Horse Meat Sales Soar Over
German BSE/Mad Cow Crisis
By Toby Helm in Berlin

Sales of horse meat are soaring in Germany as more of cases of mad cow disease are found in the country's beef cattle. Horse meat butchers are reporting an 80 per cent increase in business, including sausages made with a mixture of horse and pork.
Jens Beerwart, a butcher from Waiblingen, south-west Germany, said that while Germany's beef butchers were suffering, he was thriving. "Everyone is buying it. Old people, young mothers, young couples, single people. People from all walks of life. They think it is safer and it tastes good, like Argentine beef."
Germany's second BSE case was confirmed at a farm in Bavaria on Sunday, increasing consumers' fears about home-produced beef. The first German BSE case was discovered last month. Two other suspect cases, one in Bavaria and another in Baden-Wurttemberg, were reported at the end of last week and are likely to be confirmed by tomorrow.
The arrival of BSE has caused panic among health-conscious Germans who had been told by politicians that their farming and meat hygiene standards were so high they would never have any BSE cases.

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