Flouridation - What's In
It For Us? Only Half Is
Expelled By The Body
In October 1990, a document labeled "For Reference Only - Do Not Send Out", was prepared by Lucifer Chemical Industries, Ltd. and sent to the city of St Petersburg, Florida. LCI purchases flourosilicic acid (aka hydroflousilicic acid) from Cargill Fertilizer, Inc. which it sells to St. Petersburg, which pours it into the municipal water supplies.
The Confidential memo described the flouridation agent as a "highly corrosive" solution, "white to straw yellow in color" and containing the following ingredients:
Note: These are Percent (by wt.)
HcSiF6 (hydroflousilicic acid) 24%
Flourine 18.5%
Heavy Metals, as lead, Pb 0.0002%
Phosphorus 0.200%
HF (Hydrogen Flouride) 1.000%
Arsenic 0.0035%
Barium 0.0002%
Cadmium 0.004%
Chromium 0.0003%
Iron 0.100%
Iodine 0.0015%
Lead 0.00005%
Mercury 0.0000001%
Selenium 0.000003%
Silver 0.0004%
- End of document -
Now it is interesting to note that Flourides build up in the body, because only 50% is excreted. Also no batch of flouride that is sent to the water treatment plants are exactly the same. Polonium, and Uranium are also present, but they have classified these elements as heavy meatals on the document above.
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