Aspartame Health
Problems Continue Long
After Stopping Ingestion
From Betty Martini <>

I have read in the last few days discussions about aspartame reactions recurring again months after having ceased the toxin, and also with detoxifying and losing weight which you would expect releasing poison. I have mentioned in the past it is common to have a severe reaction should you accidently get the least little bit of NutraSweet or even another toxin. James Bowen, M.D., has discussed this with me on several occasions, and since he called tonight I asked if he would dictate some information on the issue so it could be put on the list for all who have had questions. Also, please keep in mind that aspartame is not an additive, it is a chemical poison. The best way to understand NutraSweet is to think of it as a minute dose of nerve gas that eradicates brain and nerve functions. Below are Dr. Bowen's comments.
"I have come across first hand reports of a lady doctor who had her medical degree revoked because she spoke on the aspartame issue. Even I have been threatened by insiders from the political camp of aspartame that they will get my degree revoked. This brings up a topic of equal magnitude of the aspartame topic and directly related to it, polychemical sensitivity syndrome (PCS) or chemical hypersensitivity. Virtually every doctor who has dealt with this problem has had a large group of highly satisfied patients only to see his career destroyed by medical licensure boards and the medical training establishments. This reflects the sure knowledge that they are destroying people's health with this problem.
The Persian Gulf Syndrome is largely polychemical sensitivity from the massive NutraSweet exposure experienced by our men in combat units in the Persian Gulf. The first investigative reports of the Persian Gulf Syndrome noted these facts, only to be followed by reports that these Persian Gulf victims obviously could not have polychemical sensitivity syndrome because such a thing doesn't exist and nothing medicine was doing for them was helping. Therefore, they must be chronically unhappy people who you couldn't be made happy in any manner.
This illustrates the highly significant feature of aspartame poisoning, that it is an extreme hypersensitization agent which is highly reactive with other chemicals, especially toxic ones like the nerve gas and nitrogen mustard gas our troops were exposed to in the gulf when our government tried to destroy the stockpiles of these gases they had previously supplied to Saddam Husseim. This is a very poignant part of the NutraSweet issue because those who had problems with Nutrasweet will now experience recurrences of those same problems when exposed to even the most minute doses of various toxic agents.
For example, the government studies of formaldehyde hypersensitivity performed many years ago showed once hypersensitized a person can then react to as little as a billionth of a gram of formaldehyde with a violent health problem of some kind. Back in l983, when NutraSweet was put on the market for pop, the allowable amount of formaldehyde in ambient air was 500 parts per billion. Our government has subsequently lowered that tolerance level to 50 parts per billion as an official government environmental standard.
Yet, the government defends staunchly the marketing of aspartame which as a formaldehyde poisoning is probably 500 times as potent as straight formaldehyde causing aggravated formaldehyde poisoning in its victims. And yet the amount you would get from a can of pop greatly exceeds what you would get from inhaled air, even by the old more lenient standard. The reason I feel its so importnant to publish this information is that those who have been victimized by aspartame really don't have a good shot at enjoying the health they had before unless they recognize the problem and know how to deal with it."
James Bowen, M.D., 719 332-0033
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