Mad Cow - CJD

  Britain's Wild Ponies Slaughtered & Eaten As Mad Cow Alternative
  Beef Sales Fall 80% - German Consumers Spooked Over Mad Cow
  Another Prion Killer - Molecular Pathology Of Fatal Familial Insomnia
 French to Prosecute Britons Over BSE
 Germany Finds Another Suspected Mad Cow
 German Health Chief Demands Mad Cow/Scrapie Sheep Tests
 Mad Cow/CJD - Staggering List Of Products Made From Cattle
 Mad Cow May Have Spread Worldwide - World Health Organization
 Mad Cow Crisis Sends Blair Government Into Disarray
  Blood Of Irish CJD Victim Used To Make 83,000 Doses Polio Vaccine
  CJD/Outrageous - Not All Single-Use Medical Instruments Used Only Once
  Mad Cow Measures Fail To Cover Meat Pies And Hamburgers
  nvCJD - France Bans Blood From People Who Lived In UK 1980-96
 nvCJD To Cost Patients Billions To Insure Safer Invasive Instruments
 Horse Meat Sales Soar Over German BSE/Mad Cow Crisis 
  Spiroplasmas As The Cause Of CJD
  Did An Insecticide Trigger Mad Cow/BSE In UK?
  US Faces Possible Mad Cow Risks

 nvCJD - Illness That Haunts Europe: One Family's Story
  New Mad Cow Fears In Corned Beef & Other Meat Products
  Some French Mad Cows Got Into The Food Chain & Were Eaten
 CJD/Mad Cow Link Feared After Two Neighbors Die
 CJD Death Toll Being Played Down
 Spain Confirms Second Case Of Mad Cow Disease 
 Another American CJD Victim 
 Russian Man Dies Of CJD - First Russian Case Of Madcow Disease
 Mad Cow/CJD May Have Spread To Russia
 Mad Cow Cases In Europe - A Country-By-Country Breakdown
 Mad Cow Scare Spreading Beyond Europe
 The Safety Of Gelatin, Its Production, & Mad Cow/vCJD Prion Theory
 German Scientists First To Test Soil For Mad Cow Link
 Louisiana Man Exposed To Mad Cow During Surgery Sues Hospital
 Horses Not At All Happy About Mad Cow Disease
 EU Wants Slaughter Of 2 Millioin Cattle To Curb BSE
 Europe's Mad Cow Fight May Lead To New Food Scare
 Fear And Mystery Of BSE/Mad Cow Grows
 Breakthrough May Lead To CJD/BSE Tests
 UK Physicians Told Not To Tell Patients Of Possible CJD Blood Concerns
 Germany Finds Its First Two Home-Grown Cases Of Mad Cow
 Mad Cow Found In Spain - Fear Spreads Throughout Europe
 Mad Cow Panic Spills Into Spain
 Mad Cow Now Found In Azores - All Cattle There To Be Slaughtered

 Lion In British Zoo Had Form Of Mad Cow
 Dutch Discover Seventh Mad Cow/BSE Case
 Beef Sales Off 50% In France As Fear Of Mad Cow Deepens
  Mad Cow - France Bans Beef On Bone & Animal Meal In Livestock Feed
 Mad Cow Panic Spreading Throughout Europe
 Surgical Instruments Spread CJD
 Mad Cow In US Water Possible?
 Mad Cow - France Calls For 'Immediate Moratorium' On Bone Meal In Feed
  Half UK Tonsil Tools Could Carry Mad Cow/vCJD
 UK Won't Ban Surgical Instruments In Tonsil Removal - Despite vCJD
 CDC Says 'No Mad Cow Disease' In US...What About Deer/Elk?
  Barrels Of BSE Waste Float Away In Britain's Worst Floods
 BSE-Infected Chemicals May Be In UK Water Supply
 EU So Worried About CJD They Now Plan To Outlaw British Blood
  Mad Cow - UK Calls For Total Ban Feeding Animals To Animals
 Swiss To Ban All Animal Meal In Livestock Feed - BSE/Mad Cow Fears
 The Dentist's Tale
 UK Scientist Says Every British Person Has 'Eaten 50 BSE Meals'
 Anti-Aging Creams 'Exposed Women To Risk Of Mad Cow/BSE'
 Jeff Calls For New Dental/Medical BSE/Mad Cow Sterilization Policies
  8 Patients May Have CJD From Reused 'Sterile' Surgical Instruments
 Scientists Warn Mad Cow/CJD Spread In Dental And Surgical Procedures

