Stunning New Cancer Cure
Being Suppressed
New Cancer Cure Under Attack By Big Medicine
Submitted by Dr. Byron Weeks
Hi everybody, As you know, I've been spending a lot of time with mom in and out of the hospital now. The doctors have sent her home to die, but not before they carry out their intentions for more torture with chemotherapy and radiation and all the tests. I was praying for a miracle when somebody called me about a potential cure being held back from the public. I've been doing some research on cancer and a cure that was reported about in Penthouse Magazine. (Yup, Bob Guccione's girlie book). Well, as The Good Lord taught us (and Mother Theresa spent her life emulating), every life has value and this just may be one the biggest contributions by a guy who, for the most part, is despised by many.
I called the magazine on the advice of a friend, and they were the warmest, loveliest people I have spoken to in most professions. They went out of their way to send me (free) all the material relating to Hydrazine Sulfate and the magazine, too...overnight express...they paid. Guccione's wife took it and bought some time years ago when they told her to go home and die from her cancer.
What I have found out, you won't believe. An American doctor (Dr. Gold) developed this drug, and our government, doctors, and even The American Cancer Society has done everything in its power to block this drug from getting to the public. Why? Because the drug costs approximately $3.00 per day and would put them out of business. This drug has also helped AIDS patients..and is given freely in Russia where many cures are reported from terminal cancer ("roughly half of all the patients who have received it").
This is a major scandal! "...research documentation is being presented to appropriate Committees in Congress, where a full, public investigation is being considered." I have been reading testimonials of people who were told to go home and die (or subject themselves to the horrors of chemotherapy and radiation), only to live and thrive on this drug, along with a simple diet and the admonitions to stay away from convential treatments. Also included in the package sent to me are articles on "Medical Genocide" that hopefully will soon come to light with the
Each and every one of us either suffers, or knows and loves someone who will die from this disease, who didn't necessarily have to. My research was the easy the hard part..convincing my mom to try this. Then the biggest obstacle, getting her Oncologist to write the prescription. I have the name of a doctor who will write the prescription, but I would have to convince Mom to take the chance and switch doctors..yet another hurdle.
The American Cancer Institute "tested" the drug on some patients, but neglected to omit chemo and gave them other drugs that adversely interact with this treatment. They ACI is now being sued in a class action suit by patients they supposedly "helped".
I would like to quote one of the articles " you can bet that when Mrs. Onassis came down with lymphoma, she received the best doctoring money can buy. That means she most surely would not have been given hydrazine sulfate..and a chance to live." This drug was developed 14 years ago..think of how many people have suffered and died when they could have had a chance to live.
There are 2 websites (which I have not yet visited), but I will pass this on to you..please pass this letter to whomever who wish and know is suffering from this may just save their lives. My birthday is Saturday and my wish is for mom to "go for it". It breaks my heart to see her giving all her stuff away, so bitter so angry. Please pray for all of us.

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