Platform Shoes Claim
Another Life
TOKYO (Reuters) - The platform shoes which have become de rigueur for trendy young Japanese women claimed a second victim this week when the driver of a car was unable to hit the brakes because she was wearing a pair.
Japanese media said a passenger died in a car crash on Monday after the 25-year-old female office worker driving it could not brake because her 8-cm (three-inch) heels got in the way.
Earlier this year, a 25-year-old nursery-school teacher was found dead in her car after reportedly suffering a skull fracture after toppling over in her five-inch platform sandals earlier in the day.
The platform shoes -- often worn by artificially tanned teens sporting dyed silver-blonde hair, skimpy skirts and glittery eye shadow -- have been popular for a couple of years.
But with the soles of some shoes and boots reaching as high as 30 cm (12 inches), health experts have been warning against the possibility of painful injuries to ankles, feet and backs.