UFO And Shuttle In Near Collision? Sightings Everwhere!
MUFON Skywatch Investigations, Filer's Files #2-1998
From George A. Filer
MUFON Eastern Director (609) 654-0020

It isn't a question of whether UFOs exist.
The question is: who do they belong to?

WASHINGTON - The Space Shuttle Endeavor narrowly avoided a collision with a gigantic UFO during its 12-day mission in September and a top-secret NASA audio tape proves it! That's the word from author William Kliner, who claims to have obtained a copy of the tape from highly placed NASA sources and flatly calls the incident "the most dramatic close encounter in history." In the 23-second tape, which was recorded off one of several secret radio frequencies that NASA reserves for classified conversations with space shuttle astronauts, Commander David Walker is heard to say: "Bogey at 3 o'clock, God what is it? My God, it's coming right at us!" NASA asks: What's there? Walker: There's no way! Oh God! Get back. Move!" NASA asks: Endeavor! Endeavor! What, explain Walker states: "What the. Where is it? Where, it's gone. It's gone! . . UFO, Spacecraft, huge, intelligent, over there! NASA tells: Endeavor to: Switch now! The tape ends abruptly with what would appear to be a NASA order for Walker to change radio frequency. And while nobody other than Walker, his crew and a handful of NASA officials knows exactly what happened next, the Endeavor returned to Earth safely on September 18, indicating that the close encounter ended without further incident.
"This is dazzling proof that UFOs not only exist, they are piloted by extraterrestrials who are interested in our technology and possibly even mankind's ventures into space," declared Kliner, who has published hundreds of articles on America's space program over the past 25 years. "Until now, I didn't believe in the existence of UFOs and I certainly didn't believe that extraterrestrials were visiting our planet. "But now I know better. Space aliens actually observed our shuttle astronauts as they orbited Earth - and NASA's own tape proves it."
NASA spokesmen declined to comment on the author's report pending the outcome of what one official called "an investigation into the source of unauthorized information that might or might not have basis in fact." Like NASA, Commander Walker and his crew - Pilot Ken Cockrell and Mission Specialists James Voss, James Newman and Michael Gernhardt - aren't talking. But Kliner's sources say the Endeavor and crew did, in fact, avert an in-orbit collision with "a massive, walnut-shaped spacecraft of unknown origin." "From what I understand, the spacecraft was the size of a small city and glowed bright green as it approached the shuttle," he continued. "At some point during the encounter, the UFO veered off course to avoid a collision. "As far as I know," he continued, "there was no contact between the UFO and the shuttle. If there was contact, my sources are unaware of it." Thanks to: Eric Howarth: and A.J. Craddock. Editors Note: Investigators who live near Cape Canaveral often report sightings of UFOs during the launch of the shuttle.
EXETER, NH, 01/10/98 (AP) - A Newmarket man was nearly blinded by a bright light in the sky last month, and he's on a mission to find out what it was. Dave Jackson said the mysterious brilliant blue flash lit up the sky over Exeter on December 28th, as he drove along Route 88. "It was brighter than anything I've ever seen," he said. Jackson said, he's heard from a Hampton Falls woman who saw a similar blinding flash in the same area about a month earlier. He plans to meet with a UFO investigator near the site. Peter Geremia, director of the state chapter of the Mutual UFO Network, said an investigation begins by ruling out explainable causes such as aircraft or the weather. He said some UFO investigations take several months, but most last only a couple of weeks.-Thanks to Brookline Copshmrnas Boston Globe's website: and Current Encounters.
On January 11, 1998, two MUFON members and their adult daughter were traveling south of Newport, VT on Route 91 around 10:30 p.m.. It was a clear night, with partial clouds, snow starting later. The witnesses saw flashing red and white lights that changed to a horizontal row of white lights. Then, they changed to a red and white light, back to all white, then back and forth. The object was low, headed north, and no sound was heard. The temperature, ground level, was in the upper 20's. The wife said that there was a double vapor trail. She said that they were amazed because it was so low and so wide. She compared it to a WW II bomber. She also felt that it was faster than it should have been at that elevation. Thanks to Sandee Black, MUFON State Director Vermont .
On Wednesday, December 31, 1997, Lynn S. was driving in rush-hour traffic at 8:52 a.m., in Rockland, Massachusetts a suburb southeast of Boston. As she neared Reed's Pond, on Market Street in Rockland, she spotted "a cigar- shaped craft that hovered for a minute and 45 seconds above the waters of Reed's Pond before it plunged in and exploded. I saw the object come across the sky, pulsating a blue light from the top with two strong flashing lights on each side." "Traffic slowed, but no one seemed to care enough to get out and see what the object was," she reported." As I approached the traffic lights, people were pointing back at the pond. But without the traffic light working, drivers were beginning to swear, cut people off and no one was paying any attention to the object."
