Work Stress Actually
Boosts Body's Immunity
(Note - This may be why many people become sick
when they relax and take a vacation.)
By Gerard Seenan,3604,344761,00.html
Today's workplace stresses - too many emails, a creaking intray, a demanding boss - may at least help to prevent minor illnesses, researchers have found.
The study at Plymouth University found that when students were placed under stress their body's immunity was given a temporary boost.
Samples of saliva were taken from them before and after they were set demanding computer based tasks. Levels of immunoglobulin - naturally occurring proteins which act as anti-bodies to a range of minor infections - were found to rise at times of stress.
Mark Wetherell, a PhD student who carried out the research, said: "The results suggest that the stress caused by the computer tasks stimulated an increase in immunity, [which] is important to ensure that the body is still able to fight off infections during times of stress."
Mr Wetherell, who plans to look in more detail at the link between stress and illness, presents his findings today to the psychology postgraduate affairs group conference in Glasgow.
Yesterday Kate Holden told the conference of the danger to vulnerable people from psychics.
Her research showed that those with low self-esteem were more likely to visit psychics.
She said one person she had questioned -who believed absolutely in the claims of psychics - had developed marital problems after being told she should divorce her husband.
Among other papers given was one disclosing that people who claimed to be more intuitive were better at guessing who contestants would pick on Blind Date.
Another noted that people with big hands felt less pain when they touched hot things, while a third concluded that bullies lacked empathy.

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