The UFO-Mafia Connection
By Robert Morning Sky
November 1998
Ladies and Gentlemen:
Before I begin this paper, allow me to make my position very clear:
Extraterrestrial beings and extraterrestrial craft exist.
I have, in fact, written several books in which I suggest that human beings are the direct result of the intervention by extraterrestrial beings. I have suggested that a 'hidden' history of humankind exists, one that indicates that humankind has been guided, manipulated, and directed by, star beings. I have also suggested that we are the direct descendants of these very same star beings, that we possess in our veins the very blood of these star beings. Not only have I suggested that star beings are real but I have also suggested that they are still here -- that they walk amongst us.
The following information is offered with some trepidation. The implications should be both eye-opening -- and disturbing. Far too often, my crew and I have encountered 'pseudo-UFO researchers' who claim that they do their home work and their field work -- and quite clearly, they have not. Serious researchers new to the field of UFO investigation must be made aware of the following circumstances.
With these statements expressed, I offer this paper for your consideration --
Ladies and Gentlemen:
It is the foundation-stone premise of the UFO community. It is the maxim of maxims, and the Truth of Truths upon which the UFO community at large has placed its faith and the basis of all its arguments: the government and the CIA are covering up the existence of UFOs and extra-terrestrials. That's it. That is the one single concept that is absolutely necessary for you to believe in if you are going to get into the UFO Community Church: The government and the CIA are covering up the existence of UFOs and extra-terrestrials.
Now, by way of explanation, we should mention that generally when the UFO community speaks of 'the government,' it usually means 'The Secret Government,' and when the CIA is mentioned, it usually means the entire intelligence community of United States. And just for the sake of further clarification, 'The Secret Government' is usually comprised of 'Secret Societies'; the 'Secret Societies' are run by a 'Secret Few'; and the 'Secret Few' are bent on taking over the world, a scenario that is usually referred to as the 'New World Order Conspiracy.' These are the backbone beliefs of the UFO Community Church at large.
Now, let us assume, for a moment, that all of these statements are true.
Let us assume that there really is a 'Secret Government' made up of 'Secret Societies' led by a 'Secret Few'. Let us further assume that the 'Secret Few' really are bent on taking over the world for the sake of a New World Order. And finally, let us assume that it really is this 'Secret Government' that is responsible for the Great 'UFO Cover-Up'. Let us assume that all of these things are true.
The wonder of a Truth is that it remains true under any and all circumstances, and from any and all perspectives. If the UFO Community is right, that there really is a 'UFO Cover-up', then the following information must fit in with the 'Truth'.
In 1988, the national budget allowed $4.6 billion dollars for police protection.1
In 1988, heroin alone was bringing in from $12 to $20 billion dollars a year on American streets for organized crime, also known as the Mafia. The overall narcotics trade was generating about $110 billion dollars a year in the United States.2
Repeat, 1988: U.S. law enforcement budget $4.6 billion dollars, U.S. Mafia $110 billion dollars. These official figures reveal that the American Mafia has the use of $22 dollars for every one dollar that American law enforcement has.
Now, this $110 billion dollar figure for the Mafia is only a guess. It comes, by the way from the President's Commission on Organized Crime and from the UN Conference on Narcotics held in 1989. These were conservative estimates. Some knowledgeable sources put actual crime profits at twice the officially released estimates. If this is true, then our comparison is more like: American law enforcement $4.6 billion dollars, American Mafia $220 billion dollars. This then means that the American Mafia has $44 dollars for every one American law enforcement dollar.3
In the same year,1988, the national budget for the US military was an announced $306 billion dollars. Organized crime, again, may have made as much as $220 billion dollars. That's $306 billion dollars for the American military, $220 billion dollars for the American Mafia. Thus, the American military has about $3 dollars in its budget for every $2 dollars the American Mafia has. Dangerously close, is it not?
But the $220 billion dollar criminal money figure is for the American Mafia only. In 1988, the global Mafia enterprise took in approximately $445 billion dollars, as quoted by the Presidentís Crime Commission and the United Nations Conference on Narcotics (1989).
Using officially announced figures, the American military received over $306 billion dollars to defend the United States from its enemies. When combined with the official law enforcement budget of $4.6 billion dollars, the combined military and police budgets for defense of America in 1988 was $310 billion dollars. According to the President's Commission on Organized Crime and the United Nations Conference on Narcotics, however, the global Mafia made as much as $445 billion dollars!
