Ho Ho Ho,
Glow Glow Glow
EDINBURGH (Reuters) - A British nuclear energy agency that built a Santa's Grotto from containers that had stored nuclear waste defended itself on Thursday, saying children who met Santa there had not been exposed to radiation.
Parents and anti-nuclear groups were furious when it emerged in late December that hundreds of children had visited the site, built by apprentices from the nearby Dounreay nuclear power station in northern Scotland.
But the UK Atomic Energy Authority, which runs the plant, said on Thursday that the containers had been decontaminated and were completely safe.
They had formerly been used to store low-level nuclear waste including overalls and paper towels used by workers dealing with radioactive waste, the authority said.
``We have very rigorous procedures for cleaning up and decontamination. Use of these materials is quite normal, but we can see how parents are sensitive when their children are involved,'' Beth Taylor, head of corporate communications, told Reuters.


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