"Upon driving home and finding I had no electricity, I called the electric company but only got a recording. I began calling other residents of the town. They all said they had no electricity after they heard the planes go over. At 9:15 a.m., Lynn drove back to Reed's Pond."To my amazement, a black ball hovered in the sky above it, as big as a silver dollar, but nothing was astir in the pond. I noticed dead ducks and seagulls floating on the surface." The UFO zipped away seconds later. "For the record, I never heard any planes." Thanks to Joe Trainor editor of UFO Roundup 3-2, 1/9/98.
Terry Kimbrell reports, "Wanted to pass an observation I had of recent activity in the Blue Ridge Mountains around the Asheville area. As you know there has been three reported UFO sightings in December, two near Clyde, NC and a Decemvber 20th, sighting around Mars Hill. These areas are within a 20 mile radius of Asheville. I still haven't had any luck with contacts. On January 5th, a hiker on the Appalachian Trail, in the Nantahala National Forest reported finding what appeared to be human bare-footprints in the snow along the trail. Matt Moneymakers Bigfoot Research reports these footprints were 13 to 14 inches in length. This area is located 45 miles from Asheville, in the vicinity of two of the UFO sightings. Hope Right now the weather is pretty bad in some of these locations with flooding and the high mountains have snow. Thanks to Terry Kimbrell and John Thompson.
MUFON State Director, John Thompson reports he was a was a guest on an Atlanta news-talk radio show on January 10th. On the "Royal Treatment" one- hour show with host Royal Marshall on WSB, 750AM (a 50,000 watt station) we had several interesting calls come in. The best was from a former naval officer now living in Fayetteville, Georgia. The gentlemen would not give the name of his ship or the "body of water" that the incident happened in but provided many interesting details.
He said that he was on a "antiaircraft weapons ship" --probably a TICONDEROGA class, Aegis equipped guided missile cruiser from other details he provided. He said, while he was in the operations center they tracked a UFO doing "Mach 8." (About 5,000 mph.) After watching the UFO on the screen and judging it to be within visual range he went "to the bridge" and there was the UFO! He said, he then proceeded to watch the UFO settle to near ocean level and he said it began "to lighten." After growing bright it suddenly shot straight up and was out of sight within "two seconds." On asking him if they painted the target, he said, "No, because we were on condition one status." So all tracking was done solely by passive radar. He said, an entry of this incident was made on the ship's log and occurred about twelve years ago. He wouldn't even name the location or ship he was on. Nonetheless, there is not a doubt in mind, just based on one conversation with him, that he was an excellent witness reporting something highly unusual that had radar confirmation. He knew exactly what I meant when I asked, "Did you paint the target." This guy was for real. Wish he would call us. Thanks to John Thompson.
Chief Tom Sheets reported on his investigation of several cases. In the October 15th, 8 PM, sighting by Jennie and Shelley B. they saw a coned or bell-shaped object with lights moving over a wide area near Cannonville, in western Georgia for about 30 minutes. They relocated the UFO on the south side of Bartley Road. It was moving away at a slow even speed, and they followed it in a generally westerly direction...The object had moved from its original location at a slow but steady speed. The sisters described the bell-shaped object has having a large non-blinking light on top and two red lights on its bottom. It was the size of a "small aircraft or large car." The light hovered at tree top level, when it suddenly accelerated toward them very fast. They said, "It moved faster than an airplane could move." The object traveled 2 1/2 miles in west and returned to Rosie Civers Road. Chief Sheets concludes that the "movement" and "no engine noise" rules out "standard aircraft" or balloons.
On the second case, last summer at dusk, 18 year old Jennie B says she saw an UFO only 200 feet away from her near Cannonville, GA. After looking at UFO photos, she positively identified the Bell-shaped 9/16/96 Valley, Alabama UFO photo as exactly like the craft she observed. She saw the UFO for just five seconds as she did not stop her car. She indicated, "The UFO was the size of a small car and hovering about 1/2 off the horizon only 200 feet from the road." This is similar to other reports we have had of the Valley UFO in Georgia, Colorado, and Kentucky.
In the third incident with Jennie B., and somewhat further north of Cannonville off the Willie Hodnett Road, she saw a rectangular shaped-UFO shining a bright beam. The box-like UFO, had a forward-looking white beam and many non-blinking red lights. Jennie said, it was only a 100 yards away. This sighting occurred in early November at around 7 PM. The UFO was about the size of a large transfer truck. She only saw this for about 3-5 seconds. It should be noted that another UFO sighting took place on this same road that involved a square-box like UFO shining a light in a cow pasture. That sighting occurred in Sept. of 1995 and involved a couple and was indirectly verified by a farm wife that lived nearby. Jennie's sighting may suggest something is regularly returning to the Willie Hodnett Road area.
