Is Mad Cow In US Water Possible?
The Many Modes Of
CJD/BSE Transmission
By Jeff Rense
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I receive email from a few people who are concerned, and well they should be, about the potential risk and infection from the mad cow BSE/CJD prion and variants thereof. The following email raises several important aspects about which I have talked and written for the last couple of years.
"I have read the four recent (BSE/mad cow/CJD) news articles on your website, which is my favorite. I have put the information together and have deduced the following: I read your letter from a man in Texas whose Mother died of BSE/CJD from her pills, i.e. Bovine derived vitamins. You also published an article about a study that says medications are passed into our water supply through the body of the sick person and the meds stay in the water supply. That the BSE/CJD prions are indestructible is a given. Today, your site has an article about the water in a city in the UK contaminated with a bio spill containing BSE. I deduce that if the above information is correct, then we are in for a natural bio disaster........There is a story there I think. Do you?"
Yes, indeed.
I first went on record two years ago in being the first to call for the end of ALL reusable 'sterilized' medical and dental instruments and have also made it clear that until proven otherwise, CJD must be considered potentially orally-transmissible.
Not only do these proteins apparently range the spectrum of body tissue but very likely body fluids as well. It is wise to note that 50% of people have blood in their saliva at all times. Kissing and sharing *unsterilizable* (regarding BSE/CJD) food utensils (restaurants, for certain) are gravely serious and potentially deadly behaviors and possible interfaces with CJD, vCJD, and nvCJD infected persons. Remember, there is an incubation period which can last years before the infected person will demonstrate physical symptoms of CJD. There is NO current test short of a brain necropsy which can determine infection in either human or cattle/deer/elk/sheep.
Yes, certainly the water supply can potentially contain prions. One only has to recall that the British buried millions of cattle, many with these essentially indestructible killer prions, and that these carcasses are now breaking down...and some of their contents will eventually move into various ground water tables and aquifers and/or will run off into streams and rivers.
In the US, more and more accounts of mad deer and mad elk disease are appearing in the media. Deer hunters are being warned not to eat animals they shoot which 'show signs' of mad cow or 'chronic wasting disease' but these warnings fail to inform hunters that deer and elk only show noticeable symptoms in the very final stages of infection. Wildlife professionals and veterinarians are extremely worried and concerned. Hunters should be scared stiff. By the way, the only explanation to date as to how US deer and elk became infected with BSE/mad cow is that they consumed cattle feed spread out in pastures for grazing cattle. deer and elk got mad cow/BSE from that feed but not a single US cow has ever been infected. At least that is what the beef and dairy industry would have us believe. We 'officially' have no mad cow/CJD prions in American cattle and have never had a single animal infected. Ahem.
Fact: there are no tests for mad cow/BSE unless the brain of the animal is dissected in a laboratory by trained scientists.
Fact: most US cattle aren't allowed to live long enough to manifest symptoms of mad cow/BSE/CJD...they are all turned into hamburgers and steaks and gelatin too quickly.
Nevertheless, former cattle rancher Howard Lyman and others of integrity, point out that every night over 10,000 cattle go to sleep...only to never awaken in the morning. And no one is doing necropsies on them to find out why they died...they are usually just quickly carted off to the rendering plants and converted into everything from pet food to fertilizer for your garden.
Furthermore, the blood from slaughterhouses containing innumerable proteins is commonly sprayed over all sorts of commercial feed products, especially chicken feed... And then there is 'bone meal'...a prime source of added calcium to a countless products. France has just banned bone meal from being added to any animal feed.
By the way, 'they' are now putting 'sludge' (bone and 'blood meal', too) into many home garden fertilizers as a 'natural' ingredient. 'Sludge' is human sewage. Read the ingredients on that bag of fertilizer before purchasing.
Note that sewage (waste water 'treatment plants') pump their human effluent into rivers, lakes, and into the oceans along both the East and West coasts where routine water sampling along beaches now consistently demonstrate live bacteria and virus. What about the body fluids of CJD victims? In life, they go down the drain and toilet; in death, there body fluids are emptied down the drains of mortuaries when the victim is embalmed. Two years ago, morticians expressed fear and hesitation over embalming people who had died from CJD/BSE. If cremated, how high are the temperatures of crematories? Over 1,000 degrees?
Dentists and dental hygienists now pose perhaps the greatest threat to the health of individuals due to their reuse of invasive dental instruments...which soak in the blood and saliva of patient after patient. Of course, good dentists autoclave these instruments at around 250 degree to 'sterilize' them...which works well enough for most bacteria and viruses. Unfortunately, the prions which cause mad cow, CJD, vCJD, and nvCJD cannot be killed by anything less that 1,000 degrees.
Opticians in the UK were ordered over two years ago to stop reusing contact lenses on patients coming in for fittings because of the concern of spreading BSE/CJD. In other words, someone figured out that these proteins are, or very well could be, in tears.