Repeat: US military and law enforcement $310 billion dollars, global Mafia $445 billion dollars. When dealing with threats to the safety of America, the Mafia alone has access to as much money as all of the American military and law enforcement branches combined!
But --
The US military and police budget figures which we have quoted were the announced budgets. The military has a 'black budget', unannounced dollars that will very likely never be announced. If, in 1988, the military had an official $306 billion dollar budget, how much more was hidden away in the 'black' hole? Another $100 billion dollars perhaps? Fully 33% more?
Possible, but let us assume that the military had found a way to increase its black budget a full 50% more than has been announced. Let us assume that the military had $150 billion 'black' dollars plus the officially allotted $306 billion dollars to defend American soil. That makes a grand total of $456 billion dollars available to the American military and law enforcement agencies.
But remember, the President's Commission and the UN put the Mafia earnings for 1988 at $445 billion dollars. What this means is that the American military and police combined had $456 billion dollars (if we allow $150 billion 'black' dollars), while the global Mafia had $445 billion dollars. In defense of our country, assuming an enormous black budget for the military -- the global Mafia and Americaís defenders were virtually dollar for dollar equals. (Suddenly, those $300 dollar ashtrays become a factor in Americaís survival.)
Without an enormous 'black' budget, America's military and law enforcement branches in 1988 had only $310 billion dollars, while global criminals had $445 billion dollars! That is almost $3 global Mafia dollars to every $2 American military and police dollars! And if, as some officials expect, the actual money made by the global Mafia is double that estimate then the Mafia has $6 dollars for every $4 dollars America's warriors have to fight our enemies.
At $445 billion dollars per year, approximately half a trillion dollars a year, global Mafia crime profits in 1988 were over $1.25 billion dollars a day! And that was ten years ago.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the point is this: allowing American enforcement forces an enormous illegal 'black budget', the global Mafia has as large a budget as America's warriors do. The likelihood, however, is that the Mafia has a monetary foundation from three to six times as large as our fighting forces!
In Thieve's World, Claire Sterling, an internationally known author who has written extensively about organized crime including The Terror Network and Octopus, makes the following observation:
"America is decades ahead of any country in fighting organized crime, and it is failing. The enormity of the problem is just beginning to register, and with it a sense of doom. Modern criminal power has surpassed the ability of governments to contain it. International organized crime is too big; nobody knows how to deal with it."4
Let us now return to our original point: if there really are a 'Secret Few' running a 'Secret Government' who are using the CIA to enforce and execute its orders, how does the 'Secret Government' deal with an organization that has a budget at least as large as the CIA and very likely three to six times larger? How are the hapless CIA 'Knights' and the intelligence communities going to fight the global Mafia?
History is quite clear on that point.
In 1943, the Office of Naval Intelligence used the Mafia to find Nazi spies hidden away on the shipping docks of New York.5 So successful was the cooperative effort that the Office of Naval Intelligence, Military Intelligence and the Mafia joined forces again that same year in order to plan for the invasion of the shores of Sicily and Italy. Patton's successful run up the western coast of Sicily was accomplished with Mafia black market fuel, Mafia intelligence and the efforts of Mafia 'Men of Honor'. In return for the Mafia's cooperation, the intelligence communities of the United States not only turned a blind eye to the expansion of the Mafia's post-war criminal ventures, but they often intervened to protect the Sicilian organization.
In 1947, the CIA and the French Secret Service, known as the SDECE, combined forces with the Mafia to eliminate a Communist take-over of the city of Marseilles. When the Communist threat was gone, the CIA and the French Secret Service secretly agreed to allow the Mafia to begin smuggling drugs into the United States. Between 1950 and 1965, not a single major player in this dope ring was ever arrested. The drug ring was known as the French Connection. In 1965, a crackdown by new leaders in the French government caused the entire operation to be moved to Indochina, where the French drug lords and the CIA were already well established.6
In August 1947, the Army's Counter-Intelligence Corps, (CIC) officially hired Nazi Klaus Barbie as an adviser on British techniques of interrogation. Klaus Barbie had worked on mobile death squads on the Eastern Front, he had been the head of the Gestapo office in Lyons, France, where he was responsible for torturing not only Jews but French resistance fighters as well. Convicted of war crimes after the war, the CIC refused to give Barbie to the French government because he knew too much about the American agents in Europe.
