Congress/FDA Move Against Vitamins And Herbs
From the Life Extension Foundation
Anyone wanting more information can request it by calling
1-800-544-4440 and asking for the political packet.
"Dear Health Freedom Fighter: We have grim news. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has launched an international conspiracy against alternative medicine that threatens to destroy our health freedom.
"The governments of France, England, Germany, Canada and the United States are planning to restrict the availability of every dietary supplement not "approved" by a new multi-national government "committee" (CODEX). They are also conspiring to keep Americans from obtaining lifesaving medicines from other countries. It may soon become impossible to obtain unapproved medicines from abroad, and illegal to disseminate information about natural therapies that is not "approved" by the FDA..
"This posting on our website is to alert you to this impending crisis, and to suggest specific actions you should take to preclude corrupt bureaucrats from taking away your health freedom.
"The Foundation's battle plan is simple. We have networked with millions of Americans who know the truth about the FDA...that it functions solely to protect the financial interests of the medical establishment. The FDA has been severely beaten in the past, and will go down in flames again as soon as Americans band together to fight this new threat to health freedom.
"By organizing this protest, the leaders of The Foundation are again putting their personal freedom on the line to defend your right to choose. We are asking you to take the time to contact your congressional representatives and the FDA. We have provided two letters to send to your representatives, and a Freedom of Information Act request to send to the FDA to force them to account to you for their outrageous conduct.
"Everything you need to know is included on this webpage: Please read what the FDA has in store for you, and protest their actions to every office listed below.
"Human inertia allows governments to trample on individual liberties. Please fight back against the FDA's efforts to gain totalitarian control over your health.
"The threat to our healthcare freedom will become very real if we don't act quickly.
For longer life, William Faloon
A Brief Summary:
1) On August 18, 1997, the FDA issued an internal memo stating that:"Health fraud has been defined by the agency as the promotion of unproven medical products". According to this definition, the FDA can censor or shut down every alternative healthcare publication and radio and TV show in the United States, as well as many maintream publications and shows.
2) In early September 1997, the FDA convinced British authorities to raid companies shipping European medications to Americans for personal use. Millions of dollars worth of medicines were seized, and the British authorities have threatened to shut down every company that ships European medications to Americans.
The FDA's use of the police in other countries to deny Americans access to alternative therapies may soon spread to Germany, where pharmaceutical ginkgo, DHEA, and melatonin are produced. If the FDA puts pressure on the Japanese government, shipments of co-enzyme Q10, green tea extract, and a host of other Asian herbal extracts could be halted.
3) In Britain, the government is moving to turn supplements that contain more than 10 mg of vitamin B6 into prescription "drugs". The French are debating about how much vitamin C can be contained in a tablet before it becomes a "drug". In Norway it is already illegal to sell more than 200 mg of vitamin C without a prescription! In Germany, selenium is considered a toxin and is difficult to obtain anywhere in the country. The Canadians have banned chromium, melatonin, DHEA and a host of high potency nutrient formulas.
A bill has passed in the Senate by a 98-to-2 margin that would harmonize regulations in the United States to reflect those of countries where dietary supplements have all but been banned. If this bill becomes law, many dietary supplements will be removed from the market place. This bill is now in the House of Representatives. We urge every American who cherishes their health freedom to protest vigorously
What You Should Do
1) Call the U.S. Capital Switchboard (1-800-972-3524) to be connected to your Senators and Congressional representatives. Ask them for their fax numbers as well as their e-mail addresses. Address them as follows: The Honorable (Your Senators Name) United States Senate, Washington DC, 20510; The Honorable (Your Congressional Rep's name) United States House of Representatives, Washington DC 20510.
2) Send a copy of this letter to President Clinton at the White House: The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington DC, 20500 White House comments line: 202-456-1111 White House fax line: 202 395-1232 White House email address:
3) File the enclosed Freedom of Information Act request by faxing and/or mailing it to: Food & Drug Administration 5600 Fishers Lane Rockville, MD 20857 FAX: 301-443-1726 FAX: 301-443-6591 FAX: 301-443-6463 FAX: 301 594-0413
If you do not get a response within 14 business days, call the following phone number or send a fax to the following numbers to demand a response. The Freedom of Information Act mandates that the government must respond within 10 days to all requests: Commissioner's Office: 301-827-2410, FAX 301-443-6591 Office of Consumer Affairs: 800-532-4440 Associate Commissioner for Consumer Affairs: 301-443-5006 Deputy Associate Commissioner: 301-443-5006 Office of Regulatory Affairs: 301-827-3101, FAX 301-443-6591
4) Photocopy and then mail, e-mail, or fax these letters to everyone you know who believes that Americans should have free speech and health freedom. Download form letters at The Foundation website: Just click on "Freedom In Healthcare."

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