One Third Of Japanese
Suffer Serious Chronic Fatigue

TOKYO (Reuters) - More than one in three Japanese suffer from chronic fatigue so severe that many are forced to skip work or school, the Health Ministry said at the weekend.
A national survey of 3,015 people aged between 15 and 65, conducted by the Health Ministry, showed 36 percent of the respondents had suffered from fatigue for at least six months.
The number of men and women experiencing fatigue for six months or longer was about equal, said the survey, issued by Kyodo news agency.
Nearly half the 1,078 chronic sufferers, or 17 percent of the people surveyed, indicated that they had taken days off from work or school due to fatigue, it said.
``I am surprised at the extremely large number of people complaining of fatigue,'' Kyodo quoted Teruo Kitani, head of the ministry's research team, as saying.
``Japanese people apparently show high levels of fatigue compared with respondents in similar studies from abroad.''
Some attributed their fatigue to overwork, although many said they could think of no reason for their exhaustion.


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