Some Doctors Now Warning AGAINST Dangerous Flu Shots
From Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Forwarded News Item
More physicians are breaking ranks with the Centers for Disease Control, advising their patients against the routine use of experimental vaccines, including or especially the "flu shots" given every fall and winter, which are blatently promoted on the television and newspapers without a hint of criticism. Here is a paragraph from one such physician, privately circulated to his patients. The name has been withheld to protect this physician from the possibility that the email posting might get back to his/her medical licensing board, or to the FDA, which might exact a retribution.
"...the government is making a giant push encouraging flu shots. My recommendation is definitely not to get one. I have friends who are at the top of the vaccine field; they report that these are called 'sloppy vaccines' within that specialty. They are made from outdated viruses which are ground up into purely random proteins and then injected. The problem is that random proteins can randomly cross-react with the body's own tissues; flu shots have a low chance of preventing the flu and a random chance of causing chronic auto-immune disease! ...they are inadvisable on strictly medical grounds."

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