In 1951, the CIC sent Barbie and his family to Argentina and then to La Paz, Bolivia. In Bolivia, Barbie eventually became a security adviser for Hugo Banzer Suarez, the President of Bolivia, and a front for the Medellin cartel. With Barbie's special abilities and a ruthless campaign by the Bolivian authorities, within a year the 'cocaine generals' made an estimated $2 billion dollars. By 1981, the country of Bolivia was the leading supplier of cocaine in the world. By the late 1980s, almost all of Bolivia's cocaine was earmarked for the United States. In 1987, Bolivia was making over $3 billion dollars a year in cocaine smuggling.
In the 1980s, the DEA and CIA went to Bolivia to train and arm the Bolivian policeís anti-drug shock troops, the Leopards. It didn't take long to find out that most of the Leopards had gone into partnership with the cocaine drug smugglers. In a 1985 congressional review, it was discovered that "not one hectare of coca leaf had been eradicated since the US established the narcotics assistance program in 1971."
The CIA made sure that the drug smugglers were safe.7
In 1951, the Kuomintang army of General Li Mi was armed by the CIA, fed by the CIA, and paid by the CIA. Under the protection of the CIA, the Kuomintang, or KMT, became a pivotal force in the Asian opium trade. Shipping from Burma and Laos, by the mid-1970s, the KMT controlled 80 percent of the Golden Triangle Opium market. When the DEA, Drug Enforcement Agency, attempted to put an end to the Asian Connection, the CIA stopped virtually every investigation and prosecution of the opium warlords. By 1997, Burma reigned as the world's top producer of raw opium and high-grade heroin, thanks to the CIA.8
In 1979, when CIA-backed Anastasio Somoza was kicked out as the President of Nicaragua by a rebel group known as the Sandanistas, President Jimmy Carterís ordered the CIA to put together a group that would become known as the Contras. Enrique Bermudez, the new Nicaraguan leader of the Contras, with the full cooperation and assistance of the CIA, became the head of an extremely profitable drug ring. The CIA and the NSC protected the drug-running operations from the DEA. Some eyewitness reports reveal that the CIA had actually handled and run some of the transportation operations.9
Ramon Milian Rodriguez was chief accountant for the Medellin cartel, handling over $200 million dollars in drug profits a month. Rodriguez says that in the mid-1970s he was asked by the CIA to funnel more than $20 million dollars to the government of Anastasio Somoza to prop up his regime, before he fell to the Sandinista uprising. He also claims that he was assigned to deliver $200,000 to the Cubans in the Watergate burglary.
When Rodriguez was finally arrested in 1985, the FBI seized his financial papers, including a spreadsheet of 1982 expenditures that had a column titled CIA. His ledgers recorded $3.69 million dollars in payouts under this heading. In 1985, Rodriguez claimed that the CIA promised protection from the DEA and safe passage for Medellin shipments headed for the west coast of the United States in exchange for assistance rendered to the Contras in Nicaragua. Repeated DEA investigations were always quashed.10
In December, 1989, Carlos Salinas became president of Mexico. He immediately began to sell off government businesses to 'private interests.' Over 250 state-owned companies, including the national telephone company and the eighteen largest banks in Mexico were sold. The new billionaires became known as the Mexican Twelve. Under Carlos Salinas, the Mexican drug trade exploded in volume. By 1990, more than 75 percent of all cocaine entering the United States came through Mexico. Mexico remained a major producer of marijuana, and was well on its way to becoming a leading source of heroin and methamphetamines. The Mexican government itself estimated that the illicit drug business was generating more than $30 billion dollars a year. Other reviews of the trade put the figure at closer to $50 billion dollars -- all with the knowledge and approval of, and the assistance of -- the CIA. The Mexican daily El Financero claimed that during the Salinas years, upwards of 95 percent of those working in the attorney general's office had been bribed by the drug cartel.11
How are the hapless CIA 'Knights' and the intelligence communities fighting the global Mafia? Though we have presented only a few fully documented examples, with any measure of research, the Reader can find example after example of how the CIA and America's intelligence agencies have dealt with the global Mafia. They cooperate with them, they protect them, they often run operations for them, they share profits with them and in short, they 'sleep' with them.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not an exercise in conspiracy theory. This is fully and solidly documented: The CIA and the Mafia have been, and continue, to work together.
