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Subject: Roberts: The Lancet: eleven aspartame toxicity reports 8.9.99
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Dr. Roberts is on the Staff of Good Samaritan Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital in West Palm Beach, Director of the Palm Beach Institute for Medical Research (since 1964), and a member of many prestigious medical and scientific organizations, such as the American College of Physicians, The Endocrine Society and the American Academy of Neurology. His publications include nine acclaimed texts and more than 220 original articles and letters. Many deal with original researches on challenging metabolic and neurological disorders. The Order of St. George knighted Dr. Roberts for his professionalism and humanitarian efforts.]
The Lancet Interactive dissussion group: Aspartame Toxicity: fact or fiction? (By Dr. Roberts)
Re: Aspartame toxicity From: Date Tue, 10 Aug 1999 16:20:00 GMT
I disagree with the assertion by Zehetner and McLean (1) that concern about the adverse health effects of aspartame products is "scientifically implausible", and largely represents anecdotal information from "anonymous" sources. I am not anonymous.
My opinion represents 15 years of corporate-neutral study of aspartame disease in practice, consultation, and research (2-11), based on over 1300 persons so afflicted. I now regard these products as a probably imminent public health threat because of the serious neurologic, psychiatric, metabolic, ocular, and allergic reactions encountered, coupled with apparent fetotoxic and oncologic consequences. Specific examples are seizures (4), headache (10), depression (2), severe confusion (9), loss of diabetes control (5), the aggravation or simulation of diabetic complications (5) and multiple sclerosis (6), gross weight loss or gain (3,8), accident proneness (11), aspartame addiction, and the perceived causation/acceleration of Alzheimer's disease (9) and brain tumors (7).
My diagnostic criteria for aspartame disease, and the grounds for the foregoing assertions are detailed in articles and books (2-11). They challenge the misleading attitudes of Zehetner and McLean concerning "trivial" amounts of free methanol, of the sequelae from flooding the body with large amounts of phenylalanine, aspartic acid and their stereoisomers, and failure to appreciate chronic methanol-derived formaldehyde toxicity.
The public health significance of this matter is compounded by the fact that over half the United States population currently consumes aspartame products. The dangers of excessive heat, prolonged storage, aspartame gum, and the incorporation of aspartame in pediatric preparations are underscored.
Inasmuch as the authors are in Australia, I refer them to my solicited critique of the official position by the Australia and New Zealand Food Authority (ANZFA) on aspartame (12).
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