No 'mad cow' in the US? Scientists at the University of San Francisco medical school have proven that mad cow BSE and CJD are caused by essentially the exact same creature. There was one test (why haven't there been more?) on the brains of Alzheimer's fatalities which showed that 13% of the victims examined had actually died of CJD/mad cow.
If mad cow/BSE is in the meat and bones and blood of cow meat, and deer and elk, one must keep in mind that the potential exists for it to be in cow's milk as well.
It is no big surprise that testing of the milk of known infected cows has never been done, or at least released to the public. The results of a single, positive test which discovers a mad cow BSE protein in the milk of a single infected cow would pose an immediate and massive billion dollar crisis for the dairy industry.
Since cows' milk is produced via the proteins, minerals and fluids directly from the blood of the cow, it is logical to assume there is a potential risk in all dairy products. We already know that to be the case with a myriad of items now found in dairy products from artificially-induced hormones to antibiotics to pesticide and herbicide residue. So, how can anyone rule out proteins? Answer: you can't. Again, as of this writing, not a single test of the milk of a mad cow/BSE infected animal has been done...or revealed.
The recent case of the Vermont sheep who were determined to have mad cow, derived from eating cattle feed while in Europe, is a cause for great concern. Although mad cow/BSE hasn't officially been found in dairy products, authorities in Vermont informed the public that is would probably be best not to consume cheese made from this infected herd.
At this point, in light of the British health authorities' now admitted policy of lying to and deceiving the populace there, it is clear that the same basic patterns of denial and deceit - which allowed the AIDS epidemic to burst out in the world so explosively - are being practiced in these early stages of CJD/BSE epidemic. Words to the wise. Much to think about.
- Jeff Rense
Some earlier warnings -
Jeff Rense Calls Again For Immediate New
National Dental/Medical Sterilization Guidelines
As I have been saying on my program and website for the last couple years now, we are past the age of 'sterilization' in medicine and dentistry when it comes to the reuse of invasive medical instruments and equipment which now present the risk of spreading fatal CJD/Mad Cow from infected patients to the uninfected. The following horror story confirms my position in full.
8 Patients May Have CJD From Reused 'Sterile' Surgical Instruments
By Suein Hwang and David Hamilton
The Wall Street Journal
I wish to repeat, once again, that dentists are possibly routinely spreading CJD from patient to patient. Most dentists I have spoken to, doctors as well, haven't a clue about Mad Cow/CJD prions and how these tiny proteins are indestructible by all standard professional sterilization protocols. They can survive temperatures of over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit...about 5 times higher than autoclave sterilizers which are now the benchmark technology for sterilizing reusable dental/medical instruments.
Any dentist who works on a patient with CJD, will bath most instruments in the blood and saliva of that dying patient. It is now clear that CJD prions will be found not only in the patients blood and possibly saliva by itself as well. And those prions can still be on the instrument/s after 'sterilization' ... ready for inoculation into the next patient and possibly multiple patients.
I again, especially, call on professional dentistry and all oral hygienists to IMMEDIATELY CEASE reusing any invasive instruments on patients.
All patients should be treated ONLY with one-time use instruments and hygienists should begin to only treat patients who purchase their own prophylactic kits containing angles and teeth cleaning tools. These kits will be purchased by all patients and brought into the office by the patient for each cleaning or dental procedure. All dental drills and the drill bits must also be replaced for each patient with new, unused equipment.
I repeat: dentists and doctors are now no longer able to guarantee they are not spreading Mad Cow/CJD to uninfected, innocent patients via reusable medical/dental instruments. - Jeff Rense
Outrageous: Single-Use Medical Devices Commonly Reused In US
By Jeff Rense
Note - This is a criminally-negligent practice which must be stopped. HIV, Hep-C, CJD and many other potentially fatal viral and bacterial diseases could be spread this way. Sterilization practices are NOT always applied properly. Furthermore, if CJD is indeed caused by prions, as is its bovine sibling, Mad Cow, it is important to note that temperatures in excess of 1,000 degrees F. are needed to destroy them. In other words, no normal sterilization procedure, even if done letter-perfectly, can inactivate CJD prions. And how many prions does it take to become infected? Also, keep in mind the long incubation periods of these diseases. If you have a procedure done with a non-sterile, contaminated and reused needle, catheter, or other internal medical device...and you become ill a year or several years later, who would know, or who could prove, that tainted medical device was responsible? As is the case with HIV, Hep-C, and CJD, the symptoms likely wouldn't show up for up to 10 years later. -Jeff Rense
NEW YORK (Reuters) - In hospitals and clinics around the United States, biopsy needles, catheters and other internal medical devices frequently are being reused despite labeling that stipulates ``single-use only,'' the New York Times reported Wednesday.
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