Water Purification Using
Clorox Bleach - New Information
From Red Cross
Information for anyone who responds to inquiries about water treatment after disasters:
The Red Cross National Headquarters has received inquiries from the public about the fact that the Clorox Company is introducing a new product, "Clorox Ultra", which increases the concentration of Sodium Hypochlorite from 5-1/4% to 6%, and adds Sodium Hydroxide to the mix, which has not been in Clorox before. I contacted the Clorox Company for an explanation. Their explanation follows.
Yes, it is true that Clorox is changing the concentration of its regular household laundry bleach from having a 5-1/4% concentration of Sodium Hypochlorite to 6%, and that they have added Sodium Hydroxide to the formula. They are doing this to reduce the size of the containers and in response to market research. They are introducing "Clorox Ultra" slowly across the country, starting in the West and Midwest. It will be on the East Coast by fall. They will completely eliminate offering the "old" Clorox bleach upon introduction of the "new" Clorox Ultra.
However, the Clorox representative stated that the new formula has been tested and is safe to use to treat water at home. The only reason why it has not been approved by the EPA for use is simply that the company has not completed that process yet. (It takes a long, long time for all that paperwork.)
The recommendation to use for water treatment remains the same:
1. Filter out/remove any solid impurities.
2. Add 16 drops of the bleach per gallon of water and stir. This is the same recommendation for either the 5-1/4% or 6% concentration.
3. Let stand 30 minutes.
4. If it smells slightly of chlorine, you can use it.
5. If it does not smell of chlorine, add another 16 drops and wait another 30 minutes.
6. If it still does not smell of chlorine after two doses, discard it and find other water.
If you have further questions or individuals who contact you with technical questions about Clorox Bleach that you can't answer, let me know, and I can give you the name/number of the Clorox representative to refer these people to.
Rocky Lopes Community Disaster Education American Red Cross National Headquarters

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