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Dear Anne-Marie,
I've asked you repeatedly where you did your research and you have refused to answer. There has always been a lot of industry propaganda on Now I understand why you refused to answer. You said you researched the article. You didn't. What you did was pick up the propaganda by the professional organizations funded by the manufacturer that admit the manufacturer writes their information, and then went directly to the NutraSweet site and posted their information.
So what you did was "no research", simply wrote a PR article for the manufacturer. NutraSweet (aspartame/Equal/Spoonful,etc.) is an adjuvant, it turns the body against itself, and destroys the immune system. As the Trocho Study proved, the formaldehyde from aspartame accumulates in the cells and damages DNA. In my opinion, aspartame is one of the biggest triggers of chronic fatigue syndrome. Because of polychemical sensitivity syndrome aspartame victims then become sensitized to other toxins. It is no different then multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome, and there is an MCS list, and these victims also suffer chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and the many other symptoms that aspartame victims suffer. The correlation is they are both poisoned by toxic poisons and that is what aspartame is.
So you have mislead by your PR article one of the very groups that suffer the most from aspartame. You've told them its just a myth while a renowned physician, H. J. Roberts, M.D., has declared Aspartame Disease, and has written a 900 page medical text on the world plague which is about to be published. You can be sure that chronic fatigue syndrome will be discussed at length.
The January 2001 issue of Townsend Letter for Doctors has been dedicated to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome and I recommend every Chronic Fatigue Syndrome victim read all 166 pages of the magazines because Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is written all the way through it. That's what happens when you are poisoned by a toxin, it destroys the immune system and you end up with Chronic Fatigue. So whether you're poisoned by aspartame or asbestos or some other toxin this is the fate so many receive. Dr. James Bowen wrote an article about polychemical sensitivity syndrome which was published in an international magazine under Global News. Here are just a few of his remarks:
"The Persian Gulf syndrome is largely polychemical sensitivity from the massive NutraSweet exposure experienced by our men in combat units in the Persian Gulf. The first investigative reports of the Persian Gulf Syndrome noted these facts, only to be followed by reports that these Persian Gulf victims obviously could not have polychemical sensitivity syndrome because such a thing doesn't exist, and nothing the medicine was doing for them was helping. Therefore, they must be chronically unhappy people who couldn't be made happy in any manner."
"This illustrates the highly significant feature of aspartame poisoning: that it is an extreme hypersensitization agent which is highly reactive with other chemicals, especially toxic ones - like the nerve gas and nitrogen mustard gas our troops were exposed to in the Gulf, when our government tried to destroy the stockpiles of these gases they had previously supplied to Saddam Hussein. This is a very poignant part of the NutraSweet issue, because those who had problems with NutraSweet will now experience recurrences of those same problems when exposed to even the most minute doses of various toxic agents."
"For example, the government studies of formaldehyde hypersensitivity performed many years ago showed that, once hypersensitized a person can then react to as little as a billionth of a gram of formaldehyde with a violet health problem of some kind. Back in l983, when NutraSweet was put on the market for (soda) pop, the allowable amount of formaldehyde in ambient air was 500 parts per billion. Our government has subsequently lowed that tolerance level to 50 parts per billion as an official government environmental standard."
"Yet, the government defends staunchly the marketing of aspartame, which as a formaldehyde poisoning is probably 500 times as potent as straight formaldehyde, causing aggravated formaldehyde poisoning in its victims. And yet the amount you would get from a can of pop greatly exceeds what you would get from inhaled air, even by the old, more lenient standard."
"The reason I feel it's so important to publish this information is that those who have been victimized by aspartame really don't have a good shot at enjoying the health they had before, unless they recognize the problem and know how to deal with it." James Bowen, M.D.
And you, Anne-Marie, wrote that aspartame disease was an urban myth. Do you even realize the seriousness of what you have done. Don't you know that industry lies and denies about the deadly symptoms and disability caused by toxins. Here it is from the publisher of Townsend Letter For Doctors, and this is one of the finest magazines in the US as related to health and found in medical libraries:
"Letter from the Publisher: This issue of the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients is a special and deserves to be read and reread as well as shared with your colleagues, academic friends and legislators. Chemical sensitivity has been mocked by all parties of industry, ignored by governments and ridiculed by disability doctors. It is egregious to have a condition which renders one useless to self and society but to be ignored, denigrated and despised by all agents of authority, is outrageous. The most common argument is that this condition is without any evidence of disease or pathology, hysterically construed by neurotic women and men who are unable to cope with life and must justify their pitiful existence with an external cause. Just like bad vapors in a previous century (malaria) and being possessed by devils (St. Vitus dance), chemical sensitivity is this century's neurosis ubiquitously supported by widespread use of chemicals." And it continues
So what do you do, you go to the very industry who has put a chemical toxin on the market and publish their propaganda in an article aimed at chronic fatigue syndrome victims, and aspartame is one of the major triggers of the problem as I see it from taking case histories on aspartame for years.
