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'Smart' Foods Promise More Than Good Nutrition
Eating Sugar Said To Speed The Aging Process
Peanut Carcinogens Cost Farmers $10 Million Year - Bioweapon Potential
Recurring Bladder Infections Can Result From One Lingering Infection
A Good Dose Of Chocolate Stimulates The Immune System
Food Poisoning Said 'Massively Underestimated' In England
Smoking Could Kill 1/3rd of Chinese Men - Kills 1/2 Of All Smokers
'ADD' Diagnosis And Proper Treatment Remain Unknown - New Report
Young Students' Heavy Backpacks Lead To Spinal Injuries
Link Found Between Well-Done Meat And Breast Cancer
15 Million Americans Said Infected With TB - Most Are 'Inactive'
Strange New World - Lab Mice Used To 'Incubate' Human Eggs
Cell Phones May Affect Brain Activity
More And More TB Cases Becoming Drug Resistant

Scientific Facts On The Biological Effects Of Fluorides
Depressed Mothers Often Blame Their Problem Children
Cats Carry Dangerous Virus That Causes Acute Depression In Humans
Reovirus Targets And Kills Cancer Cells Only
Common Cytomegalovirus May Be Key Factor In Heart Attacks
Nutty Diet Dramatically Cuts Rate Of Heart Disease
Researchers Find Possible Infectious Bacterial Cause Of Alzheimer's
Popular Herbal Supplement Echinacea Does Little For Common Cold - JAMA
Household Antibacterial Soaps May Be Creating Superbugs
Some Times/Days/Seasons Are Riskier Than Others For Heart Attacks
Sex Hormones Profoundly Affect Brains Of Young And Old
Americans Now Spending $27 Billion On Alternative Remedies
Cell Phones Linked Directly To Cancer - Again
Gene Therapy Helps Heart Patients Grow Their Own Bypasses
4 Million Often Hidden US Hep C Cases Raising Great Fears
Hep B Vaccine Linked Directly To Autoimmune Rheumatoid Diseases
Science FACTS On The Biological Effects Of Mercury Amalgam Fillings

Scientists Now Seriously Studying Magnet Therapy
Canadian Liver Specialists Can't Cope With Exploding Hep-C Cases
US Doctors Group Recommends Another New Vaccine For Infants!
Half-Million Pounds of Beef Recalled - E. Coli Contamination Suspected
Unpasteurized Orange Juice Can Carry Salmonella
Restaurant Meats Ten Times Higher In Suspected Carcinogens
Meat And Milk Firmly Linked To Prostate Cancer Deaths
The Milkstache Termed 'A Dangerous Vogue'
Body's Own Natural Immunity To Cancer Now Understood
Lack Of Adequate School Playtime Fingered As Factor In ADHD
Russian MDR TB Crisis Out of Control - 'Ebola With Wings'
The Great Margarine Hoax - The Deadly Truth About Dietary Oils
Ritalin Claimed To Help ADD/ADHD Children Better Than Therapy Study Says
How To Eat Sweets And Not Become Diabetic - The True Scoop On Sugar
Calcium Sources - A Complete List Of Where To Get It
Party Drug Ecstasy Said To Cause Measurable Brain Damage
Cancer Drug Helps Spine-Damaged Mice Recover Use of Limbs
Therapeutic Touch Eases Arthritis Pain - Improves General Patient Health
Vaccines Are NOT Mandatory - Exemption Form Included Here

Phages: Bacteria-Killing Viruses May Fight For Humankind Again
Why Are US Children Being Forced To Take Hep B Vaccine?
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Triggered By Strep Throat Infection
Group Aims To Take Soft Drinks Out of Schools
Researchers Discover Herpes Virus in MS Patients
Cemetery Corpses Pollute Adjacent Water Supplies
Smoking Set to Become World's Leading Killer
Obesity Is An Epidemic - Among Children, Too
Fast Food Is A Recipe For Cancer - Especially With Children
ALERT - Fluoride Facts 'Toxic Secrets: Fluoride And The Manhattan Project'
Chicken And Fish No Less Likely To Cause Colon Cancer Than Red Meat
Warning - Cell Phones Now Said To Damage Immune System
Aspartame Now Being Added To Regular AND Diet Drinks Everywhere
Global Cancer Explosion Expected By WHO