The final case of Tom Sheets took place in 1992-1994. The exact day is unknown. It involves a van-load of LaGrange church people going to Bingo games in Alabama. Chief Sheets interviewed the van driver and five other witnesses. All saw a "shining globe of large as a small helicopter" that chased them on Highway 431 at treetop level. The passengers claimed the UFO followed at only 50 feet away." The light accompanied them for about 5 miles and disappeared on reaching the outskirts of Anniston. Two of the church members said they later had eye problems that required medical treatment, because of the extremely bright lights. Thanks to John C. Thompson
ISUR reports that Alexander Cox in West Palm Beach, Florida saw a UFO on January 12, 1998. Alex was just off the pier in the downtown area between . 7:15-9:00. The UFO was described as bright in color, almost like the moon, but smaller. Alexander indicated, "The light attracted me and my friend." His phone is: (407 )737-5689,1051 Adams Road, West Palm Beach, Thanks to John Thompson and ISUR.
On Saturday, January 3, 1998, Emil D. was driving on an autobahn in Germany's Bavarian Alps near Traunstein, a small city 110 kilometers(66 miles) east of Munich. Suddenly, he looked in his rear-view mirror and saw "a gigantic flying disc" coming up behind him. The UFO was described as "bright silver with rotating lights along the rim." The UFO pursued Emil's car for 8 kilometers(5 miles) before rising quickly in altitude and zipping away over the southern horizon. The huge daylight disc was also seen in Muhldorf, 60 kilometers north of Traunstein, and across the border in Austria. (See the Sueddeutsche Zeitung 1/7/98. (Thanks to Josef Schedel and UFO Roundup 3-2 Joe Trainor editor.)
Victor Kean answered several of my questions concerning Flying Traingles (FT's) hovering over Nuclear Power Stations in Southeastern England. I wrote the FTs stay several hours on station. Victor corrected me as follows: "In the early days of 'Project FT' our sources used to provide both 'Arrival Time' and 'Departure Time' over Sizewell Nuclear Power Station (NPS). Looking at those 'old' (June 1995) reports the times varied from 5 minutes to 25 minutes. (I note that "photos were taken" I'm still trying to get copies !) Occasionally there was a very long interval such as 55 minutes, but this was very rare and I wondered if a 'typo' mistake had been made. Then in 1996, these stopped and we only got the 'Arrival Time'. I am one step removed from the 'actual source' and we are all nervous at losing this invaluable 'source' if we ask too many questions. Looking at the current time interval between the Sizewell times and the next nuclear power station times, they appear to be fairly constant which suggests that the FT is not spending more than say 5 minutes at Sizewell before moving on."
Reference the question: "The possibility that the FT are 'triangular military aircraft under development?" This is a question which I have written about many times: 1) The early FTs over the UK were c. 1960 (Pre-stealth) 2) The reports of FTs flying very slow (30-50mph) and silent (apart from the occasional low hum which has been reported) would seem to rule out terrestrial craft. 3) Reports of the FT shape-shifting (Splitting) seem also 'un-worldly'. 4) The FTs ability to 'vanish' (shift out of the visual spectrum) seems beyond Einstein. 5) If the FT is "under development" (Made in the USA) then it would hardly be flying low and slow over UK NPS and the intervening countryside. 6) There are numerous reports of FTs discharging white/orange or red spheres...and later car drivers reporting being harassed by similar spheres not too far removed in either time or distance. Hardly the behavior of a friendly ally.
Reference: The possibility that people are seeing the lights of aircraft refueling?. Whilst some reports may well be 'aircraft refueling' I cannot accept that the reports from "above NP sites" could be these. Ref: "Is there any indication that these craft come out of the sea ?" As you know, we have pin-pointed the FT "hovering out at sea" on many occasions both before, after and in between visits to the Sizewell complex. Last month, I had a fax from Omar Fowler (Derby , UK) telling me that he had received a phone call from a researcher in Suffolk who knew of two persons who were regularly videoing FTs "plunging in and out of the sea" The last I heard was that these persons were trying to sell their video to the highest bidder. (Caution: This could all be another 'hoax')
There was also a report in 1996 by a couple walking along a Cornish beach who claimed they saw an FT plunge into the sea. By 'co-incidence'(?) we had already tracked the FT at that time and in that direction !! Yes, there was a "fishing boat" report in Sept. 1997 (If memory serves)... There is also a report of a fishing boat going missing in the area. (Not confirmed) I appreciate the possible importance of "Project FT'
Incidentally, your "Filer's Files" are my main regular outlet of this information. Ron West (Essex) is chairman of a local UFO group and gives his members a report. Omar Fowler writes the occasional article for FSR based on my summaries. A copy of each FSR issue is lodged in the Library of the British House of Commons. (Thanks to Victor Kean)
Hundreds of Chinese workers in an industrial area on the outskirts of Canton spotted a UFO in the sky December 23, 1997. The UFO was described as "an oblong oval with an array of windows. The windows had a bright corona of light around them. A periodic ray of light burst from the craft's underside at several intervals." The UFO alternately hovered and flew slowly over the factories and houses for several minutes, then flew away at an extremely high speed. Canton, the largest city in Guangdong province, is 800 miles south of Beijing (Italian newspaper Il Stampa 12/27/97 Thanks to Edoardo Russodi CISU & Joe Trainor)
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