Current Coke Problems
(NutraSweet) Symptoms
By Betty Martini <>
Mission Possible International 770 242-2599

A Wall Street Journal article (6/11/99) stated that children were treated at a hospital in northern Belgium for symptoms including headaches, stomach aches and diarrhea after drinking Coke at school. The children told hospital officials that the Coke gave a burning sensation to the tongue. Headache is #1 on the FDA report of 92 symptoms, diarrhea #7 and abdominal pain and cramps #5. The report is by most frequent occurrence and these symptoms are notorious. The burning tongue is caused by a combination of things, the wood alcohol converts to formaldehyde and then formic acid which burns the tongue. It is also caused by neuropathy triggered by aspartame.
Diet drinks sat in 120 degree Arabian sun in the Persian Gulf for as long as 8 weeks at a time and the troops drank them all day. At 86 degrees according to the protest of the National Soft Drink Association ( aspartame breaks down. ( It becomes a witches brew of toxins.) An experiment by Jennifer Cohen with Winston Laboratory in New Jersey analyzing Diet Coke in room temperature, in an incubator and in the fridge revealed that aspartame breaks down to formaldehyde and DKP (a brain tumor agent) EVEN IN THE FRIDGE. Report on
Symptoms of aspartame are identical to symptoms of Desert Storm Syndrome and on 60 Minutes on this subject someone in the military admitted they were unable to understand why the troops complained of this "burning tongue". A recent study on aspartame in Barcelona showed formaldehyde accumulates in the cells and damages DNA with 50% toxicity in the liver and substantial amounts in the kidneys, adipose tissue, retina and brain. A recent Reuters article detailed that Desert Storm Syndrome had to do with the genes. This genetic change reported in this study further implicates aspartame in this Syndrome. Those in the states were told not to send anything to the troops with sugar. For a map of DORway and the FDA report of 92 symptoms email with nothing in message text or subject line.
The burning tongue issue is notorious with aspartame and is constantly discussed on the support groups on line for victims of Aspartame Disease, the Aspartame One List and Aspartame Survivors International. Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., in a lecture on says the reactions to aspartame are not allergic but toxic in nature like arsenic and cyanide. We're talking about a chemical poison. H. J. Roberts, M.D., has now declared Aspartame Disease to be a world epidemic and is in the process of publishing a medical text on the plague.
Ermelle Martinez, Mission Possible Los Angeles, and a science teacher, reported that a student having a reaction to Coke called the company asking if aspartame was also in regular Coke. She was asked what city and zip code she was calling from. When the student said L.A. Coke hung up on her. This is very troublesome amid rumors that aspartame is being mixed with sugar and is being added to regular drinks. It is already in Tab and Fresca. Aspartame is not a diet product but a drug that makes you crave carbohydrates. See protest of NSDA. It also interacts with other drugs and changes brain chemistry.
Industry and trade organizations are battling back on the aspartame issue because of an email that made world news having to do with a World Environmental Conference and a spokeswoman for the EPA mentioning an epidemic of MS and Lupus. Nancy Markle had actually picked up a post I had written and published it under her name, where I said: "I'm here to lecture on MS and lupus and identify the toxin as NutraSweet." You can see the industry influence when reporters mention a study on headaches at Duke, sometimes used to show an independent study. It was actually done in the Searle Center (original manufacturer - Monsanto bought them in l985), and funded by Monsanto. Russell Blaylock, M.D., explains in an interview on Mission Possible Radio (audio and transcript on how studies are fixed. He is the author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills (800 643-2665). Further Ralph Walton, M.D., discussed on 60 Minutes in Dec, l996 that research into peer reviewed studies showed that almost 100% of independent studies not funded by industry show problems with aspartame. This research is now on This 60 Minutes presentation was when famed researcher Dr. John Olney who founded the field of neuroscience known as excitotoxicity made world news over the aspartame/brain tumor issue.
Today, to confirm the information in the Nancy Markle post all one has to do is go to There is even information on why the EPA did not tell the truth on the World Environmental Conference as well as the above mentioned Barcelona study. Aspartame destroys the central nervous system and mimics MS, and posted is Dr. H. J. Roberts position paper MS or Aspartame Disease. With regard to lupus aspartame turns your immune system against your body. The formaldehyde embalms the proteins and makes them strange to the immune system. The immune system attacks your own body because it has your own denatured proteins as an antigen. This then generates the false information fed into the immune system that your own proteins are to be attacked. Than any other insults, mental, physical or immunological can stimulate the immune Attack - LUPUS!
It is sickening that some of the media influenced by industry are still trying to play this down as a hoax. Some had even been on the web site prior to publishing. A post from world famous toxicologist Dr. George Schwartz tells the NutraSweet team what he thinks of their propaganda, and a journal by Dr. Woodrow Monte sets the matter straight on Monsanto's misinformation on the aspartame methanol issue. This is no hoax - it is the Crime of the Century! On June 7 the Wall Street Journal also played down the aspartame issue. Marilyn Chase who wrote the issue still has not retracted the comments even though she was given the web site with confirmation and WSJ received a letter directly from Dr. H. J. Roberts. The two support groups on line were set up from calls coming in from all over the world from the victims. They have stopped the assault and symptoms continue to disappear.
To fuel this issue further, breast implant patients have also reported MS and lupus, and Dr. Roberts has just released a book on Aspartame Disease in Breast Implant patients discussing whether systemic symptoms reported were really due to Aspartame Disease. (800 814-9800 ).
On 5/15/99 a CBS News Report discussed 34 children who became ill from Bazooka gum found in a school yard. The symptoms were the same headaches and stomach aches as reported with Coke and Bazooka contains aspartame. They were written to years ago but refuse to remove it or answer correspondence. It is particularly serious in gum because aspartame is a drug with small molecules, works like nitroglycerin, goes through saliva straight to the brain. Some have had a grand mal seizure on one piece of sugarfree gum.
Monsanto must be coming under extreme pressure. They have just hired the former acting FDA Commissioner, Dr. Michael Friedman to their Searle office, div of Monsanto. Dr. Friedman has been receiving from Mission Possible the aspartame complaints for years. He has never responded to an email, and the FDA continues to refuse to answer 26 questions on aspartame given to them by former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. FDA and Monsanto can now remove the revolving door and build a bridge to take care of the traffic. FDA remains Monsanto's Washington Branch office!
Its time to set the matter straight. Monsanto, FDA, Coke and Pepsi must take responsibility for this plague of Aspartame Disease. With operations of Mission Possible all over the US and many countries warning all consumers off this neurotoxin the coverup has been exposed. contains even the Bressler Report, the FDA's own audit of the horrors that were triggered by aspartame on original studies including brain tumors to atrophied testes and grand mal seizures. The damning CDC investigation is also listed.