Almost All Vitamin
C Is Now From
Gentically-Modified Corn!
From Joseph Lemieux <>
Boycott Genetically-Engineered Vitamin C
Almost all vitamin C sold in this country is now being derived from Genetically Engineered (GE) Corn.
Soloray, Solgar, N.O.W., Schiff, Twin Labs, Country Life and Nature's Life all have acknowledged to me, that their Vitamin C is (all or partially) derived from GENETICALLY ENGINEERED CORN. None of these companies sell Vitamin C that is certified organic or labeled organic.
Let your local health food store and the vitamin companies know that this is not acceptable to you. Call your health food store and the vitamin companies listed below and let them know you will be boycotting their Vit. C products and that you demand that they source a non-GMO (genetically modified) form of ascorbic acid and that you want it in writing that they can guarantee their Vit. C is not derived from GE corn.
Soloray - 1 800 669-8877
Solgar - 1 800 645-2246
N.O.W.- 1 800 283-3500
Schiff - 1 800 374-8444
Twinlabs- 1 631 467-3140
Country Life- (unknown at this time)
Nature's Life- 1 800 854-6837
(or call your brand of Vit. C)
This is a segment of the natural supplement industry that many of us have put great faith in. Let them know how you feel and demand non-GMO derived Vitamin C!
Prepared by Joseph Lemieux, owner: Total Health Organic Foods Coop, Spring
Hill, FL and OCA Coordinator.
BioDemocracy and Organic Consumers Association
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