(For those of you who want to believe that it is a 'rogue' element that is in league with the Mafia, examination of records from many sources clearly indicate that since 1947 and its early beginnings, the CIA has been led by Directors who are fully aware of the drug-lord connections and dealings. William Casey, 'Wild Bill' Donovan, the Dulles Brothers, George Bush and even the Presidents of the United States Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, George Bush and Richard Nixon have been fully aware of illegal programs conducted by the CIA. There is no 'Secret CIA' inside of the official CIA conducting CIA-Mafia operations. The upper echelons of the CIA have been fully aware of the activities of the agency in illegal drug-running and drug-lord protection programs.)
In 1990, the Justice Departmentís organized crime expert Charles Saphos said: "The multinational crime syndicates have the largest amount of expendable the world!" If this is true, what does the Mafia spend its money on?12
Claire Sterling, author on organized crime throughout the world gives us this gem: According to Italy's Ministry of Justice, the Mafia has already risen above the primitive drug trafficking of the 1970s and 1980s. Moving the drugs was for its lower classes, still the best in the business. By 1992 its managerial class was engaging more and more in straight (or only slightly crooked) capitalist ventures. Half of all the Sicilian Mafia's laundered capital -- half -- was reinvested in legitimate enterprises all over the world -- 13
The drug traffic alone, exceeding half a trillion dollars a year now, is the world's second biggest money-maker, after the arms traffic; and these (organized crime) syndicates engage in both. The interest they have accumulated from investment of drug profits in the last decade is approaching a trillion dollars, according to a European Community estimate.14
We must take pause here to repeat the last point: Experts on crime from the European Community Organization are telling us that the interest, the interest on Mafia investments is approaching a trillion dollars -- a trillion dollars! This does not include the cash profits brought in from gambling, prostitution, extortion, loan-sharking, bank robberies, etc., etc. An interest return of a trillion dollars a year is approximately $3 billion dollars -- a day!
This is the wealth of the biggest multinational in the world, with the reach and resources to act accordingly. Using it judiciously, the big syndicates can penetrate giant corporations, manipulate the world's money markets, destabilize currencies, buy entire countries larger than Aruba, all of which they are doing -- or have done -- 15
Ladies and Gentlemen, if you had three billion dollars a day to spend, what would you spend it on? Would you buy a motorcycle -- or a motorcycle company? Would you buy a big-screen television set -- or a big-screen television manufacturing plant? Would you buy a satellite dish -- or would you buy a satellite? Would you visit a plush sea-side resort -- or would you very simply buy it? Your answers are probably the same as the Mafia's.
The Mafia has now reached a 'third level' in its financial affairs, say Italian authorities. It no longer depends wholly on crime for a livelihood. Half of its revenue comes from laundered capital reinvested in legitimate enterprises around the globe: financial and leasing companies, real estate, commerce, industry, agro- industry, gold mines. 16
According to Newsday magazine, 1971, there is Mafia control in every aisle of your grocery store. Clarence Adamy, president of the National Association of Food Chains, testified before Congress in 1972. He said: "Some store manager deaths, some food company employee deaths, some warehouse fires, (and) some store fires were the result of reprisals by organized crime."17
Margaret Kreig, an author who worked with FDA undercover investigators, also testified before Congress and said: The Mafia has infiltrated the legitimate drug industry. From $50 to $100 million dollars annually in counterfeit drugs are distributed nationwide. They include sub-potent, contaminated, or totally inert facsimiles of lifesaving medicines. Operations are dominated by the Mob and characterized by traditional Mafia tactics.18
NBC news in 1977 reported a new finding: the Mafia was infiltrating the hospitals and medical centers of the East Coast. Mafia defector Vincent Teresa remarked, "With what I knew about doctors on the Mob payroll in Boston, I wouldnít have gone near a Boston hospital if I was on my deathbed."19
From the Saturday Evening Post, November 18, 1967, a medical center in Florida and a Mafia-owned hospital in Boston serve as Mob meeting places.20
From the President's Commission on Organized Crime, 1986, the Mafia is siphoning off as much as "$50 million dollars a year" from cigarette smuggling. The figure peaked at $400 million dollars in nationwide revenues lost in 1978, when smuggling was made a federal offense.21
From the Hartford Courant, January 22, 1974 and Time magazine, December 10, 1973: The Mafia is controlling fuel distribution in parts of New England and sales of stolen gasoline in New York City.22
From NBC News, 'Segment 3', January 19, 1978: "The Mob is extremely active in the multimillion-dollar 'chop shop' business. Late-model cars are stolen on order and cut up for parts."23
In 1934, the Mafia took over the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), which represented studio-crafters, as part of a massive post-Prohibition assault on labor unions -- Following this takeover, the Mob used the union to muscle into Hollywood's movie studios, gaining a major influence that continues today.24
At a Boston University workshop on organized crime at the George Sherman Student Center on February 1, 1975, New York Times reporter Jeff Gerth noted that "the movie industry, since the 1930s, has been controlled by organized crime."25
