Fluoride Scandal Uncovered
In Northern England
From Tim Matthews <>

I can reveal today that my research team has uncovered disturbing evidence of fluoridation of local water supplies in locations throughout North-Western England.
Local people in Nantwich and Crewe (Cheshire), Workington and Whitehaven (NW coast; due north of the ever-controversial 40 year old Nuclear facilities at Sellafield) are blissfully unaware that their water supplies have added fluoride. At this stage we are not sure how much is being added daily. What we are sure about is that Water Board scientists advised AGAINST THE USE of fluoride but were OVERRULED by local council officials!
Operators at our local water authority (North West Water) are aware of the controversy surrounding fluoride in water but add that it 'occurs naturally in any case - in tiny background amounts'.
We request any and all further information on fluoride in water from those more experienced in these matters before questioning on the local authorities - which we fully intend to do."
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