CJD/Mad Cow Link Feared
After Two Neighbors Die

Health officials say they are investigating a possible link between the deaths of two men from the human form of mad cow disease who lived within 250 yards of each other.
Steven Lunt, 34, of Adswood, Stockport, died in April this year from variant CJD.
Experts are expected to confirm that Paul Dickens, 28, also of Adswood, was another victim of vCJD after he displayed symptoms of the disease before his death two weeks ago.
Dr David Baxter, consultant in communicable disease control for Stockport Health Authority, says a preliminary investigation is already under way.
He says once Mr Dickens's case is confirmed a team of experts will travel to the area to investigate a link.
Investigations are currently under way into a cluster of five CJD deaths in the village of Queniborough, near Leicester, and into three cases in the Doncaster mining village of Armthorpe.
Dr Baxter said: "Strictly speaking we have one confirmed case of CJD so far, but I am expecting to have results of tests in Mr Dickens' case within the next two weeks.
"The health authority has undertaken a very preliminary investigation using the same methods as the Leicester and Doncaster clusters, looking at possible links between the two men.
"We have been looking at things like local butcher shops and particular practices, but so far have not discovered any link.
"If the second case has been confirmed, a team from the CJD Surveillance Unit in Edinburgh and the Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre in London will come to Stockport for a full investigation."
Dr Baxter has confirmed Mr Lunt and Mr Dickens lived 250 to 300 yards apart, but he has refused to reveal their addresses.

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