Ukraine Bans Danish
Beef Over Mad Cow Fears

KIEV (Reuters) - Ukraine has banned imports of Danish beef after an outbreak in Denmark of mad cow disease, or BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy), an official said on Thursday.
"We have banned all beef imports from Denmark due to BSE. Our order came into force on March 6," Mykola Bilous, Ukraine's senior veterinary inspector, told Reuters.
"Besides Denmark, beef imports have also been banned from Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland."
The Danish government reported last month that health authorities had found one milk cow afflicted with BSE.
The BSE case, at a farm in the north of the Jutland peninsula in western Denmark, was the first since 1992 in Denmark, which prides itself on strict food hygiene and veterinary standards. A few years ago Ukraine banned British beef imports on fears that BSE could be linked to brain disease in humans. Bilous said he did not expect the bans to be scrapped soon.
Ukraine, whose agriculture was once highly developed but now faces difficulties, does not import significant volumes of beef. Imports of meat and livestock comprised just 0.9 percent of Ukraine's total imports in 1999.
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