Remember the professional organizations are funded by industry to endorse their product and defend them. Front groups and web sites have been set up on the Internet to mislead the public. Look at Urban Legends and Quackwatch. This is where you'll find misleading information. Why Dr. Barrett of Quackwatch will even tell you there is no such thing as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome. I've seen that on his site. I've asked him time and time again who pays him to mislead the public. When I lectured for the World Environmental Conference and Nancy Markle published my post that made world news, changing the title and editing it, the propaganda mills went into action saying it was an urban legend, a hoax, don't believe it. That's why I allowed my name to be added to the post so industry couldn't get away with the lie, and that's why there is and that has my invitation to speak and correspondence with Dr. Gaylord of the EPA who gave the keynote address confirming what she said and what I said. That's why there is physician information on this page confirming the problems mentioned in the post.
You can separate the truth speakers from the liars very easily because with confirming information that it is the truth those who really wanted the facts noted the facts and spread the real facts forward. Those like the professional organizations who are paid to endorse and defend industry keep the misinformation on their web sites even with confirmation of the truth - like the MS Foundation that you quoted. I put in the forum my rebuttal to the MS doctor's letter since he was writing about my post, and yet the host of the forum removed it. Therefore, people who had read his letter from your article couldn't get the truth of the matter which gave information on where to find the facts.
Even if you did all this in ignorance, you were given the web site with the real facts, the Board of Inquiry report of the FDA admitting that aspartame has never been proven safe and should not be approved, the FDA audit, Bressler Report, showing it is not safe, the damning CDC investigation requesting neurological studies, and even the protest of the National Soft Drink Association showing they knew how dangerous it was before they put it in pop, not to mention congressional records and a river of information from world experts on the subject of aspartame. Yet, you refused to retract the article.
You have two choices. (1) If you care about the lives of chronic fatigue syndrome victims and want them to have the truth about aspartame, you will retract the article and tell them aspartame is no hoax because what it is, is one of the triggers of their disease. Allow them to see the documents on Or (2) If you don't care about their lives, and have too much pride to say you were wrong, you won't retract it. In which case you could stumble many. Read on and you will see we found where you did your so-called research.
Betty Martini, Mission Possible International 770 242-2599 Aspartame Toxicity Center -
X-Authentication-Warning: mgold owned process doing -bs Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 20:45:25 -0500 (EST) From: Mark Gold < To: Subject: NutraSweet PR article by Anne-Marie Vidal
I was wondering why the text in Anne-Marie Vidal's article on aspartame sounded so familiar. Some of it was apparently copied directly from the NutraSweet web site (without quotes!) or paraphrazed from that site. While she has every right to believe NutraSweet's provably-inaccurate fairly tales, it is particularly troubling that she would claim the article is "not in defense of NutraSweet...." and then copy directly from their web page article written in defense of NutraSweet.
For example:
Anne-Marie's article (copying and paraphrasing NutraSweet's web page)
"Small amounts of methanol are produced when aspartame--as well as many fruits, vegetables, and juices--are digested. Methanol is part of a normal diet, and the body can easily metabolize small amounts. There are healthy foods that provide several times more methanol than do aspartame-sweetened foods: a glass of tomato juice may contain six times the amount of methanol in a glass of diet cola."
NutraSweet's web page (of fairy tales)
"Small amounts of methanol are produced when aspartame and many fruits, vegetables and juices are digested. Methanol is part of a normal diet, and the body can easily metabolize small amounts. Many foods provide several times more methanol than do aspartame-sweetened foods. For instance, a cup of tomato juice provides about six times more methanol than a cup of an aspartame-sweetened soft drink."
Accurate information about aspartame and methanol
Anne-Marie's article (paraphrasing NutraSweet's web page)
"Perhaps the confusion stems from the fact that consuming great quantities of aspartame causes aspartic acid-an amino acid that makes up aspartame-to reach high levels in the blood. Critics claim that these high levels of aspartic acid over-stimulate the brain, causing death to the effected cells. Research shows that this is not possible."
NutraSweet's web page
"The faulty premise behind these allegations is that consuming large amounts of aspartame causes aspartic acid (one of the amino acids that makes up aspartame) to reach high levels in the blood. Critics claim that these high levels of aspartic acid circulate to the brain and kill nerve cells (neurons) by over-stimulating them. "Carefully conducted scientific research with aspartame shows that this is not possible."
Accurate (albeit somewhat old) information about aspartame and aspartic acid -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Anne-Marie's web page
"Anyone with the rare inherited disease Phenylketonuria (PKU) must keep tabs on the phenylalanine they consume from all sources in the diet, since people with PKU cannot properly metabolize phenylalanine. However, because U.S. law requires routine screening of newborns for PKU, the potential hazard posed by aspartame can be identified early. About one in 15,000 babies born in the US have PKU. These patients must avoid aspartame and eat a low fat healthy diet."
NutraSweet's web page
"People with the rare inherited disease PKU must keep tabs on the phenylalanine they consume from all sources in the diet."
"Phenylketonuria -- or PKU -- is a rare inherited disease in which individuals cannot properly metabolize the amino acid phenylalanine. Routine screening of newborns for PKU is required by law in the US and many other countries. In the US, about one in 15,000 babies are born with PKU."
I think there should be a disclaimer on articles for the general public
when the writer is copying directly from the web page of the manufacturer!
Best Wishes,
Mark Gold
Aspartame Toxicity Information Center
12 East Side Dr., #2-18
Concord, NH 03301

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