CJD/Mad Cow Prions
Survive Digestive Tract!
From Patricia Doyle, PhD <>
"They banned feeding
cattle to cattle. But are still allowed to feed those 'downer' cows to pork
and poultry. Then they are still allowed to feed the pork and
poultry by products back to the cows."
Hello Jeff,
Whether you call it nvCJD or CJD or mad cow, the writer of this letter knows, first hand, the results. He witnessed his mother's fight with and death from prion disease.
Patty _____
This was sent to Oprah Winfrey, reprinted here by permission:
I am the mad son of a dead mom who died of madcow (heidenhain variant creutzfeldt-jacob disease).
I sat with her for 10 weeks and watched as this hidious disease ate her brain up. She wrote in her journal that she started to see brown spots on sept. 27, 1997. These were her first symptoms -- approximately. 10 days later she was blind, about 2 weeks later she had lost control of her coordination, walking, and speech.
She would get these uncontrolable jerks that at times would take 3 of us to hold her down. Around the 8th week she was totally bedridden. She died in the 10th week on 12-14-97. THANK GOD!
If you ever see this disease, as I did with my mom, you will truly believe that madcow is here. I truely believe that is what my mom died of. They can call it what ever they want to.
Now, I will take this a step further. My neighbor's mother also died of CJD. She died on 12-14-96. They had diagnosed it as Alzheimer's - until the autopsy he demanded ruled out Alzheimers and ruled in CJD.
About a month ago my neighbor called me over, he had been going through some old boxes of his mom's and came across some pills he thought I should see. When I read the ingredients, I just about sh*t!
INGREDIENTS: vacuum dried bovine brain, bone meal, bovine eye, veal bone, bovine liver powder, bovine adrenal, vacuum dried bovine kidney, and vacuum dried porcine stomach. It was a cow in a pill! This woman taking these pills died of CJD. Could it be madcow in a pill?
I called the Texas Departmen Of Health (T.D.H.) the next day, and the following day they were out here and got the pills. I had located the manufacture and called with a bogus story and a list of doctors that would prescribe them in Houston. The T.D.H. called a few days later, asking for the list of doctors, their phone numbers, and told me they would take it from there. I need not pursue it any further.
Not to long ago, 4 or 5 weeks, a girl showed up at my door. She had called crying a week earlier and could not talk. She had seen a story on TV about my mother. Anyway, when I first saw her I knew she had seen it, too (madcow). Her mother had died of CJD on 2-14-97.
This disease is here and you can call it what ever you want: CJD, nvCJD, hvCJD, BSE, or Mad Cow. But, that young man who died of nvCJD in England, Steve Churchhill, had the exact same symptoms as my mother.
There is also a girl in Ft. Worth Texas who called me. She had seen an article about my mom in the dallas morning news. Her dad had died of CJD. So far, we have come up with about 18 people who have died of CJD in texas, 15 confirmed. I have heard from other people that it is up to 32.
I am tired of hearing this crap about nvCJD being in just young people. That same old line about how nv-cjd victims are much younger and their clinical course from first sign of symtoms to death is much longer. Any disease's clinical course is going to be longer in younger people, because their body and organs are much younger and healthier. But, in the end, their brains are full of spongiform holes, just like the older folks. Just because the plaques are more extreme, does not mean its a different disease. Could it not be just a more extreme case of typical CJD?
Greed is what it is all about. They banned feeding cattle to cattle. But are still allowed to feed those 'downer' cows to pork and poultry. Then they are still allowed to feed the pork and poultry byproducts back to the cows.
Now Dr. Gibbs writes that the prion-protien can survive the digestinal track and composting process. So the prion-protein goes right back to the cow. We must ban feeding all animals to animals. Its just an endless cycle of greed that's killing people.
I have requested that further tests be done on my mom's brain (frozen tissue, paraffeine sections and serum) be sent to case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, to Dr. Pierre Lugi Gambetti.
I hope you find some interest in this. I just don't believe we are being told everything. The government lied about asbestos for 75 years.
P.S.-- the results from Case Western Reserve Universitiy, on my Mothers Brain, came back positive for the prion protein PrPres, confirming the prion disease.
Kind regards,
Terry S. Singelary Sr. Bacliff, Texas USA
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