Engineered Brucellosis
Bacteria Said Responsible
For Gulf War Syndrome
CFS Radio Program
December 20th, 1998
Roger G. Mazlen, M.D. Host
With Donald W. Scott
From Dennis Gersten, MD <>

Dr. Mazlen We have an extraordinary guest who's written an extraordinary book. I say stay glued to your sets because you really need to hear this. Our guest today is Donald W. Scott, an author and also founder of the Common Cause Foundation, but he's significantly in this show today the author of a book called The Brucellosis Triangle and it's been published by the Chelmsford Publishers in Sudbury, Ontario and the year of the publication is 1998. He published it along with his son, William L. C. Scott, but Donald W. Scott is our guest today. Welcome to our show, Donald. We're just delighted to have you here today as our guest.
Don Scott Thank you, very much, doctor. It's a pleasure to speak with your audience and you.
Dr. Mazlen Let me go right to the point. You've mentioned the Brucellosis Triangle. It involves three cities. What does it mean?
Don Scott Well, the disease brucellosis was a disease primarily in goats that used to communicate very rarely to human beings. However, unfortunately, from 1942 and probably right up until the present, the governments of Canada, Britain and the United States agreed to try to take the naturally occurring brucellosis disease agent and make it into a biological weapon. That's a tragic reality. All the evidence is there. And they took brucellosis as a starting point because as a disease brucellosis can cause neurological damage, cardiac damage, digestive damage, several other areas of the body and of the brain can be affected by brucellosis.
Dr. Mazlen Now, that's the wild type brucellosis.
Don Scott Yes, that's the wild type. Now, there is very very clear evidence that the researchers who were seeking to enhance brucellosis and make it more infectious succeeded beyond their wildest dreams because almost 2/3 of the laboratory workers who were working on brucellosis contracted the disease. So we began looking at what was being done to the brucellosis bacterial toxin to make it more toxic and to make it more infectious. And we found several factors which we set out in The Brucellosis Triangle to demonstrate how this naturally occurring disease was converted into a very tragic disease in keeping with a Pentagon policy of having two types of biological weapons. One which would kill and one which would disable and obviously the brucellosis acted as the foundation point for the disabling disease.
Dr. Mazlen OK, we know from the book that you spent a lot of time in documenting this and so we're obviously not going to be able to cover all the documentation in this one show, but basically what you said and we're going to get you to answer this when we come back from the break, but you had mentioned that apparently some research work that was ongoing for a long period of time ultimately affected some kind of a combination of what you call in the book, "the crystalline form of the brucella melitensis bacteria" and a virus which is related to the cause of Scrapie which is disease which affects the brain, crosses the blood-brain barrier. So, I'm going to have us go to a short break and when we come back I'm going to have you expound on this in some detail.
Donald tell us about how this cross agent came about.
Don Scott Well, it was evident after the brucellosis had been initially developed that it had a lot of potential but it lacked one thing. It did not permanently disable the individuals who were infected and research that had been going on about a disease agent called the visna virus. Now the visna virus, of course, is a virus of sheep, and it is characterized by a very serious breakdown in the brain. The researchers who were working with brucellosis found that they could mutate the brucellosis bacteria by the visna virus. Now this sounds like very complicated business but it turns out to be very simple actually. Viruses have DNA. That is that they can reproduce themselves only to a degree. They can produce a blueprint of themselves but they can't reproduce themselves unless they have a host for the DNA. So it was found that in the visna virus--which, incidentally causes mad cow disease--that if this virus were introduced in sufficient quantity to a sufficient quantity of brucellosis bacteria, the virus would plant its DNA into the brucellosis bacteria and this would mutate to a new form of bacteria, one which had a very enhanced component of neural damage. And then the researchers learned how to extract just the bacterial toxin from the bacteria and they could discard the bacteria but keep the toxin which was subviral and very easily transmitted by aerosol, by simply breathing it in. So, with these factors together, the brucellosis bacteria mutated by the visna virus, reduced to a toxin which was communicated by aerosol, they had an excellent biological disabling weapon.
Dr. Mazlen Now, is it true as you stated in your book that somewhere in the United States government in 1986 we sold something like this or similar or the same to the Iraqi government?
Don Scott Yes, we did and Senator Regal, who unfortunately retired a couple of elections ago, Sen. Regal of the U.S. senate asked for and received a list of all the biological weapon components that were supplied to Saddam Hussein by the United States military and that is contained in the Regal report and I have one page of it here, on page 41 of his report it shows that a shipment of brucellosis, brucella melitensis they call it, biotype 1 was shipped to Iraq in 1986 and it was a component for a disabling disease which very closely resembled CFIDS and which is obviously Gulf War Syndrome. In other words, the people from the Gulf War who are suffering symptoms almost identical to CFIDS are suffering that because the brucella melitensis which was shipped in 1986 to Saddam Hussein was fired back at allied forces in the Gulf by SCUD missiles.
