The Phoenix Lights:
Update From Peter Davenport
From George
After reading the Arizona New Times report about amateur astronomer Mitch's Stanley's sighting, in which Mitch says that in his telescope each of the first three lights of the V-shaped formation was actually two individual lights which seemed to be attached to an airplane, I recalled that that the original report by Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center also mentioned a sighting by an amateur astronomer. Here is the relevant paragraph from the NUFORC site at :
"Many people called from those areas, far too many to describe in detail. One of the most interesting reports, however, was from a young man, who identified himself as an "amateur astronomer," who resides in west Phoenix. His description of the object, which he saw to the west of his home, appeared to be a cluster of solid, unblinking lights, which moved in an unwavering procession from the north to south. He could discern, he thought, that each of the individual lights in fact was two smaller lights. Also, he reported that he observed two aircraft in the vicinity of the object, one of which appeared to turn away from the object to the west, and the other which turned to the east."
I wrote to Peter and asked him if this report came from Mitch Stanley or from someone else. Here is Peter's reply, in which he provides other information as well:
Dear George,
Thanks for your message!!
The astronomer I alluded to in my report is not Mitch. I just looked at the web page you cited, and I found his description intriguing in some narrow regards, but I am QUITE confident that the object(s) that went over AZ on that night were not conventional aircraft.
Mitch is correct that each of the larger lights was, by at least two good observers, reported to consist of two or three individual lights.
However,... They apparently traveled from Henderson, NV, to Paulden, AZ, in approximately 21 minutes--translating to supersonic speed, probably. The lights were totally silent, with only one person dissenting with this view. They hovered in at least four locations for up to approximately 2-5 minutes. The lights were distinctly red over Paulden, AZ, but only the lead light in the cluster was red, or "pinkish," by the time they had gotten down to Prescott Valley.
Also, the object is reported to have "blotted out" the lights of Prescott Valley airport, as viewed from the cockpit of a twin Cessna approaching the airport from the northeast.
Moreover, the object(s) passed through the airspace of at least 3 commercial airports--Prescott, Phoenix, and Tucson--even though the air traffic controllers knew nothing about them.
Does the military either fly, or release 3000 degree flares, over commercial airliners on the tarmac of a major international airport??
I would like to see Mitch's statement in writing.
I could contact the astronomer who contacted us, but I would feel uncomfortable releasing his name without his permission. We did receive a fine written report from him, and he apparently did get a good look at the objects.
Also, his statement seems to confirm that there may have been military aircraft in the vicinity of the lights directly over Phoenix. We have sources in Luke AFB, who have given us a second-by-second account of the intercept by F-15c fighters, each with a LANTIRN II imaging pod on its wing. The lead pilot needed a bit of help to get out of the cockpit of his fighter, upon landing...
All for now. Please let us know what you find.
Peter B. Davenport,
Director National UFO Reporting Center

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