Concern Over CJD Increases
Public concern over the risks of contracting the human form of mad cow disease from food has risen 17pc in the last year, according to a survey out today.
Supermarket chain Iceland's Food You Can Trust study showed 43pc of the public are worried about BSE in the food chain and the risks of contracting New-variant Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease.
Half of parents are also growing more concerned about BSE in food, up 19pc on last year, and concern about meat products such as beefburgers far outstrips worries on other types of food.
"It's not surprising to see that BSE/ CJD is still very much top of the agenda as there is serious lack of public confidence in the food industry and those who regulate it," Iceland's managing director Russell Ford, said.
The wide-ranging study also reports 31pc of men are worried about how much saturated fat they are eating, compared with 29pc of women.
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