Confirmed - Flying Economy
Causes Blood Clots


CALGARY - Travelers who fly economy class now have science to back up their complaints of discomfort. Doctors say it causes medical problems so common they've earned an official title -- Economy Class Syndrome.
Sitting in the cramped space of an airline's coach seating can cause blood clots, a pooling of the blood that in some cases is fatal, say medical specialists.
Dr. Graham Pineo, who heads up the thrombosis research unit at Calgary's Foothills Hospital, says flying business class -- with its extra leg-room -- is much better for your health.
Trouble is, not everyone can fly in the wide open spaces of business class. So, when you're flying economy, Pineo says the solution is to get up, walk around and drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated.
The danger of blood clots is not widely known, and it certainly isn't advertised by the airline industry.
Pineo would like to see airlines provide brochures advising people on how to avoid blood clots.
He sees it as a necessity as more people travel long distances -- and as the space between those economy class seats seems to get smaller.