Aspartame - The Bitter Sweetner -
How To Protect Yourself
4 Simple Steps For Helping Yourself and Others
Avoid Chronic Aspartame Poisoning
From Tom J. Kennedy <>
1. PROTECT YOURSELF Completely stop ingesting aspartame. Even a small amount is a slow poison. Check the labels carefully for the word "aspartame." Please be aware that aspartame can be hidden in gum, candy, over-the-counter medications (under "inactive ingredients"), prescription medications (check with the pharmacist), sugar-containing foods, soups, supplements, and many other items. So, please read the label.
2. POSITIVE STEPS Replace aspartame with healthier sweeteners. See the "Healthy Sweetener Resource List" on this web page: for information on obtaining healthier sweeteners. Please keep in mind:
a) that it is very helpful to shop at a natural food stores because usually healthier sweeteners are obtainable.
b) that it is important to avoid the newer, potentially toxic (from *long-term* ingestion) artificial sweeteners (acesulfame-k also known as Sunette/Sweet, One/Sweet & Safe and sucralose also known as Splenda).
c) Stevia is a good low-calorie replacement for diabetics and the general population. The taste of the Sunrider brand is optimal but other brands are good. Some extracts are more suitable for cooking than other extracts. Purchase the new book about stevia by Linda Bonvie from Body Ecology Diet for more information.
Beyond this, please consider reading some of the articles about Food & Nutrition, Yoga, Preventive Medicine, Healing, etc. on the main health page that may provide additional health benefit and will provide unbiased information, not corporate public relations pushed through organizations (e.g., ADA, IFIC, FDA) or the TV news.
By moving in this direction as well as by reading books on non- toxic substitute products in the home and office such as "Nontoxic, Natural & Earthwise" by Debra Lynn Dadd, you will become immune to PR campaigns and advertisements about the latest toxic product.
3. SHARE Share the key files, including the sample toxicity reaction files with family, friends, acquintences and anyone you care about who may inadvertantly ingest aspartame. When you share the information, please ask them to makecopies and pass it along. Feel free to share this information as well as the draft scientific/historic review and FAQs in the Scientific Section of theAspartame Toxicity Information Center web page with physicians and scientists.
If you see aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful), acesulfame-k (Sunette, Sweet One, Sweet & Safe), or sucralose (Splenda) sold in any health food stores, please firmly, but politely insist upon filing a complaint *directly* with the manager. These toxic and potentially toxic "sweeteners" have no place in a health food store any more than you would expect to see chewing tobacco or rat poison mixed with food at these stores. If the manager has any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them. Several stores have already removed these toxic sweeteners after seeing *independent* information.
Also, please feel free to translate these documents into other languages and distribute them.
4. LINK It is extremely helpful to put a link from a web page to the main "Aspartame Toxicity Information Center" web page:
Many people have included a link to this page. Even if your page is not health-related, it can be useful to include a link stating that "The Aspartame/NutraSweet toxicity page provides very important data that can affect the health of your family and friends," or something to that effect. If the page is health- related, it is important to include a link because many people may be suffering and not be aware of chronic aspartame poisoning as a common cause or contribuatory factor for a number of ailments.