Huge UFO Leaves Its
Mark On Israeli Corn Field
By Barry Chamish <>
On Sunday, Sept. 19, Tsafrir Meisel was descending a hill near his home in the Jezreel Valley village of Tel Adashim when he saw an unexplained clearing in a corn field below. He investigated and discovered what he thought might have been vandalism to the corn crop. He phoned the local police station and requested to speak to his brother-in-law, officer Gedalia Reiken. He told the duty officer that hundreds of corn plants were crushed but since there were no paths to the field, the incident might be one concerning an unidentified flying object. This phone call was apparently monitored by the radio station Reshet Aleph but since it was the first day of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana, not many people heard the announcement of a possible UFO landing when it was broadcast. Tsafrir told a neighbour what he saw and she called a UFO enthusiast of her acquaintance, Oren Yosef of Tel Aviv, to inform him about the "landing." Oren called two fellow UFO investigators, Gil Bar and me and we arrived the next day with video and still cameras, nylon samples bags, and a tape measurer. May I switch to first person? I was the first and so far, only journalist to visit the site. It was absolutely fresh and untouched when I entered it. My, in fact our, first impression was of utter awe. The corn was literally high as an elephant's eye, over eight feet tall, and it formed a daunting wall around an enormous formation, allowing us to sketch an exact impression of the site's shape. The object which made the indentation was by far the largest of the many UFO images and circles left on Israeli soil since its UFO wave began in 1987. In the middle of the formation were what we initially thought were wings, stretching an amazing forty meters from tip to tip. Above and below the wings was were quarter circle protrusions, twenty meters in length and fifteen meters distance from each other, which we assumed were images of the body of the plane. Above the wings were two symetrical protusions, about two meters in width, five meters long and situated 20 meters from each other. The overall impression was of an ellipsoid shaped object with long triagular wings ending in blunt tips and two exhaust pipes protruding just above the wings. I drew the image in my mind and it looked like a classic UFO. There was something deeply bothersome about the shape of the formation but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. After creating an impression of the site, we began our search for clues. The first thing I noticed were the corn cobs; the hair seemed burnt and when we removed the peels, the corn was dried out, covered in a pink gummy fluid and even looked partly eaten. But to cut to the chase, we later showed the many samples we had collected to local farmers and they explained that the corn was past its prime and insects and fungi had attacked it. Corn gathered from a hundred meters away had the same characteristics. However, there was no denying that the corn stalks were bent dramatically, most right to the ground, in a north-south direction. The northern wall of the formation stood straight, while the southern side was swept dramatically downward. All other Israeli landing circles that I was aware of, were round and formed by spiral swirling. This site was formed in a one directional sweep. Further, all previous Isaeli circles had an abundance of physical evidence within, including shards of nearly pure silicon, red oil and white powder. There wasn't an iota of physical leftovers within the Tel Adashim site. Also bothersome was the massive size of the craft. Most Israel circles were in the 4.5 meter diameter range. The largest previous landing site occurred in Kadima on January 15/95 and it was fifteen meters in length. The Tel Adashim site was a whopping forty meters in length and that didn't fit the Israeli pattern. As I stood in the deep corn canyon created by the craft, I realized that this was no landing site but I saved my opinion until we sat down in a restaurant a few hours later. Local residents saw our car parked in the middle of nowhere and stopped to check us out. They ducked down and followed the short trail into the site. They were no less awed than we were, even though this was not everyone's first UFO encounter. Dov Nir is friends with small craft plane enthusiasts and in 1992 he had taken a series of controversial aerial photographs of a crop formation at Kibbutz Dalia. His brother-in-law Chaim related how three months before, he saw a triangular UFO hovering over the Jezreel Valley which "then took off in a flash and disappeared." Last April, Israel's first verified crop formation occurred in a wheat field beside the Jezreel Valley town of Bet Zarzir, barely ten miles away. Materials found within this site are being investigated in the US. Prelimary findings by Dr. W.C. Levengood and Nancy Talbott have verified that a most unusual event took place there. (I digress: The Bet Zarzir incident is becoming weirder. Though the town is keeping a lid on the matter, a few residents reported seeing glowing giants in their homes on the night the formation was made.) After we had completed our investigation, we began the drive back which was interrupted by an overwhelming sense of tiredness. Oren and Gil had fallen asleep in minutes and I was too weary to drive. So I pulled over at a restaurant and there we reflected on the day's events. We, as well as the local residents agreed, this was not caused by human intervention. There was no path of any kind for the kind of machine that would be needed to create an exact symetrical image forty meters in length out of corn. Thus, Oren and Gil assumed that a UFO landed there. I asked Gil to draw the UFO and his impression nearly matched mine. He drew the kind of classic craft seen many thousands of times worldwide. I then explained that the site could not have been created by a craft landing. It was not feasible for the underside of a UFO to be shaped so strangely. What we saw was a UFO in profile. The craft had most likely created a pictogram of itself in the corn. The wings we thought we saw, were, in fact, the middle rim of the craft. This bore the trademark of the Shikmona Beach incident of September, 1987 when a craft burned its images onto the sands below and initiated the current Israeli UFO wave. It took a while but Oren and Gil were swayed by my logic. Oren noted, "The formation at Tel Adashim was found on Rosh Hashana day so must have been made on Rosh Hashana evening. The Shikomona Beach pictograph was made on Rosh Hashana evening as well, eleven years before to the day." Gil added, "The Bet Zarzir formation was made last April on the first night of Passover." I noted, "All the circles in the Kadima area which led to encounters with giant beings occurred on the Sabbath." Trying to make sense of the Israeli UFO phenomena seems to require be historical references. The Jezreel Valley, which has produced two crop formations this year, has its share of noted biblical sites. A few miles before Tel Adashim, we passed Mount Tabor, where Jesus spent forty days in isolation before beginning his ministry. Had we kept driving, it would have taken us ten minutes to arrive at Mount Megiddo (Har Megiddo), the biblical site of Armageddon.
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