And Companies Battle Over Labels
  Color Changes In TV Cartoons Cause Seizures - 'Pocket Monster' Aftermath
  Chocolate Might Cut Cancer Risks
  Largest British Police Force Told To Limit Cell Phone Use
  Pesticides And PCBs Found In Amniotic Fluid
  Study Finds Bug Zappers Shower Fly Viruses Into Air
  Anthrax Catastrophe Brewing On Asian Island? 
  Fibromyalgia? CFIDS? or Hemochromatosis!?
  Testosterone Keeps Women Lean After Menopause
 False Recall In Older Adults Linked To Attention, Not Memory, Breakdown 
  Americans Fear Living To Be 100
  Nightmares And Night Terrors - Helping Your Child Rest Easy
   Stimulating HGH Production In Older Adults Shows Good Results

  Direct Link Between Bacteria In Drinking Water And Stomach Ulcers
  Ginkgo Herbal Supplements Vary Widely In Content
  US Waterways Streaming Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
  Current Coke Problems Match ASPARTAME (NutraSweet) Symptoms
  The 'TT' Virus - 'We Hope It's Harmless'
   Association Found Between Magnetic Fields And Leukemia
  Dioxin Found In Tampons - How Much Is Too Much?
  Six Ruthless Diseases Threaten The World
  Coke Pulled In Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands - Over 100 Poisoned
 Pressure On FDA To Expand Irradiation To Fruits, Vegetables, And Juices 
  Do You Use Aspartame? Nutrasweet? Equal? If So, Read This
  Headaches Pain And Misery Go Far Beyond The Mind
 Millions Infected With Ruthless Hepatitis-C 
 Adult-Type Diabetes Occurring In More Children 
  Iowa Researchers Begin To Unravel The Underlying Mechanism Of Migraines
  Trans Fatty Acids Linked To High Cholesterol
  EMFs - Are Kids More Vulnerable?
  Researchers Move Closer To "Smart" Implantable Insulin Pumps
  Early Warning Signs Of Violence In Children Often Overlooked
  Anti-Aging Creams Called 'Ineffective'
  The Tranquilizing Of America - How Drugs Have Changed Society
  Soy In Diet Reduces Cholesterol Levels
  U.S. Panel Urges End of Oral Polio Vaccine
  Estrogen HRT Linked to Rare Breast Cancer

  Beef Growth Hormone Linked To Cancer
  How Fat Foods Seduce Through Taste, Texture and Smell
  Major Warning Issued On Blue-Green Algae Products
  Skinny Models In Ads Cause Immediate Anger, Depression In Women
  Toxic Heavy Metals In Your Medications?
  Hepatitis C Tests Seen Urgently Needed For Million In US
  Liposuction Kills - Surprising Discovery
  Pharmaceutical Industry Hardly Interested In Cancer - Why?
  Genetically-Altered Foods Could Spark Major Trade War
  Europe Reviews Ban On BST Hormone Use In Dairy Cattle
  Canada Sperm Banks Closed Amid Safety Concerns
  Deadly Hypocrisy - Cell Phones - And The Missing Picture
  Discovery Of Mechanism Causing Colon Cancer
  Contaminated Early Polio Vaccinations Linked To Cancer Epidemic
  The Science Behind Those 'Bad Hair Days'
  Traditional Medicine Reveals Its Cancer-Fighting Secret
  Internet Addiction Becoming Major Problem
  US Kidney Cancer Cases And Deaths Rising Fast
  Electrical 'Cure' For Depression - Parkinson's Breakthrough?
 Melatonin - More Than You Bargain For 
 Cancer Changing Profile Around The World 
  Electromagnetic Remote Control Of Every Human Brain
  Study Questions New Prozac-Like Drugs For Children
  Are you dehydrated? Many Are And Don't Know It
  Top UK Health Officials Call For Special GM Monitoring Unit Immediately
  Taking 'Ecstasy' Drug 'Will Destroy Your Long-Term Memory'
  Children Of The Therapeutic Society
  Humans Used As Guinea Pigs For Genetically-Modified Food Testing Says Scientist
  WHO To Launch Massive Polio Eradication Plan In India
  Stress Speeds Progression To AIDS
  Ever More Fears And Concerns About Cell Phones
  Stress Tied To Heart Disease Risk
  Go To Church - Live Up To 8 Years Longer
  Nose Spray, 'Hot' Spheres May Transform Cancer Therapy