Dr. Mazlen Well, you know, this is an exciting and important and serious thing that you bring up. I want to just take a question from the listening audience just to let them participate and we'll get back to you in a minute. Can we have the caller on line one. Jim, are you there?
Jim Yes, Dr. Mazlen. I'm so happy to hear Mr. Scott and hear him bring these facts forward. I'll tell you why. I suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the last 12 years, a little bit longer. Well, I came, about 3 or 4 years into it after a lot of research and a lot of discussions with other sufferers who had also done a lot of in depth research that, indeed, I think that Mr. Scott is totally on track. If you look at the constellation and the percentage distribution of symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and compare those as Mr. Scott has very very rightly laid out, they compare almost identically, with a couple of exceptions, to Gulf War Syndrome and also with Lyme disease. I'll tell you why Lyme disease is important too. The government had a biological--and it was a restricted space biological research station out in Long Island sound off the coast of Connecticut...
Francis Well, I don't know if this is related, but sometimes I have heart problems and it hurts in the chest. Would that be in any way related?
Dr. Mazlen Donald, is that one of the symptoms?
Don Scott Yes, very much so because you see the brucellosis is capable of entering usually the left ventricle of the heart and in the left ventricle it will damage the cells of the left ventricle causing lesions and these lesions interrupt the rhythm of the heart and consequently the effectiveness of the heart. So, many people who are ultimately diagnosed with having CFIDS or fibromyalgia are initially looked at as possible cardiac victims. Well, they are cardiac victims because cardiac problems are part and parcel of the consequences of the enhanced brucellosis bacterial toxin.
Francis Is there anything I can do to prevent further damage?
Don Scott Yes, we think there is and we're continuing research in this area and over the next six months we're going to be embarking on a couple of programs with volunteers participating through their own general practitioner in a couple of things we think will be effective.
Dr. Mazlen Let me mention for your purposes and others who are listening that you can reach the author of this exciting book, Donald W. Scott at his fax number which is 705-670-0180, so for further questions stay in touch.
We're obviously are going to have to have another show with Donald Scott as our guest because we can't cover it all, but I want to ask Donald now a question he raised to me for some explanation which is why in a family does one person come down with a symptom such a Parkinson's and another sibling develop Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or fibromyalgia due to this proposed brucellosis active principle.
Don Scott Yes, doctor, I appreciate you raising that point for me because in our studies we have found that there will be several families, one member will have, as you say, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, another member will have Parkinson's disease and a third member might have arthritis or some related disease. And in our studies of these we have found that it appears very probable that the active agent is the same active agent but that the people who receive that active agent respond on the bases of different things. 1, there's a hormonal component. 2, there is a genetic component. And 3, there is an immune system component. So you might have brothers and sisters, the brother with Parkinson's disease, the sister with CFIDS. The one is responding in terms of his or her constellation of hormonal, genetic and immune system functioning as compared to the hormonal genetic and immune system functioning of the other. But the active agent is the same one and we have received hundreds of examples of this type of family constellation of degenerative diseases, each different disease apparently, but all evidently triggered by the same activation.
Dr. Mazlen Now, I have to interject and ask you if this also includes Alzheimer's? This is a very important point that you raised before.
Don Scott Yes, Alzheimer's is a critical one because we have found that the activation, when it begins its process of cell invasion and cell breakdown releasing the excess glutamate that is released into the blood stream and carving then the breakdown of the glial cells that manufacture the myelin sheath that are one of the characteristics of Alzheimer's. You have two things, the myelin sheath is destroyed, short-circuiting thought patterns and many, many brain cells are killed off resulting in the other symptoms of Alzheimer's.
Dr. Mazlen Well, that's very important. I want to thank Donald Scott. Donald has an M.A. and an M.S. degree. He's also President of the Common Cause Foundation and Adjunct Professor at the Institute for Molecular Medicine which is an organization which is headed by Dr. Garth Nicolson. You can reach him through the fax number 705-670-0180. We haven't even gotten to talk about treatment, we haven't even gotten to talk yet about the infectious aspect of it. Is it contagious?
Don Scott I say it is.
Dr. Mazlen OK, that aspect and other aspects such as treatment and treatment protocols we'll have to get back to. Donald is going to be on a tour discussing the topic of neurodegenerative diseases, their source, their characteristics and the hope for a cure. You can reach him by the fax number to get details.
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