Human Growth Hormone
May Be Linked To CJD Death
A man given growth hormones as a child died after developing Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, an inquest heard yesterday.
Steven Goldie, 29, died in March last year after developing psychiatric and balance problems, Portsmouth Coroner's Court was told.
He had been given human growth hormone for nine years after a childhood disease destroyed his pituitary gland, leaving him with growth problems.
Mr Goldie, of Gosport, Hampshire, was taken off the hormone treatment in 1985 when it was first linked with conventional CJD - which is more likely to afflict older people.
Portsmouth Coroner James Kenroy said it seemed likely Mr Goldie had been treated with a batch of hormone which had been contaminated with a pituitary gland from a human CJD sufferer.
Mr Goldie's parents Ron and Marion told the inquest of the agonising decision not to tell Steven when they first suspected he had developed CJD and then of the moment when they had to tell their son he was dying from the rare condition.
Verdict: misadventure.

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