  Ulcer And Cancer Bacteria In Tapwater?
  Warning Issued About Mercury In Tuna
  Breast Milk Of Women Who Eat Lake Ontario Fish Contains High Levels Of PCBs
  Less TV Could Mean Fewer Pounds For Kids
  New Implant Coating May Trigger Healing Process In Body
  Is Aspartame Making Your People More Violent?
  Melanoma Vaccine Successful For Patients With Disease Spread To Two Lymph Areas
  Keep Off The Grass And Take Off Your Shoes - Keep Pesticides Out Of The House
  Hormones Injected/Fed To Cattle Linked To Human Cancer - Ban Called For
  Learning To 'Switch Off' Disease - Stunning Alternative To Antibiotics?
  Hypnotherapists Claim Hypnosis Can Help Cancer Patients
  Insecticide Spraying Reduces Blindness And Diarrhea In Third World
  Media Violence Can Increase Violent Responses To Provocation 
  Double Your Daily Dose Of Vitamin C - NIH
  Meningitis Fear Over Genetically-Modified Foods
  Three Million To Die Of TB This Year
  Migraine Pain - Not Mainly In The Brain
  Diet Less Risky Source Of Vitamin D Than Sun
  Homicide And Suicide Rates Rise In US Children
  New Medical Definitions Label 75 Percent of Americans 'Diseased'
  US Herbal Remedy Sales Total $3.8 Billion In 1998
  Breathing Air Can Be Very Bad For Your Health
  California - '273% Increase in Autism - We Don't Know Why'
  Canola Oil - Is It Safe? Evidence Points To BIG Trouble

  Learning Might 'Protect the Brain' From Alzheimer's And Dimentia
  Simple, Honest Friendship Makes Marriage A Success
  ADHD Often Misdiagnosed - Medication Isn't Always The Answer
  Research Links Healthy Biological Clock To Longevity
  Common Respiratory Virus Can Cause Heart Damage And Sudden Death
  Immediate Ban On Pesticide Lindane Demanded
  TB Epidemic At Critical Level In Ukraine
  Vaginal Creams Can Cause Condom Failure
  EU Prepares To Ban Clothes Dyes Due To Cancer Risk
  Triclosan - In Everything From Deodorants To Dish Soap
  Exploding World 'Godzilla' TB Epidemic Could Reach US Soon
  'Nanobacteria' Found In Petroleum Back Theories Of Mars Life
  Sticky Chemical Can Help Severed Nerves Grow Back Together
  Online Sex Carries Health Risks
  Be Careful When Mixing Grapefruit Juice With Prescriptions
  A Woman's Words Will Help You Cope With Stress

  Death Toll Now At 117 From Unknown Malaysia Pig Virus
  American Mental Health and Politics - A State Of Mind
  British 10 Year-Olds Who Fear They're Pregnant
  New Zealand Rents Drive Thousands Into Poverty - TB Cases Grow
  MTBE Dangers To Drinking Water Were Known Report Claims
  US Fattest Society In World History? Overeating Is King
  It's Official - Cell Phones DO Scramble Your Brains
  Chromium Picolinate Supplement May Be A Cancer Risk
  London Faces TB Epidemic As Drugs Fail
  Scientists Cast Doubt On Caffeine Addiction
  Violence Affects Adolescents Differently
  Anti-Bacterial Products Doing More Harm Than Good?
  Terminator Technology - 'Damaged Goods' From The Gene Giants
  Milk In Diet May Be Linked To Autism And Schizophrenia
  Breakthrough Gene Therapy Making Old Hearts Young Again
 Work Is Ruining The Health Of Millions 
  'Working Draft' Of Complete Human Genome Complete By 2000
  Fear Grows Over 'Frankenstein Foods'
  Prunes Hailed As Anti-Cancer Superfruit
  Thrill-Seeking 'Fainting Game' Death Alarms Elite Schools
  Using A Mobile Phone Can Make You Smarter?

