Mad Cow Blood Spills
On Highway In England -
Several Splashed
Note - How was this blood to be disposed of? Since the Mad Cow prion can withstand temperatures of approximately 1,000 degrees farenheit, how was this blood shipment going to be treated? It is interesting to consider that some of the tankers you see on US roads may be carrying '22 tons' of cow blood from slaughter houses for use in pet foods, fertilizers, and various farm animal food products...
LONDON (AP) - Eight people were taken to a hospital today after a tanker carrying 22 tons of blood from cattle that were destroyed in an effort to eradicate mad cow disease spilled on a highway.
A tanker was on a highway near Birmingham in central England when it leaked, police said. Two of the highway's three lanes were closed while the blood was removed, causing long lines of traffic.
Police Inspector Clive Isherwood said authorities believe the blood came from older cows that were destroyed as part of the government's campaign to eradicate bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE. The blood was also to be destroyed.
``It is not known if the blood is infected with BSE, but we are taking all precautions necessary to ensure the safety of the public,'' Isherwood said.
An official from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Ministry who spoke on condition of anonymity said chances were remote that the blood was infected since many cattle over 36 months old were destroyed as a preventative measure and did not actually carry the disease.
Police said eight people who had been splashed with blood - four firefighters, two police officers, the tanker driver and his wife - were taken to Walsall Manor Hospital to be cleaned up.
The European Union banned British beef exports in March 1996 after Britain announced a possible link between BSE and the fatal, brain-wasting Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease that has killed 27 people in Britain since 1995.
Hundreds of thousands of cattle have been slaughtered and their carcasses destroyed since March 1996.