 British Public Was Misled On Mad Cow Crisis For Years
 Horrific Death Of Girl With vCJD Videotaped In England
 Human Form Of Mad Cow Disease (CJD) Mystifies Doctors
 Human Form Of Mad Cow Disease (CJD) Mystifies Doctors
 CJD/Mad Cow Prions Survive Digestive Tract!
 1,000 Tons Possible Mad Cow Beef Get Into French Markets
 French Cows Eat Meat-Dosed Feed Linked To Mad Cow Disease
 Concern Over CJD Increases
 More New nvCJD Cases In UK Children
 British Government Handed Official Report On Mad Cow Crisis
 Another 'Cluster' Death Fifth From New Variant CJD (nvCJD)
 New, 'Simple Blood Test' For BSE/Mad Cow Said To Be A Fraud
  A New, Simple Test Could Detect CJD - The Human Form Of BSE/Mad Cow
 UK Cattle Still Being Fed Cannibal Diet! - New BSE Case Confirmed
 Connect The Prions - Dairy And Meat Industries In Grave Trouble
 Blood Donors Feared To Have Spread CJD To Many - Tip Of The Iceberg
 Scientists Shocked As CJD/Mad Cow Disease Reveals New, Deadly Traits
 Blood Donors With No Symptoms Can Pass CJD - Blood Supply Unsafe

 BSE Transmitted From Sheep To Sheep Via Blood Transfusion
 Strongest Evidence Yet CJD/Mad Cow Spread By Blood Transfusions
 Scientists Warn Mad Cow/CJD Spread In Dental And Surgical Procedures
 BSE Four Times Worse Than Believed In France
 'Whirling Disease' In Trout - Fish Version Of Mad Cow/Mad Deer Disease?
 Rising Death Toll From Human BSE
 Canada Fearing nvCJD Bars More Blood Donors
 Scientists Now Warn Of Mad Cow/CJD Risk In Dental Procedures
 Mad Cow And CJD May Be Transmitted Invisibly
 Mad Cow And Alzheimer's Proteins Are Similar
 New Fears Mad Cow And CJD May Be Spread By Pork, Lamb, And Poultry 
 Mad Cow - CJD Species-Jumping Revelation Confirms Worst Fears
 Humans May Be Secret 'Mad Cow' Carriers
 Mad Cow And Alzheimer's Proteins Are Similar
 Mad Cow/CJD Death Cluster Sparks New Fears In UK
 Is Mad Cow/BSE In Milk And Milk Products? - Study Ordered
 USDA's State Of Emergency Regarding Mad Cow In Vermont Sheep
 Human Mad Cow Deaths In UK Now Rising 33% Per Year
 Scientists Now Warn Of Mad Cow/CJD Risk In Dental Procedures
 How Mad Cow Prions Spread Disease

 Some 'Herbal' Supplements Contain Raw Animal Parts And Risk Of Mad Cow/CJD
 Nobel Scientist Says Mad Cow Disease May Infect Millions Of Sheep
 Nobel Scientist Says Mad Cow Disease May Infect Millions Of Sheep
 CJD Deaths Rising--Mad Cow Disease May Kill 500,000 Britons
 Mad Deer Disease Spreads To Wisconsin? - Infected Venison Can Be Fatal
 Young UK Woman's Death Blamed On Mad Cow - CJD
 Vermont Sheep Mad Cow 'No Threat' To Humans...But Don't Eat The Cheese!
 Plan Drawn Up To Avert Food Panic If BSE Found In Sheep
 UK's Human Mad Cow Cases Rise 20-30% In One Year
 US Orders Vermont Sheep Liquidated Over 'Mad Cow' Fears
 Renewed Fears BSE/Mad Cow Passes From One Generation To Another
 New Mad Cow Cases In France - Four Herds Killed
 Another Mad Cow Fatality - Fifteen Year Old Girl Dies From vCJD
 Mad Cow - EU To Ban Cattle Eyes, Spinal Cords, & Brain Tissue From Food
 Mad Cow-BSE-CJD Now Likely To Be A Global Infection
 Mad Cow, Scrapie, And CJD - Some Interesting References
 Mad Cow Risks First Reported...In 1976
 More Mad Cow In France - Two Herds Killed
 Human Growth Hormone May Be Linked To CJD Death
 US 'Mad Deer' Disease CAN Spread To Humans
 BSE/Mad Cow Disease Also 'Spread Through Cowpatties'
 Mad Cow Epidemic In Britain Said Will Die Out By 2007