From NBC News, 'Segment 3', May 7, 1979: "The Mafia took a 'hidden interest' in the rock and roll groups 'Rare Earth' and 'Three Dog Night'." Members of Three Dog Night said "all they knew was that their manager was making deals with people who carry guns." Rare Earth's accountant "was shot in the arm and paralyzed in what police believe was a dispute over control of Three Dog Night."26
From NBC News, 'Segment 3', May 8, 1979: "The Mob is heavily involved in promoting rock concerts. The 'Super Bowl of Rock' in Chicago featured some of the biggest rock stars and sold more than $2 million dollars in tickets." According to NBC, "A federal grand jury is now investigating allegations that the Mob ran these concerts." Mobsters were suspected of paying city officials to get exclusive use of Soldier Field for concerts, booking rock stars through fronts, and forcing up ticket prices - "all part of a huge Mob scheme to make big money in the rock concert business." Terry Bruner, of the Chicago Better Government Association, noted, "This kind of thing goes on all over the country."27
From: NBC News, 'Segment 3', May 9, 1979. "The Mafia has become one of the biggest producers of records and tapes in this country -- This network is just part of the Mob's massive bootleg record and tape operations, whose volume is approaching the $4 billion dollar annual sales of the legitimate recording industry -- One undercover agent in the Mob's record business said, "I don't think there's a store in the country you can go into and not find some counterfeit product on a given day."28
From Life magazine, September 1, 1967: The Mafia plants and suppresses news stories through its numerous paid journalists. "It is a matter of particular pride to Mafia boss Sam Giancana and his boys that they are firmly in control of both the Democratic and the Republican political organizations in Chicago's famous First Ward. Certain news journalists are part and parcel of the First Ward Fix. The First Ward Democratic organization, if it serves the gangsters needs, can - and on occasion does - swing enough influence in city rooms to get a story killed or softened to the point where it is almost an apology."29
From ex-Attorney General Robert Kennedy, brother of John F. Kennedy: "In a series of hearings of the McClellan Committee beginning in May 1959, it was disclosed that associates of Mr. Hoffa had practiced shakedowns on management people engaged in newspaper distribution. The papers were: The New York Times, The New York Daily Mirror, The Detroit Times, The Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph, and the American Weekly. Senator McClellan wrote that the committee hearings revealed ëgangster infiltration and dominance of the newspaper and magazine distribution businessí in New York City during the 1950s, and ëreported payoffs made to union officials by news publications who sought union peace by yielding to shakedowns and extortion."30
From House Crime Committee Chairman Claude Pepper in the 1971-72 hearings on worthless securities: This is the first of a series of hearings designed to show how extensively organized criminal elements have infiltrated the banking, securities, and insurance industries. The evidence uncovered thus far shows that important racketeers have combined with lawyers and accountants in developing schemes which have defrauded the general public as well as companies in the banking, securities, and insurance industries of hundreds of millions of dollars each year. The tremendous amounts of money they are able to amass -- enables them to facilitate their operations by offering substantial bribes to bank presidents, insurance company executives, and stock brokerage management.31
"Hoodlum connections with some of the biggest banks in the country" were noted by former House Banking Committee Chairman Wright Patman. Representative Patman added that ëcriminal control of banks is widespread. It reaches from New York to Miami to Chicago, and even to some small towns. I would say there are dozens of banks influenced or owned by hoodlumsí.32
From Robert D. McFadden of the New York Times, and from the Presidentís Commission on Organized Crime, 1980: "They have gone the way of sophisticated corporate America, and they've done it successfully," commented one FBI agent to the New York Times. The Mafia's newest methods can involve Swiss bank accounts and all the other financial, legal and technical 'accouterments of a global business cartel.' But its expanding infiltration into legitimate business - everything from pizza restaurants to disposal of toxic wastes - is countered by increasing trouble with the law: the past few years have been marked by major Mafia trials and the convictions of a number of top bosses.33
From the Harvard Business Review, March-April 1970. There can ëno longer be any doubt in the minds of perceptive business executives that there has been a massive infiltration of the national economy by members of organized crimeí.34
From the Estes Kefauver book, 'Crime in America': Over seventy separate types of businesses have been infiltrated by Mafia hoodlums in 1951. Some of them are: "Advertising, the amusement industry, awnings, automobiles, bakeries, ballrooms, banking, baseball, bonding -- shipping, slot machines, steel, surplus property, tailoring, television manufacturing and sales, textiles, theaters (stage and movies), trucking, transportation, unions, and washing machines."35
From the Harvard Business Review, March-April 1970: Organized crime "owns or has decision-making influence in 50,000 commercial or industrial companies", including two multinational conglomerates.36
From the President's Commission on Organized Crime: Legitimate businesses infiltrated by the Mafia include "liquor and food purveyors, restaurants, construction, banking, vending, jewelry, meat packing, sanitation and toxic waste disposal, import/export, tobacco, and laundry, among many others."
