Mandatory Anthrax Vaccines
Underway In the Persian Gulf
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I'm a Civil Servant stationed at Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. We've had alot of stressful times lately, but the most having to do with the way the military has been handling the 'mandatory anthrax vaccines'. I am one of about three civilians (federal government) who work side-by-side with the military, so I'm thrown into the argument as well.
They stressed that there would be Bad Conduct Discharges (BCD's) for any servicemember who refused the vaccine. They would also NOT provide all of the information on the vaccine to members who prior to the vaccine, had to attend 'training' in the base gym (also mandatory). Questions like "what are the fatality rates of people taking the vaccine" were unanswered. They did mention that people have died from the vaccine, but they did not have actual numbers or information.
They vaccinated all military members in a two-day period. In my opinion, they did not sufficiently answer the service members questions about effectiveness of the vaccine or death rates. They did state side effects, but nothing beyond that.
My question to you (hope you can answer this): Is this truly considered an "experimental vaccine"? Has this vaccine been tested and approved by the FDA?
I have message traffic that came to all the commands stating that it had a approval number by the FDA. I'm wondering if this is BS or not.
Since I'm a civilian, I did not have to take it. They are, however, talking about making it mandatory for civilians during the booster phase for the military. I will not take it-- hell, it will make it alot easier for me to get back to the states than stick it out here with these loonies.
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