 Mad Cow Cases Soar In France - New Means Of Transmission Feared
 CJD Said Linked To HGH Use In 70's
  CJD/Mad Cow Crisis Grows - UK Women Fear Infection By Unsterile Instruments 
 Ukraine Bans Danish Beef Over Mad Cow Fears
 British Doctors Fear Mother Passed CJD/Mad Cow To Her Baby 
 Scientists Now Able To Diagnose CJD In Living Victims Via Tonsil Biopsy 
 Scientists Now Able To Diagnose CJD In Living Victims Via Tonsil Biopsy 
  Brain Tissue In German Cooked Meats Raises Mad Cow/CJD Exposure Questions
  New Mad Cow Outbreaks In Denmark And France - Herd Destroyed
  Compound Might Slow CJD, Mad Cow, Scrapie Disease
  CJD/Mad Cow Crisis Grows - UK Women Fear Infection By Unsterile Instruments
  Baby Girl May Have Caught Mad Cow/CJD From Her Mother
  READ - Are Mad Cow-Like Diseases Developing in the USA?
  Mad Deer and Elk Disease Spooks Hunters and Health Officials
  US Sheep Quarantined In Mad Cow Scare
  British Medical Chief Says 'Hundreds Of Thousands' CJD Deaths Possible
  CJD And Mad Cow/BSE Shown To Be The SAME Infectious Protein 
  Breakthrough: US Scientists Invent Blood Test For CJD
  Mad Cow/BSE Deaths Could Be Just The Tip Of Iceberg 
  Confirmed - Definite Link Between Mad Cow Disease And CJD
  Report: To 400,000 People Could Get Mad Cow/CJD From A Single Cow

 Some Anti-Wrinkle Cosmetics Risk Mad Cow Disease
 Mad Cow/CJD Quietly Claiming More Americans
 Mad Cow Cases Mounting In Portugal
 Beef Stunning Methods Could Spread Mad Cow Prions
 Scientists Moving Closer To Mad Cow Test - USDA
 French Only Check 28 Of 700,000 Cattle For Mad Cow In 90's
 New Test Detects Mad Cow Protein In Blood
 Fear Of Spreading CJD Bans Repeat Use Of Opticians Equipment
  Some UK Cattlemen Hid Possible BSE-Risk Cattle With False IDs
  Prion Diseases Spreading Through Grains?
  Alert Sounded Over Super Bacteria In British Meat
  Brain Scans Might Diagnose Human Mad Cow (vCJD)
  Britain Probes Mad Cow Storage Risks
  Mad Cow - Attempts To Create 'Super Cattle' May Have Lead To BSE Disease
  Mad Cow - Beef Blood (!) Used In Some French Wine Process - China Bans Them
  Mad Cow -UK Scientists Hid BSE Threat In Vaccines Made With Beef Products
  Germany Refuses To Lift UK Beef Ban
  CJD - Opticians Ordered To Toss Contacts After Each Use
  British Fear Mad Cow Variant CJD In US Blood Imports
  AIDS On the Rise Among Over-50s In The Dating Game
  New Prion Disease? Fatal Insomnia Linked To Abnormal Brain Proteins
  UK Scientists Will Try To Prove 'Mad Cow' Comes From The Soil - Not Meat
  Mad Cow Fears Fuel Move To Ban Blood Donors
  Mad Cow - Copper Shown To Influence Prions - Major Implications
  EU Bans US Beef Over Fears Of Hormone-Fed CattleSerious
  CJD Deaths Could Be On The Rise - Death Rate Climbing
  Funeral Workers Live In Fear of CJD (Mad Cow) Prions In Corpses
  'Mad Cow' Prions Now In Birds? Bald Eagle Disease Now In Ducks
  Scientists Study First Human CJD Suspected 'Mad Deer' Death