The Mafia owns 25 or 30 percent of motels and restaurants in the Boston area alone. "They have their fingers in just about everything", ex-mobster Vincent Teresa said before a Senate investigation committee in 1971.37
At this point, the picture should be quite clear: The Mafia is everywhere!
There isn't an industry, a business or an enterprise that isn't influenced by the Mafia in some way. You cannot go shopping in any major store in any city, or even a small 'mom-and-pop' shop, that isn't being influenced by the Mafia in some fashion. We are not saying that the 'Moms and Pops' are working with the Mafia -- we are not. What we are saying is that some of the products on their shelves may very well be counterfeit, they may be stolen, they may be manufactured by or distributed by Mafia corporations, or they may simply be products that are imported by the Mafia. As in our example with 'Three Dog Night' and 'Rare Earth', Mom and Pop may very well be completely ignorant of who is behind them as they struggle to make a living.
The point is this: Virtually every business in our country is influenced by the Mafia in some way. You may very well be working for the Mafia without knowing it. Your boss may not know it. The Mafia is everywhere! Including -- in law enforcement!
From former Mob money mover Michael Raymond before the Senate Committee on Organized Crime: "There is no area in organized crime that can operate without the duplicity of the police, the agencies involved. I have enormous experience in the area. I have seen it -- there is no numbers operation in the world that can operate without police protection. It doesn't exist. Anyone who tells you that is lying."38
In 1961, the 'Hoffa unit' in the Organized Crime section of the FBI was formed in order to ferret out 'leaks' of FBI reports to Jimmy Hoffa, and very likely Meyer Lansky of the Mafia.39
Worse than the infiltration of police departments and law enforcement agencies is the infiltration of our political system itself. For example, Frank Nitti, Capone's successor, and Louis Campagna exerted enough pressure in the Illinois Legislature to prevent passage of wiretapping bills in the 1930s and early 1940s.40
John Roselli, once a Capone henchman, frankly testified that the wire service, the handbook, the slot machines, and other Chicago rackets depended on political corruption.41
From a 1967 report issued by 23 Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives: "A war on organized crime is inseparable from a war on political corruption. In this fact may lie hidden the reason why it is so difficult for political leadership to wage a comprehensive war on organized crime - for to do so would be to risk severe political consequences."42
From the President's 1967 Crime Commission Report: "The purpose of organized crime is not competition with visible legal government but nullification of it. When organized crime places an official in public office, it nullifies the political process. When it bribes a police official, it nullifies law enforcement."43
From Life magazine, August 9, 1968: A prominent Congressman was a 'tool and collaborator of a Cosa Nostra gang lord'. Mister Cornelius Gallagher was a prominent representative of New Jerseyís 13th District in Congress between 1958 and 1972. Lyndon Johnson considered him a possible running mate. He served as the second-ranking Democrat on a House subcommittee that investigated organized crime in the late 1960s, in which position he disparaged efforts against the Mafia.44
From U.S. attorney Frederick B. Lacey, commenting on Mob corruption in New Jersey: ëOrganized crime is, in the vernacular, 'taking us over'.45
Is this really a surprise to anyone? Criminal organizations can influence political out-comes. They can get their candidate in, or they can keep a candidate out. If the elected official doesnít vote their way, the official loses the next election at the very least. If the official votes for the bills that bring a profit to organized crime -- well, thank you, Mr. Incumbent.
