Mad Cow Cases In
Europe-A Country-By-
Country Breakdown

PARIS (AFP) - The number of cases of mad cow disease, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), continues to rise in Europe, despite increased efforts by governments to stamp it out.
Following is a breakdown of the extent of BSE and the number of cases found.
Believed to be where BSE started in 1985, remains the country the worst affected.
Total of 177,514 BSE cases detected since 1985 to November 24, 2000, according to the ministry of agriculture.
Includes 1,150 cases detected since the beginning of 2000 (compared to 2,254 for all of 1999).
Has 11.3 million head of cattle.
581 BSE cases recorded at the end of November 2000, since 1989.
Cattle population of 7.5 million.
Total of 466 BSE cases detected up to the end of September 2000.
Authorities forecast that 130 cases will be the total detected this year.
Has 1.2 million head of cattle.
SWITZERLAND (not an EU member)
Introduced a rapid-testing programme early 1999.
Total of 362 cases detected since 1990 up to November 20, 2000.
Includes 20 cases detected since the beginning of this year.
Total of 201 BSE cases from 1991 up to December 3, 2000.
Includes 121 cases detected since the beginning of this year.
Has the largest number of cattle in Europe: 21 million head.
Total of 19 BSE cases so far.
Includes nine cases detected since the beginning of the year.
Total of eight BSE cases. Six of the animals were imported -- five from Britain and one from Switzerland -- and they were discovered to be sick between 1994 and 1997.
The country got a shock when officials discovered two cases in German-born cows in November.
Total of seven BSE cases.
Includes one detected this year.
Total of two BSE cases detected so far -- both of them found in 1994 in two cows imported from Britain.
Total of two BSE cases detected. One was in a cow imported from Scotland before this year, the other was in a Danish-born cow tested in February 2000.
Total of one BSE case detected, in November this year. Another suspected case is awaiting confirmation.
Total of one BSE case detected, before this year.
No cases reported.
NORWAY (not an EU member)
No cases reported.
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