Mad Cow Now Found In Azores -
All Cattle There To Be Slaughtered
LISBON (AFP) - All cattle imported into the Azores are to be slaughtered after first case of mad cow disease was reported in the Portuguese archipelago, authorities here announced on Friday.
A total of 2,642 animals would be sent for slaughter, regional Agriculture and Fisheries Ministry spokesman Ricardo Rodrigues.
The measure, which went well beyond the European Commission directive on bovine spngiform encephalopathy (BSE) or mad cow diesase, was taken in order to "ease consumer fears and the market", he said.
The three calves of the infected cow, which was imported from Germany to the island of Sao Miguel in 1998, were already at the abattoir, he added.
The news came two days after the European Commission proposed lifting a ban on Portuguese beef, put in place in November 1998 amid an outbreak of 67 cases of BSE.
Up to now Portugal and Britain have been considered the countries most affected by the bovine disease, although France is currently in the spotlight after recording 111 cases this year.

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