Baby Girl May Have
Caught Mad Cow/CJD
From Her Mother,3604,141760,00.html
An investigation was under way yesterday into the possibility that a baby girl may have contracted the human form of mad cow disease from her mother.
A department of health spokesman confirmed that tests were being carried out and that the possibility of maternal transmission of new-variant CJD was being investigated.
It is understood the baby girl, who has been ill since birth last year, is being treated in a Midlands hospital with her mother, who has been confirmed as suffering from new-variant CJD.
The passing of new-variant CJD from mother to baby was previously thought to be very unlikely.
The spokesman said: "We understand that all the necessary investigations are under way by the NHS trust involved and the appropriate specialists."
It was reported late last month that a 24-year-old mother of a young baby was in a serious condition in Walsgrave hospital, Coventry, suffering from a suspected case of new variant CJD.
The hospital added that the woman's daughter, aged three months at the time, was also seriously ill, but that it was not thought the child had the same illness.
Hospital staff would not comment yesterday on whether the cases were linked.


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