 Mad Cow Disease Found In French Zoo Lemurs - Beef Diet Suspected
 Mad Cow - British CJD Deaths Rise In Last Quarter Of 1998
 More People Getting Mad Cow/CJD - Scientists Stumped As To How
 More People Getting Mad Cow/CJD - Scientists Stumped As To How
 Mad Cow/CJD Warning Over Routine Surgical Procedures
 Mad Cow - $600,000 Spent To Slaughter British Cattle
Mad Cow Nightmare - Meat Inspectors Terrorized By Slaughtermen
 Mad Cow - British Beef On Bone Ban Must Stay Says Health Chief
 Mad Cow/CJD Can Be Transmitted Through Surgery!
 Thousands Face New Tonsil Test For Mad Cow/CJD Infection
 UK Reports More Deaths Due To New Variant Of Mad Cow/CJD
 US Made Blood Products Quarantined Over Mad Cow Fears
 US May Block All British Blood Over Mad Cow Fear
 Mad Cow - Scientists Question OK To Export British Beef Again
 Deer Meat - Mad Cow - CJD - And the Survivalist/Hunter
 British Public Said Seriously Misled On Mad Cow Disease Danger
 Uh-Oh...Man And His Cat Both Develop CJD (Mad Cow) At Same Time

 Mad Cow Blood Spills On Highway In England - Several Splashed
 First Mad Cow Warning Came 7 Years Ago In England - It Was Ignored
 'Serious Danger' British Sheep Have Been Infected With Mad Cow Disease
 Human Mad Cow-CJD Judgment Day Five Years Away Says British Expert
 Britain to Test Appendix And Tonsil Specimens for Mad Cow - CJD
 Mad Elk Disease Spreading - Now Found In Nebraska
 France Finds New Mad Cow Case, Herd Slaughtered
 Cattle Stun Gun May Heighten "Madcow" Risk
Human "Mad Cow" Toll Higher Than Admitted
Mad Cow Hidden Horror - Infection Rate May Be 100 Times Higher
Mad Cow-Tainted Blood Injected Into 350 People
US Study Raises New Worries Over Mad Cow Disease
FDA Says Gelatin Free Of Mad Cow Risk...If
New CJD Exposure Risks Reported - Don't Eat Raw Meat Or Brains
Easy "Mad Sheep" Protein Test Found - "Mad Cow" Test Possible?
Mad Cow - CJD Spread "Far Wider Than Ever Imagined"?
Belgium Finds Second Mad Cow Case - Destroys Herd

A Really Sad Story About A BSE/CJD Victim
EU Being Pressured To Allow Hormone-Treated Beef
Miami Meat Worker Dies of Creutzfeldt-Jakob (Mad Cow)
Cheap Meat Said Cause Of Mad Cow in Humans
Mad Cow Concern Shifts To Blood Supply
Britain To Import Blood Plasma Because Of 'Mad Cow' Risk
Mad Cow Latest - Scientists Now Consider Gelatin Unsafe
Questions About New U.S. Meat Inspection Program
Deer Dropping Dead From Mad Cow In Colorado/Wyoming
Fast And Slow Variants Of Mad Cow Gene Found
Mad Cow & Kreutzfeld-Jacob Disease Prions Defined
Hong Kong Fears 111 Infected in 'Mad Cow' Scare
Mad Cow Impact Exploding In Europe
"UFO" Mutilations, Mad Cow Disease and the U.S. Government
Mad Cow In Medicine (and other) Gel Caps?
Mad Cow/CJD Spread Through Spinal Cord Nerves

Mad Cow/CJD In The Blood Supply
Mad Cow Panic! "What The Hell CAN We Eat?"
Mad Cow/CJD Tissue Transplanted To Three. Whoops...
Mad Cow (CJD) Disease Now In British Blood Supply?
Is Mad Cow Or CJD In Your Fridge Right Now?
European Parliament Battles Mad Cow
Mad Cows and Milk Gate: Meat Anyone?
Irish Firm Announces Mad Cow Test Breakthrough
Mad Cow/CJD Fears: U.S. Bans All European Meat Imports
Mad Cow/CJD Lawsuit In Japan Over Tainted Transplant
Mad Cow: EU Scientists Call For Increased Ban On Cattle Parts
Portugal First To Screen Mad Cow/CJD From Blood Supply
 Mad Cow: Britain To Consider Importing U.S. Blood
 U.S. Beef Stockmen Pay Little Attention To Mad Cow Rules
 Oprah Sued Over Right To Discuss Mad Cow On TV
 1997 Was The Hottest Year 'On Record'


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