  Strange Skin Disease Hit Rare Scots Dolphins
  Mucus Production Trigger Found - First Bronchitis Treatment Coming? 
  Cell Phone Caused Brain Damage - Claims Man
  Hepatitis-Caused Deadly Liver Cancer On The Rise
  How Emotions Spread Through And Poison Families
  The Verdict on This Year's Flu Season - Late and Nasty
  Girls Too Ashamed Of Bodies To Play Sports - Shower Curtains Help?
  No Test For Genetically Modified Food 
  One In Five US Children Will Try Inhalants
  Prozac Said No Better Than Older Depression Drugs
  Low-Tar Cigarettes 'Fool Smokers'
  CJD Secret Discovered - New Research Directions Open Up
  Viral Plague Panic Spreads - Malaysian Army To Kill 100,00 Pigs
 The EPA, Fluoride, And How To Remove It From Your Water
 Divorce Heavily Impacts Children's Mental Health
 Breakthrough Gene Therapy Making Old Hearts Young Again
 HPV Epidemic - Early Pap Smears Recommended
 Scientists Cut Their Cell Phone Use As Microwave Fears Mount
 Sightings of Contrails Over Long Island, NY
 Safer Cigarettes Patented But Were Never Made
 Green Leafy Vegetables - Not Milk - Said Best For Bones
 Scientists Engineer 'Stealth Virus' To Deliver Gene Therapy
 7 Simple Steps To Regular Exercise

 Mutant Meals - Suicide Seeds - The Terminator - Frankenfoods
 PCBs Kill Texas Dolphins - Big Warning To Humans
 Pesticides In Your Fruits And Vegetables - Alarming Levels
 25% Of CA Air Force Reserve Pilots Quit Over Anthrax Vaccine
 Brain Growth Linked To Baldness - Treatment Breakthrough?
 Patient Sex Abuse By Psychologists Said Rampant
 Tobacco Carcinogen Shows Up in Smokers' Newborn
 Irradiated Meat Must Be Prominently Labelled
 MTBE Gasoline Additive Wars Raging In California
 Organ Rejection Breakthrough Using Pigs With Human Genes
 Supergerm Ignores Strongest Antibiotics - Kills Woman
 Study Shows 'Enada' Supplement Helps Chronic Fatigue
 Echinacea And St. John's Herbs Could Impair Fertility
 More Men Heading For Therapist's Couch

 Women Battle Colds And Flu Infections Better Than Men
 Aussie Beef Banned For Expoert - Bad Pesticide Residues
 Health Care Workers May Spread 'Flesh-Eating' Bacteria
 New Teen-Killing Silent Inhalent Abuse Epidemic Called 'Huffing'
 Cholesterol - What You Should Know and Why
 Cell Phone Worries - A Pain In The Brain
 US Scientists Find Superbugs In Chicken Feed
Effects Of Microwaves On Foods And Consumers
GM Food Harmed Rats Says Research
Tougher Standards To Battle Meat Bacteria Contamination
Doctors Will Be First To Recognize BioTerrorism Attack
Pig-To-Human Transplant Plan For Parkinson's Patients

Restaurant Dining Doubles - Fat Intake Also Rises
Pre-1963 Polio Vaccines Suspected Of Causing Widespread Cancer
British Dental Association - Fluoridation 'Benefits All' (!)
High Tech Chip 'Tablet' With Drugs Could Replace Shots, Pills
Misuse Of Viagra Could Cause Permanent Impotence
Wrong Activity Worse Than No Activity In Developing Brain
No Link Between Mercury Fillings And Alzheimer's - New Study
Food Contamination Warning - Possible Listeria In Meat Products
USDA Approves Red Meat Irradiation
Merck Tries New Resistance-Free Antibiotic
Saying 'I Love You' Can Save A Life
Heroic Dr. Nicolson Warns GWI Is A Contagious Epidemic
43% Of American Women And 31% Of Men Sexually Dysfunctional
 Study Suggests Cyclosporine Can Speed Cancer Growth

 Butter-Eggs-Potatoes - To Eat or Not to Eat?
 Repairing Stroke-Induced Brain Damage May Be Possible
 Listeria Tainted Meat Death Toll Rises To 16 - Experts Perplexed
 British Doctors Focus On Multiplicity Of GWI Illnesses
 AF To Court Martial Airman Who Refused Anthrax Vaccination
 Tuberculosis Spreading Through Crowded City Buses
 Alarm Over 'Frankenstein' Foods - The Genetic Crisis Grows
 UK Food Poisoning Surging - Bacteria More Elusive Than Ever
 Uranium Tipped Allied Shells Blamed For Gulf War Syndrome
 Raw Meat Irradiation Rules Unveiled By USDA
 Bad US Anthrax Vaccine Given To Canadian Troops Stirs Firestorm
 Improved Insect Virus May Prevent Forestry Losses
 Investigators Seek 'Coughing Man' In Mass Train Illness
 Genetically Modified/Altered Foods - What Does It Mean? Is It Safe?
 Genetically Modified Crops Said 'Out Of Control' In UK Now
 Can Cholesterol Be Too Low? For One Kind Of Stroke, Maybe
 New Method To Destroy Potentially Deadly Toxins In Drinking Water

