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Daily Fare - Select breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack from among more than 150 foods and dishes. Or just pick a peach or an apple. You'll be amazed at how many pesticides you eat in the course of the day. <
Kids Menu - Find out which pesticides are in foods children commonly eat - including processed baby foods. And check to see if your child's diet exceeded government safety standards for pesticides that harm the nervous system. <
Fruit Salad Roulette: Mix a bowl full from more than 20 fruits and find out how many pesticides you ate. <
EWG Supermarket: Pop in for a few items or wander the aisles and fill your shopping cart - from pastas to veggies to seafood. We'll tell you which pesticides you brought home in your grocery bags, and what the health risks are. <
It will only take you one minuteto help make the food supply safer once you've learned how many pesticides are in your favorite foods.
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