Finally...The 'X-Files' Truth
Will Be Known - Maybe
Source: The Detroit News
By James Endrst
The Hartford Courant
Stig Agermose <>
The truth will finally be out there.
Fans of Fox's The X-Files will be happy to know -- if they can truly believe -- that six years of alien conspiracy theories are about to be wrapped up.
No, The X-Files isn't being canceled. That really would be suspicious and demand some sort of an investigation.
But, yes, it appears that agents Scully and Mulder (Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny) are going to, at long last, close their big alien conspiracy case.
In a two-part episode to be broadcast Sunday night at 9 and Sunday Feb. 14, both on Channel 2, the following questions (more or less) will be answered (more or less):
* What's the deal with extraterrestrial life on Earth? Is there or isn't there?
* What happened to Mulder's sister anyway?
* What's agent Fowley (Mimi Rogers) hiding from Mulder?
* What's the Syndicate hiding from the aliens?
* And who is Cassandra Spender (Victoria Cartwright), and what's her connection to the Syndicate?
To be honest, a lot of us forgot what a lot of the questions were a long time ago.
In any case, Chris Carter, X-Files creator/executive producer/writer, says: "There's going to be a lot of stuff explained. You're going to understand this conspiracy after the end of the two-parter."
Kinda, sorta, probably, almost definitely, maybe.
"That doesn't necessarily mean that everything's wrapped up and finished," Carter teased during a recent interview session with TV critics at the 1999 Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, Calif. "In fact," he says, "there's a lot to do."
Such as?
"We're making some choices, knowing that the show is moving toward a kind of completion," says Carter, "and so we are planning ahead for that. This is part of that move to get to the ultimate answer, if you will, possibly, about what happened to Mulder's sister."
If that sounds like the end of the road for the show, well, maybe it's the beginning of the end and an end with a new beginning.
"Right now everyone is prepped for the seventh year to be the end of X-Files," says Carter. (The show is in its sixth season.) "You know, with a show, anything can happen. But right now, that's what we're shooting for."
His ultimate plan (and, no, it's not world domination)? More X-Files movies. But more movies will mean fewer shows.
"I hope that the television series becomes a movie series so I'm not looking to spend all my capital," says Carter. "I want to make sure that we continue to have good stories to tell and that The X-Files continues to have avenues to explore."
And guess what that means.
More questions.
You were expecting, what, nothing but answers?
"Watching The X-Files now for some 130-odd episodes," says Carter, "every time we give you an answer, we also ask a question."
Cute. And also smart.
Sunday's hour, called Two Fathers, will find Spender threatening to tell all about the extraterrestrial conspiracy. But it's the One Son episode Feb. 14 in which Mulder gets the answer he's been searching for, only to be faced with a bigger problem: what to do about it.
"There are going to be a lot of answers," Carter promises. "A lot is going to be explained. You'll actually understand a lot about how Mulder didn't necessarily choose the X-Files. They were kind of chosen for him. So you will learn, historically, how the X-Files came about and what Mulder's father's part was in them."
And what a long, strange, otherworldly trip it has been.
"It's amazing to me, now, having the ability to look back over 5 1/2 years of work, how many questions we asked in that pilot, not ever knowing how completely we'd be able to explore everything. ... The whole theme is, now, in a weird way -- and this is kind of beautiful -- the stories almost dictate themselves. There's so much that has come and been told that you are, in a way, a slave to the facts that you've created."
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