Frog Skin Found To Be Potent Bacteria Fighter
The 3 Primary Types Of Hepatitis Infections - Warnings Due For Carriers
ALERT - All Americans Who Took Fen-Phen Urged to Get Checkups
Blue-Eyed People Said More At Risk Of Blindness
FDA Approves Laser-Powered Water Drill For Teeth
Rife's Magnificent Technology Fights Cancer To Colds Says Vancouver Company
Pesticides Are Far Worse Than Previously Realized
Fat Being Put Back In Food As Consumers Demand Taste
Major US Prion Study Begun - 175,000 BSE Cases In England To Date
Why Cranberries Help Prevent Urinary Infections
Human Touch Makes A Big Difference In Back Care
Osteoporosis - Bones Of Contention
Experts Sound Alarm On Rapidly Increasing Alzheimer's Epidemic
Patients With Migraine Often Go Without Treatment
Should Doctors Always Tell Their Patients The Full Truth?

Report Shows Hormone To Make Cows Produce More Milk Should Be Banned
Fat Wars - Life Goes Better With Butter
25% Of All Vegetables Eaten By Americans Are....French Fries
Scientists Isolate Immune System Master 'On-Off Switch'
Fat Being Put Back In Food As Consumers Demand Taste
Alaska May Mandate Measles Vaccinations For 80,000 Children
TB Killing Lions 'Like Flies' - Entire Population At Risk
The Dangers of Hypertension - The Silent Killer
MTM Gas Additive Now Showing Up In Drinking Water & Public Lakes

There Is No Evidence Primary Grade Homework Is Beneficial
Canadian Scientists 'Forced To Approve Drugs Not Safe For Human Consumption'
Medical Journal Calls for Better Testing of Herbal Treatments
Drug-Resistant TB Crisis In Russia Will Spread Around World Doctors Say
CDC Validates Gulf War Illness - Mild To Moderate Illness In 39% GW Vets
Researcher Sees 4.5 Times Increased Prostate Cancer Risk From DHEA Use
More Than 100 New Drugs Coming To Fight New Resistant Infections
Aspartame And Diet Drinks - Contributors To GWI And Other Illnesses
Hideous Tobacco Company Efforts To Addict People To Cigarettes Revealed
Tainted Products in US Food Supply Come From Variety of Sources
Low Fat Diet Reverses Diabetes - At Least in Mice
Gender Engineering Draws Criticism From Researchers
U.S. Alzheimer's Cases To Triple, Study Shows
Fluoride Truth - The Toxic Facts Of The Matter

Drugs In Our Water
Panic Buying Empties Shelves in Russian Shops
Lasers Fired In John Kennedy Murder Reenactment
Sudan's Bashir Says US Dominated By 'Zionists'
European Nations Consider Threat Of Epidemics From Resistant Bacteria
The Bra Comes Under Further Assault - Time To Burn Them?
Concerns Mount Over Viagra's Role in Health Problems
Use of Household Bleach Could Help Prevent Food Poisoning
The Zombie in Us All - Struggle Between The Conscious & The Unconscious
Tryptophan Supplement May Again Carry Deadly Contamination
The Modern Face And Risks Of The Plague

Soy It Isn't So - The Problems With Using Soy Bean Foods
The Incredible Overuse of Antibiotics
Scientists Suffer Major Setback In Hunt For 1918 Killer Flu
The Fattening Of Humanity - Obesity Now Termed A Global Pandemic
Damaging UVA Rays Go Unchecked By Most Sunblocks
Scientists Create New Bacteria Resistant To Anti-Bacterial Soaps
Drugs That Mimic Exercise May be Possible Some Day
Health Officials Urged to Destroy Smallpox Stocks Immediately
America's Children Using More Drugs Than Ever
TV News Is Scaring And Damaging American Children
Disfiguring Facial Disease Blamed On Chemicals In Carbonated Drinks
Health Officials Lament Appalling Teen Sex And Health Practices
FDA Permits Much Less Prominent Food Irradiation Labels
Pfiesteria Found In East Coast Fish Now Linked to Memory Disorder

