Top UK Health Officials
Call For Special GM
Monitoring Unit Immediately

The Government has been urged by its most senior medical and science advisers to set up a special unit to monitor the potential health risks of eating genetically modified food.
The chief medical officer, Professor Liam Donaldson and chief scientific adviser Sir Robert May told ministers a health monitoring unit is needed as understanding of the effects of the technology is still "developing", the Independent on Sunday said.
It would be similar to the one that established a link between BSE-infected cows and killer brain disease CJD.
The unit would "monitor the health effects of GM organisms, similar to the unit monitoring CJD", the paper quoted the report as saying.
It should also scrutinise "potential health effects" including "foetal abnormalities, new cancers and effects on the human immune system".
A spokeswoman for the Cabinet Office confirmed the ministerial committee on biotechnology and GM organisms had received the draft report "a while ago".
She said it had been commissioned so ministers could assess the "public health implications" of GM food.
She stressed the report, which will be published once the final version has been studied by ministers, had found "no evidence" of any health risks and there was "no cause for concern".
However, neither the Cabinet Office nor the Department of Health was able to confirm the advisers recommended setting up a health monitoring unit.
The ministerial committee is chaired by Cabinet Office Minister Dr Jack Cunningham, who last week attacked the "media hysteria" over the debate on GM foods. \