At Last...A Good Use
For Aspartame?
From leaflady
Jeff, this is from a egroup to which I belong. Real live science in action.
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Date: 8-28-00 From: Phil
To: orthomolecular
I received this bit from Dr. Von. Very interesting. I'm going to try it out on fire ants and see what it does.
Posted on a newsgroup............
I had a box of nutrasweet left over from a couple of years ago when I found out how toxic it is. Anyway, I was asking what the stuff was good for and was told it makes an excellent ant poison. I took two packets of the "sweetner" and dumped one in the corner of each of my bathrooms.
The big black carpenter ants that have been plauging me for the last 10 years disappeared in less than 24 hours, and I have not seen any more for almost a month now. I had paid Orkin a lot of money in the past to try and get rid of these things, but they only had limited success.
When I posted a message about it on one of my mailing lists, I was told that there is a fellow that repackages neutrasweet and resells it as ant poison. Thought you would be interested in knowing.

A good use for Aspartame - NOT
From Robert Huber
I thought you'd like to know I tried the aspartame remedy for an ant infestation at my office and IT FAILED MISERABLY. I used 2 packets of a popular aspartame sweetener and the ants ignored it completely. They don't seem to consider it food. Needless to say, it can't poison them if they don't eat it.

having followed the reports of the toxicity of aspartame after learning about it in 8th grade, i was unsurprised to read the account of Equal's utility as an insect poison. after suffering several ant invasions over the past several weeks, i eagerly gave it a try after coming home to ants swarming over my home PCs. i took several packets of equal and liberally littered the ants' trails. while the ants appeared to ignore the white powdery substance, all ants were gone within 1 day's time., a marked difference from the long lines of insects to and from my workdesk and the small hole in the baseboards from which the ants emerged. it does not appear as though the ants eat the substance, as they might flock towards organic sweeteners, but i strongly attest that i will keep many packets of Equal on hand for future infestations. repeat : THE ANTS MAY NOT EAT THE EQUAL, but wait for a day or two.
thanks leaflady!!
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