A Call For New National
Sterile Guidelines
Jeff Rense
As I have been urging on my program and on for several years now, we are past the age of 'sterilization' in medicine and dentistry when it comes to the reuse of invasive medical instruments and equipment which now present the real risk of spreading fatal vCJD/Mad Cow/Alzheimer's (another prion disease) from infected patients to the uninfected.
I repeat, once again, that dentists are possibly routinely transmitting vCJD from patient to patient. Most dentists I have spoken to, doctors as well, haven't a clue about Mad Cow/CJD prions and how these tiny proteins are indestructible by ALL standard professional sterilization protocols.
They can survive temperatures of over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit...about 5 times higher than autoclave sterilizers which are now the benchmark technology for sterilizing reusable dental/medical instruments.
Any dentist who works on a patient with asymptomatic vCJD or Alzheimer's exposes instruments to the blood and saliva of that infected patient. It is a near certainty that CJD prions of the infected are present in the infected patient's blood and possibly saliva. And those prions can still be on the instrument/s after 'sterilization' ... ready for innoculation into the next patient and possibly multiple patients thereafter.
I again call on professional dentistry and hygienists to cease reusing invasive instruments on patients until a thorough study of the possibilitiy of transmission can be undertaken. Only new instruments should be used. At the very least, all patients should be given the option of purchasing new, unused invasive instruments...including such routine items as dental hygiene cleaning tools....for their personal use. These kits could be purchased by all patients and brought into the office by the patient for each cleaning or dental procedure. Or, the office could offer to store their patients' hygiene kits for them. Dental drill bits, etc, should also be replaced for each patient with new, unused equipment.
Costs? High. But so is the cost of vCJD and Alzheimer's.
To repeat: dentists and doctors are now no longer able to guarantee they are not spreading Mad Cow/vCJD or Alzheimer's to uninfected patients via reusable medical/dental instruments. -Jeff Rense


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