Don't Trust Your Eyes - Use A Thermometer On That Hamburger
Doctors Ripped For Misprescribing Antibiotics
New Health Scare Over Milk Bacteria And Crohn's Disease
Experiment Fuels Genetically Modified Food Concerns
Lethal Brazilian Flesh Eating Screwworms And Flesh Eating Strep
Researchers Discover Aspirin Can Block Plants' Alert Signals
Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Could Have Heart Benefits
Corporate Funding Taints And Biases Medical Studies
Americans Living Longer Than Ever - Poor Lag Behind The Curve
New Cloning Technique Might Cure Cancer And Grow Organs
A Pill For Shyness! - Move Over Ritalin/Prozac - Here Comes Seroxat
Salmonella Multi-Drug Resistant Superbug on the Rise
Peers And Society Pressure Spur Teen Sex More than Hormones
Clinton Preparing To Give Medical I.D. to Every American

Building Kids' Esteem May Backfire Into Narcissism & Violence
The New Wave of Natural Herbs - Medicine or Menace?
New Cell Phone Brain Scare - Memory Loss & Confusion Found In Rats
Thousands Possibly Infected With Hep-C From Blood Transfusions
Warning Labels Coming to Your Roadside Juice Stand
Anthrax Vaccine Lab Sale To Company Leb By Former JCS Chairman
Phone Users Going Wireless - Cell Phone Use Exploding
Are Herbal Remedies Good for Kids?
Cancer Cases Soar In Southern Iraq Since Gulf War
US TV Exposing Young Children 5-11 To Increasing Violence
NY City Now Monitoring ER Patients For Signs Of BioChem Attack
Its Official - NIH Panel Says EMFs And Power Lines May Cause Cancer
Dirty Public Pool Spreads Deadly E.coli To Six Small Children
Why Blue Green Algae Makes Me Tired
Scientists Say Cell Phones Make Blood Pressure Rise
Dr. Spock's Last Book - No Dairy Products After Age 2 - "Meat Harmful"
FDA Trying To Force Texas Company To Burn Its Books On Stevia

Ritalin Abuse In Schools Beginning To Be Documented
Millions Of Americans Get Unneeded Heart Procedures
House Bills Will Validate GWI & Protect Soldiers' Health Rights
The Fluoridation Fiasco - Poison In Your Water
Toilet Seats Far Cleaner Than Chopping Boards And Dishcloths
Complete Tuberculosis 4,000 Gene Sequence Code Cracked
Lobster Industry On Edge Of Collapse - Overfishing & Sewage Blamed
Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills
Impotence May Be Sign Of Heart Disease
It's Official - Obesity Causes Heart Disease
Massachusetts To Require School/Day Care Chicken Pox Vaccine
Hooked On The Internet - True Addiction Or Simple Mania?
Drug Resistant TB Widespread & Growing Globally Study Finds
Eggs Make Nearly 900,000 Americans Sick Each Year
Japan Should Reject Poisonous Anglo-American Quack Remedies

Americans Continue Packing On The Fat: 54% Overweight - 22% Obese
Natural Bacterial Pesticide Turns Nasty In People
Over One Million Young Women Die Of TB Each Year
Increased Rain Perfect For Cryptosporidium & Waterborne Diseases
Germs Becoming Drug-Resistant Earlier Due To Farm Antibiotics
Update On Anthrax 'Cures', Exposure, & Vaccine Effectivity
15 Drugs & Chemicals Newly Listed As Known Or Likely Carcinogens
So-Called 'Alternative' Medicine Now Used By 40% Of Americans
FDA Yields - Will Revise New National Organic Food Standards
Eli Lilly Company Denies Prozac Caused Oregon HS Shooting
Why You Need MORE Clean Pure Water Everyday
Sick Schools Make Sick Children - Is Your School Sick?
The Salk Polio Vaccine - Catastrophe Of Cancer And Death
Superbugs Increasing Rapidly - Cost US $5 Billion A Year
RGBH Produced Milk - Cancer From Your Dairy Products?
New Genetic Tool For Breast Cancer Announced

