Landing Of Strange UFO In
Michigan Claimed - Weird
Lights In Colorado
"On Tuesday night, Dec. 29th, I and my companion were traveling eastbound on I-94 heading for Detroit. At around 9:30 PM, we were about 30-32 miles E. of Kalamazoo, somewhere between mile marker 110 and 113 when we viewed a strange craft flying very slowly about 20 ft up from the ground over the freeway."
"At first glance, we thought it was a very LOW flying airplane, but the craft had so many yellow lights (about 25 or more) across in a horizontal pattern. There was one constant yellow light that appeared brighter than the rest which were blinking in sync. Upon noticing this, and that the shape was so odd...we determined that this craft could not have been a helicopter or an airplane."
"Then, as we approached an area full of cell towers (there are about 5 in that immediate area) the craft descending in a direct vertical pattern landing on the ground about 20 feet from the side of the freeway in a dark grassy area. This area is directly preceded by an overpass road (over a bridge) so anyone looking for this area...look for the mile markers, the towers, and the overpass...right directly after the bridge."
"The craft was so very odd...we slowed to about 20 mph to try to get a better look...what we saw was so strange...this craft appeared to look like an upside down spider. For anyone who saw toy story...take the doll with the erector set body, take the head off and flip it. It was like shiny aluminum. The middle was ball-like and it had large arm/appendage things coming out all over...and the arms/appendages had holes through them in a vertical pattern. The length of the arm/appendage had large circular holes and the craft was sitting on the ball shaped middle. The arms seemed to be in an upright yet bent out at an elbow position and appeared to have a metal rod coming from each at the top with lights on them. There were other lights that now were going around in circular pattern as well as vertical. I did not hear any noise."
"It also seemed very odd that we appeared to be the only ones who were witnessing this since the other cars just zoomed by. The craft seemed to be as big as a car but wider. We were just amazed at this sighting as we have never seen anything like this before. We are just rueful that we didn't stop."
"Don't know who to ask about objects that fly over Boulder, CO every night when it's clear. You can see 3 and as many as many as 6. There is no noise and you can't tell if they are helicopters or what.
They fly really low and I can't see what they are, but one night I drove up Flagstaff Mountain that looks over Boulder and started flashing my headlights at them and all six of them turned toward me and scared me to death. I turned my headlights off and went back home.
Does anyone know what they are doing? Are they our military or what and why are they doing this - I know Boulder doesn't have any police helicopters, but why and what are they doing - Can anyone answer this for me?"