New Study Casts Doubts On Genetically Modified Food
CDC Says Death Toll From Listeria-Tainted Meat Rises To 12
Casual Exercise Is Just As Effective As Heavy Workouts
Testicular Cancer Rates Soar - 'Something Strange Is Going On'
New Dangerous Viruses And Bacteria Showing Up In Warming Oceans
Ritalin - The Drug Of Choice Among Some Chicago Suburban Teens
Figuring Your Odds Of A Premature Death
Synthetic Hormone In Milk Raises New Concerns
Is Your Spouse Hurting Your Heart?
Synthetic Hormone In Milk Raises New Concerns
Latest On Ear Infections And Amoxicillin - More May Be Best
Aspartame - The Bitter Sweetner - How To Protect Yourself
All The Pesticides You Can Eat - Find Out What's In Your Food

Study Finds No Evidence High Fiber Prevents Colon Cancer
Chemical Causing Hangover Headaches May Trigger Cancer
Shocker - Doctors And Nurse Ignore Basic Hospital Hygiene
Vaccine Protects Mice Against Certain Cancers
Eat Less - Live Longer
USDA Issues New Rules On Foods Carrying 'Organic' Label
USDA Agrees To Allow Meat To Be Labeled 'Organic'
CJD Discovery - Mice Cured In 'Specatularly Succesful Experiment'
Bacteria Becoming Increasingly Resistant To Antibiotics
Cervical Cancer-HPV Link Highlighted
Alternative Dentistry - Herbs, Hypnosis And More
Vegetarians Form Asian Union - Vow To Convert Meat-Eaters
Popular Common Home Remedies For What Ails You

Neurologist Finds That Magnets Do Help In Pain Relief
The Future Of Alternative Medicine
Moderate Drinking Appears to Guard Against Stroke
Revised Food Safety Pesticide Pamphlet Stirs Heated Debate
US Sugar Consumption Going 'Off The Charts'
Migraines Linked to Stroke In Women
'Immortality Enzyme' Is Studied - Also Possible Cancer Applications
Flouridation - What's In It For Us? Only Half Is Expelled By The Body
Holiday Heartburn May Be Serious
Fluoride - UK Water Companies Manuever To Escape Liability
Engineered Brucellosis Bacteria Said Responsible For Gulf War Syndrome

Scaring the Public About Food - Organic Foods Can Be Worse
Listeria In Hot Dogs And Cold Cuts Kill Four?
Cigarettes Contain: Acetone, Mercury, Hydrogen Cyanide, Lead, And Arsenic.
The Case For Zero Mercury Amalgum Fillings
Study Finds How Green Tea May Prevent Cancer
Mutant Strain Of Deadly Fire Ants On The March Across America
Superbugs That Resist All Current Drugs Are Coming
Potentially Deadly E. Coli Outbreaks Increase In Public Pools And Lakes
Europe Bans Antibiotics In Farm Animal Feed - Call For Same In US
Gene Therapy Reverses Age-Related Muscle Loss
READ The Deadly Truth About Aspartame ('NutraSweet'-'Equal'-'Spoonful', etc)
Cancer Strongly Linked To Lifestyle And Diet
OZ Specialist - Deadly Tuberculosis Epidemic Out Of Control
Chlamydia Is Number One STD
Key Fluoride Data Sites - Cavities Can Heal Themselves

US Teens Eating A Bit Less Fat - Only 1 Of 6 Eats Heart Healthy Diet
Estimates of E. Coli Cases Double In US
The Problems With Soy Beans - Are Soy Products Dangerous?
Millions Of TVs, Computer Monitors To Be Tossed - Lead Hazard Identified
CDC Aims to Eradicate Syphilis - US Rates At All Time Low
TB Raging Through Russian Prisons - Many Have New Untreatable Form
Thousands In 3 Cities May Have Received Tainted Blood
Genital Herpes Prevented In Mice With Soy-Based Antibodies
US Has 'Astronomical Number' Of New Cases Of Veneral Disease
Young People Are Still Ignoring And Mocking Safe-Sex Advice
New Bacteria Destroying Protein May Replace Antibiotics
Scientists Locate Immune System Switch Which Cuts Off Tumours
Program To Compensate Children Injured By Vaccines Drawing Fire
Gene Repair' Breakthrough - Scientists Turn Albino Mice Black
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