West Nile Virus About
To Return? Mass War
On Mosquitoes?
By Patricia Doyle <>
Investigator of Emerging Diseases

Hello Jeff, has a local report, "The Birds, West Nile Virus...will it return?"
This is a very scarey report and virtually says what I said. One some of the radio programs I mentioned that beside WNV, we will probably see more emerging diseases.
I am 99.9% sure that Plum Island had a microbe escape and the Experts know what is out there waiting in the wings. I think you will see preparations for an all out war on mosquitos. I just wonder what they were working with as far as mosquito borne illness. You can listen to the report on the website.
Patty _____
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2000 16:00:42 -0800 (PST)
From: Patricia Doyle <
Subject: NBC News at 6
Hello Jeff,
I just heard the promo for the NBC news at 6. The experts are now telling the public here in New York that we might be expecting not only the return of West Nile but also other diseases carried by mosquitos.
So, it appears that I was correct months ago when I said other microbes escaped Plum Island. The press stopped mentioning the Malaria outbreak when the West Nile Virus hit.
I said that microbes escaped during the power outages and it sure looks like I was right. If we see more nonendemic epizootic diseases, then I hit the nail on the head with Plum Island.
That facility does not deserve to have deadly pathogens like Ebola, Marburg, Plague, Anthrax and others. It looks like the experts are preparing us by this news report.
Jeff, this is a very scary situation. I was hoping I was wrong. This is one of those times when you want to be proven wrong.
Will keep you posted _____
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2000
From Patricia Doyle <
Subject: Encephalitis Vaccine, Oravax, Phase 1 trials
Hello Jeff,
I have been reviewing my research again.
I have reread the part about the US DOD licensing Oravax (subsidiary of Peptide Therapeutic a UK Cambridge firm) to receive royalities from Encephalitis Vaccine. According to research, Phase 1 trials were to BEGIN near the end of 1999. I am in the process of researching Phase 1 trials, and just what the Phase 1 trials mean.
I have been told by a friend who attends a Senior Citizen luncheon club in Yonkers, New York, that the Seniors who took the flu shots had gotten very ill three weeks after they received the flu shot. Is it possible that some people were not given flu shots, but clandestinely given encephalitis (Phase 1 trial) vaccine.
1999 has now become 2000. I therefore assume that the Phase 1 trials that were to commence the end of 1999 have already taken place. So, just what was Phase 1 trials?
We know that Japanese Encephalitis vaccine had been tested on human volunteers at Plum Island. Are the Oravax Phase 1 trials of encephalitis vaccine somehow connected to the Plum Island test? Was the encephalitis deliberately released to test immunity of the human subjects who were injected at Plum Island with the JE vaccine?
Who were the volunteers that received JE vaccine at Plum Island? Did they all come from a 2x2 mile area of Northern Queens? Were any of the Plum Island volunteers among those who received the CDC door to door blood tests?
Jeff, the more I research this event, the more I reread my research, the more convinced I am that there was a bioincident that predicated the West Nile-like outbreak in the New York area. Whether the bioincident was an accident that occurred when the power outages took place, or a deliberate release of pathogens for a test, or Phase 1 trial, something is definitely amiss. I am further apprehensive of the Plum Island upgrade to a new level 4 large animal experiment lab. I think that more questions need to be addressed by the facility and the CDC. I further think that Plum Island needs to address the concerns about its consistantly horrific safety violation record.
If a level 4 lab needs to be built that can accommodate large animal experiments, why place it in the most densely populated area on the East Coast? Why not choose a small island in the Marshall Island Chain. The islands are military controlled and isolated from global world population center. I could also see a small island outside Greenland. Why place this lab in an area known for massive national and international travel. Not far from Plum Island, is JFK airport, and also LaGuardia. As the crow flies, there is Boston's Logan Airport and Newark Airport in New Jersey.
Why New York, where there is so many National and International travelers?
Gratefully, Patty _____
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2000 From: Patricia Doyle < Subject: Oravax/Encephalitis Vaccine To:
Hello Jeff: Thought you might want to reread this. It is important if you are following the Phase 1 trial and just what it means.
The following documents are intended to suggest the possibility that there is more going on here than you will read about in the daily newspapers.