New Drugs Totally Vanquish All Cancer In Lab Mice - Humans Next?
Alzheimers News Is Smoking Gun Pointed At FDA
Antibiotic-Resistant Salmonella Found In US
Mars Microbes Worry NASA & World Health Officials
British Scientists Develop Vaccine Against Tooth Decay
Vital Information About Ritalin And the Ritalin Movementa
Researchers Learn Why Anthrax Kill - Neutralizing Protein Sought
Study - Some Bacteria Turned "superbugs" BEFORE Antibiotics
Breakthrough May End Need of Antibiotics For Superbugs

TV Violence Soaring - 60% Of Programs Are Violent
Teen and Pre-Teen Murder In U.S. - More On The Way
Ritalin 'Cocaine Properties' May Lead To Later Drug Abuse
Researchers Discover How Ulcer Bacteria Becomes Antibiotic-Resistant
FDA To Propose US Fruit Juice Safeguards
High Fat Breakfasts Linked to Heart Attacks
Reporters Fired For Telling The Truth About RGBH Milk Hormone
Girl May Be First To Grow Artificial Ear
Horror Stories From Virginia Mental Hospitals
Big Money Push For Food Irradiation Gathers Momentum
Human - Animal Feces Seen as Main Risk to US Produce
Outbreak Of Bubonic Plague In Southern California Feared

Sarin Nerve Agent Bombs Being Cleanly Destroyed In Utah
Drug Reactions Major Cause Of U.S. Hospital Death
More Deadly Superbugs On The Way Disease Experts Say
Bird Flu Could Return At Any Time
Super Resistant Bacteria Linked To Antibiotics In Cattle Feed
16 U.S. Gulf Troops REFUSE Anthrax Shots
Americans Plagued By Anxiety Disorders
Magnets Used Successfully To Regenerate Cartilage
USDA Hiding Meat-Poultry Plants' Salmonella Results
Thousands Die Not Realizing They Are Having A Heart Attack
Study Links Uncooked Hamburgers To Food Poisoning
Pesticides Again Termed Major Threat To Children

Woman's Botched Lab Report Proves Disasterous
Eleven Years Of TV Watching In A 72 Year Lifetime!
Americans Hurting Themselves With Lack of Sleep
New Blood Vessels Grown In Humans Hearts
Millions Could Be Included In Mercury Fillings Lawsuit
Brazil Battles Severe Dengue Fever Outbreak In Rio
Americans Fatter Than Ever And Still Smoking
American Anthrax Vaccine Can Be Defeated
271 Million Pounds Of Toxic Waste Used As Farm Fertilizer!
Top Disease Control Expert Urges - Prepare Now for Bioterrorism
British Anthrax Alert Was On Duty-Free Spirits
Britain On High Alert After Anthrax Warning
New Dilemna - Pharmaceuticals Are Now Turning Up In Drinking Water
Mandatory Anthrax Vaccines Underway In the Persian Gulf

WHO Warns of Massive Worldwide Tuberculosis Epidemic
British Gulf War Vets Continue Dying
Vitamin E Found To Reduce Prostate And Lung Cancer
Acupuncture Can Work But Is Not Totally Safe
Who's Who In The Poison "Industry"
CDC's New Infection Prevention Campaign - Wash Your Hands!
British Warn Of Danger Of Feeding Antibiotics To Cattle

