Magnetic Fields
Decrease Seizure Frequency
In Some Patients

BOCA RATON, FL -- February 17, 2000 -- Jacobson Resonance Enterprises, Inc. reported the results of a double blind, pilot clinical study in epilepsy conducted at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center by principal investigator Kalarickal Oommen, M.D., director of epilepsy research and nationally recognized authority in the treatment and research of epilepsy seizures. The data indicated that treatment with the Jacobson Resonator, utilizing low-intensity and low-frequency magnetic fields, decreased seizure frequency in some patients with intractable partial complex epilepsy significantly and that this modality may be a useful adjunctive treatment in these patients and others.
Intractable partial complex epilepsy patients were enrolled in a pilot medical study in a non-randomized and double blind fashion. In the first phase of seven weeks, each patient received either magnetic treatment or no treatment for 40 minutes per treatment per week. In the second phase of seven weeks, the order was reversed for patients receiving no treatment or magnetic field treatment. It was found that 66 percent of the patients had a mean decrease in seizure frequency of 33 percent plus during the study.
Dr. Kalarickal Oommen stated, "The results are very encouraging when you compare it to the way anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) are approved by the FDA. The percentages for some of the recently marketed AEDs and the Vagus Nerve Stimulator were in the 17-25 percent range or under. I believe this is great news, particularly when you consider that patients were only treated once a week and non-invasively."
Dr. Jerry Jacobson, Chairman and CEO, stated, "The follow-up study will be double blinded and contain a greater population of patients who will be treated three times per week instead of only once a week. We are hopeful that the seizure reduction level will thus rise to 50 percent. We are moving quickly with I.R.B. approval for our next phase of the clinical trial and hope to request to the FDA 'expedited review' for approval next year.
The number of Americans who suffer from epilepsy is 2,500,000, and the incidence for 23 leading Eastern and Western European nations is 5,447,000. Approximately 10,500,000 people worldwide suffer from some form of epilepsy. The priority target market for the Jacobson Resonator would focus upon the 2.62 million people worldwide (about 25 percent) who suffer from epilepsy wherein their seizures resist control at present and are considered intractable. The total market in America alone for epilepsy is estimated at 12.5 billion dollars. In the course of the next five years, we may estimate the market share for JRSE could be 6-8 percent, certainly a potentially significant source of revenue to the company, adding value to the shareholders' position as well as representing a considerable contribution to raising the quality of life for individuals suffering from epilepsy."


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