Britain On High Alert
After Anthrax Warning
The British Government has issued a warning to all sea and air ports about a possible threat by Iraq to try to bring the deadly poison, anthrax, into the country disguised as duty-free goods.
The government said it had no evidence that the plot was implemented, simply that a threat had been made.
A Home Office Minister, Michael O'Brien, said Britain was one of a number of countries that had received intelligence that Iraq might act against them.
The all-ports warning, approved by the Prime Minister Tony Blair follows a reported threat by the Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein, to flood Britain with the toxin disguised inside bottles of spirits, cosmetics, cigarette lighters and perfume sprays.
The US and Britain's other Nato partners have received the same threat - that anthrax attacks would be carried out if there was any military action against Iraq.
The ports warning in Britain was issued on March 18, after UN Secretary General Kofi Annan had visited Baghdad and apparently brokered a peace deal with Iraq.

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