Hospital Infections And Drug Resistance Way Up In U.S.
U.S. Health Officials To Track Down Millions Hep C Infected
Hepatitis C - 4 Million In U.S. Admitted Infected
Sad Truth About U.S. Military Anthrax Vaccine
HDTV Broadcast Signals Overwhelm Heart Monitors
New Link Between Nutrition and Nomelanoma Skin Cancers
Vaccine In A French Fry? Researcher Thinks So
The Real Jack Kevorkian: Take A Number, Darling..
Second Meningitis Death In RI - Fears Build
Antibiotic-Resistant Strain of Staph Bacteria Spreading
Most Chickens Contaminated With BAD Bacteria
Human Guinea Pigs to Test Mobile Phone Risks
New Genetically Altered Russian Anthrax May Elude Vaccine
Workers Have Bird Flu Antibodies

Leukemia Crisis In Iraq
Human Papilloma Virus- 30-75% Sexually Active Infected
No Threat From Tainted Polio Vaccine?
Fears Of Mutant Virus Mount As Fever Kills Hundreds
FDA Orders Pentagon To Follow FDA Vaccine Rules
Scientists Extend The Life Span Of Human Cells
Big Warning About Animal-To-Human Transplants
CDC Says Bird Flu Virus Is Stable
Pentagon Wants To Give Unproven Vaccines To Public
British Scientists Demand Cell Phone Warnings

Scientist Set To Clone Babies For Infertile Couples
Flu Rolls On In U.S...Hospitals Maxed Out
New Call For Electro-Medicine Research
WWI Soldier's Lung Yields 1918 Flu Virus
Airline Cabin Germ Transmission Prompts New Controls
Unstoppable Staph Germ Now In The U.S.
Oats Said Alternative To Wheat Gluten
Cell "Mistake" Can Trigger Aging
Anthrax Suspected In Deaths Of At Least 143 In Africa
Dr. Len Horowitz On Anthrax Vaccine: Cure Or Conspiracy?
Mycoplasma = GWI, CFIDS, ICL, Epstein-Barr, & More
Japanese Cartoon Triggers Seizures

Outraged Japanese Mothers Demand Cartoon Controls
Animal Organ (And Disease!) Transplants Coming
Monkey Pox On A Roll In The Congo
How To Win An Arguement With A Meat Eater
Nuclear Irradiation Of Meat Approved
What Ever Happened to Wheat Mountain?
Drug Resistant Staph Causing Big Fears
Important! Trains, Grains, Bugs, Brains, and Y2K!
Some Doctors Warning Against Flu Shots
Newest Treatments For GWI, CFS, And Fibromyalgia
Blue Green Algae And Spirulina Block B-12?

Multi-Drug Resistant TB Spreading Rapidly
Hospital and Doctor Caused Infection Rampant
Ladybugs Dying To Warn Us
Deadly Pesticide Circle Of Poison
New Study: Diesel Fumes Most Carcinogenic Of All
Congress/FDA Move Against Vitamins And Herbs
How To Legally Avoid Vaccinations
British Vets and Families Also Have Gulf War Syndrome
Cloning Embryonic Nightmare
Stunning New Cancer Cure Being Suppressed
Immune System Defenseless Against New Hong Kong Flu
Rocketdyne Radiation And Cancer Deaths Linked
New Strain TB Found: Multiplies 1,000 Times Faster
New Bugs Suspected In Fatal Illnesses

Emerging Killer Viruses
Leukemia Lurking in Your Hamburgers
Polio Researcher Confirms Monkey-Virus Contamination
Cases Of Flesh-Eating Strep On the Rise
Super Resistant Bacteria in U.S.
Radioactive & Toxic Chemicals Now Farm Fertilizer!
Benzine In Unleaded Gas Is A Killer
Top Scientists Blast New EMF Study
Radioactive Waste Transmuted For Pennies!
EMFs And Breast Cancer Linked
Dentist Assn Blasts Fluoride As Carcinogen
Aspartame Threat Increasing

Cell Phone Cancer Connection
Food Slander is Now A Crime
Chemicals, VDT's Affect Fertility
Cell Phone Radiation Danger
Aspartame & Nutrasweet Dangers
Pharma Printing - Plan to Control Herbs
UN-CODEX Vitamin/Herb Takeover
Royal Rife - Perspectives
Rife Cancer Treatment
Ozone Therapy
Power Lines
Pet Food Horrors
How Pets Can Make You Sick
CODEX Threat

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