From: [from Federal Register: March 22, 1996 (Volume 61, Number 57, Page11812]
Oravax/Peptide Therapeutics Group [PTG]
Oravax Encephilitis Vaccine Patent Application from 1996:
Notice of Intent To Grant an Exclusive License of a U.S. Government-Owned Patent
Agency: U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, DOD [Department of Defense]. Action: Notice.
Summary: In accordance with 37 CFR 404.7 (a)(I)(i), announcement is made of the intent to grant an exclusive, royalty-bearing, revocable license of U.S. Patent Application Serial Number 08/348,882, filed November 28, 1994 and entitled ``Infectious DNA Clones of Japanese Encephalitis Virus and Attenuated Strains Japanese Encephalitis Virus Made from the Clones'', to OraVax, Inc., 230 Albany Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139. Rights to this invention are owned by the United States Government as represented by the Secretary of the Army. Anyone wishing to object to the grant of this license has 60 days from the date of this notice to file written objections along with supporting evidence, if any. Written objections are to be filed with the Command Judge Advocate, U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, Fort Detrick, Frederick, Maryland 21702-5012.
Addresses: Commander, U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, ATTN: Command Judge Advocate, Fort Detrick, Frederick, Maryland 21702- 5012.
For further information contact: Mr. John F. Moran, Patent Attorney, (301) 619-2065 or telefax (301) 619-7714. Gregory D. Showalter, Army Federal Register Liaison Officer.
[FR Doc. 96-6928 filed 3-21-96; 8:45 am] BILLING CODE 3710-01-M
[from Federal Register: March 22, 1996 (Volume 61, Number 57, Page 11812]
[Note: On 10/4/99 I called the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command at Ft. Dietrick. John F. Moran is no longer working there but the information about the contract was confirmed. Requests for further information should be directed to the public affairs officer, Mr. Chuck Dasey (301) 619-2736]
[From:] [Peptide Therapeutics Group plc is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the research and development of novel vaccines and therapeutics. Its focus is primarily on disorders of the immune system and infectious diseases. It is based in Cambridge, UK and, following the recent acquisition of OraVax, Inc. also has operations in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It has seven products in clinical trials and several pre-clinical and research programmes underpinned by five proprietary technology platforms. ts mission is to build a profitable biopharmaceutical company by discovering novel vaccines and therapeutics and developing these products through collaborations with leading pharmaceutical companies.]
Product Portfolio: Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine Peptide is developing a vaccine for the prevention of Japanese encephalitis viral infections using its ChimeriVax(tm) technology. JE is a potentially fatal neurotropic viral infection common in Asia, including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, India and Thailand. The World Health Organisation has identified the development of safer and less expensive vaccines against JE as a high priority, which should ensure its use in endemic regions. In addition, a safer vaccine that requires only a single dose for immunisation would better meet the needs of travellers and the military. Safety and preclinical efficacy of the JE vaccine has been demonstrated in pre-clinical studies. a Phase I trial is scheduled to commence by the end of 1999 [Note the cooincidence of the date cooinciding with this epidemic].
PMC [Peptide Therapeutics Group] has been granted a worldwide licence to the ChimeriVax(tm) technology for the development of vaccines against JE (and tick borne encephalitis), in return for PMC funding all future research and development costs and agreeing to pay OraVax milestone payments and royalties on sales of licensed product.
[Note: the documents above are intended as examples of the kind of experimentation and government contracting that exist and are not intended or presented here as evidence that the companies, individuals or government agencies involved are behind the current encephalitis crisis in New York City. -RL]
Newsday Area Labs Have Long Studied Virus / Yale, Rockefeller began tests in '50s 09-29-1999 page A28 ìEpidemiologists suspect that the West Nile virus has for the first time been isolated in humans or animals in the Western Hemisphere, but the virus has for decades made its home in several U.S. research laboratories, including Rockefeller University in Manhattan and Yale University in New Haven, Conn. In fact, investigators there were the first to grow and study the West Nile virus in the United States. The work began in the 1950s when unidentified viral samples from around the world arrived at Rockefeller on a steady basis.î
"There's no point in not spraying, because there's no harm in spraying. So even if we're overdoing it, there's no risk to anyone in overdoing it...The more dead mosquitoes," he added, "the better. I don't think the media should try to push this out of proportion." NY Times 9/10/99
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