Now at this point, Ladies and Gentlemen, let us put some pieces together here:
The CIA has been and continues to protect the drug interests of the Mafia. The law enforcement agencies are full of individuals who continue to protect the major illegal interests of the Mafia. Politicians at all levels of government protect the major illegal interests of the Mafia. Presidents, heads of the intelligence agencies, heads of every enforcement agency and individuals from every institution of influence have been implicated in a global collusion and cooperation with the Mafia. All of these statements are true, sadly they are a fact of life.
Now let us reconsider the premise that we began with: assuming that, just as the UFO community claims, there really is a 'Cover-up' of UFOs and extra-terrestrials by the government and the CIA. If this is really true, what do you think the chances are that the Mafia would know about the existence of UFOs and extra-terrestrials? If the existence of UFOs and extra-terrestrials is really being covered-up by the government and the CIA, what do you think are the chances that the Mafia is playing a role in the cover-up? Do you think that it is even remotely possible that the Mafia wouldnít know about UFOs if they really exist?
Ladies and Gentlemen, IF the government is conducting a 'UFO Cover-up', then the Mafia is part of the 'Cover-up'! IF the government is conducting a 'UFO Cover-up', demanding the truth from the government is the same as demanding the truth from the Mafia. Any UFO researcher or New Age lecturer who tells you that you can demand the truth from the government is totally unaware of the world as it really is.
Researchers who want to go into the field of UFO research must be aware of this fact. IF there really is a 'UFO Cover-up' by the government, then the Mafia is playing an integral role in its execution. You are not dealing with 'mom and apple pie' patriotic young soldiers, nor are you dealing with a rogue intelligence community. IF there really is a 'UFO Cover-up', then you are dealing with agents of the Mafia!
Now the picture should begin to become more clear. Death threats to witnesses, the disappearance of witnesses, multi-million dollar 'alien autopsy' films, governmental 'stone-walling', destruction of documents and physical evidence, shunning of democratic principles, sheer betrayal and lies -- no morality or principle, no allegiances or remorse. The only motivation is power and profit. Time does not allow us in this program to list all the UFO related phenomena and events which suddenly become clearer in their content when viewed through this perspective: IF there really is a 'UFO Cover-up' being conducted by the government, then the Mafia is playing an integral role in its execution.
Now, some of you will immediately recall that this 'renegade nobody' has often suggested that most of the UFO sightings and events being reported are probably the result of top-secret stealth projects. Would this scenario change with a Mafia presence?
Actually -- no.
In July 1971, well known Mafia figure, Johnny Roselli, (remember him, he was an ex-Al Capone hood who represented Chicago boss Sam Giancana in Las Vegas and he played a role in the Castro assassination attempts in the 60s), well, Johnny Roselli, was appealing a sentence of five years received for the crime of cheating at cards. During his trial, his attorneys tried to portray him as an American hero because of his links to the CIA and the Castro fiascos. What came out of this trial, however, was that Johnny Roselli revealed that the Chicago Mob -- and Howard Hughes' business empire -- were involved in quote 'clandestine United States intelligence operations'!46
And why is this significant? Records show that Howard Hughes fully embraced the CIA and nearly always accepted any and all CIA projects and requests. Mr. Howard Hughes was a CIA man -- and Howard Hughes had received $6 billion dollars in defense contracts for paramilitary and clandestine warfare hardware.47
Quote: the CIA, by having pioneered successful spy-in-the-sky electronic reconnaissance satellites, maintained the edge over the rival Pentagon intelligence agencies. The Hughes Aircraft Corporation became a major supplier of the CIA's spy satellite needs -- During the same period Hughes Aircraft also became a prime contractor for NASA, the space monolith based in Hughes' hometown of Houston.48
Ladies and Gentlemen: Howard Hughes became a major supplier of the CIA's spy satellite needs! Hughes Aircraft became a major supplier for NASA! Through Howard Hughes, the Mafia was involved in the latest state-of-the-art satellite production, the latest spy technologies, and the latest paramilitary and clandestine warfare hardware! Through the Howard Hughes empire, the Mafia was fully aware of the latest advances and technology available to the CIA itself!
From investigator and author, Michael Dorman: Medico Industries, a multimillion-dollar corporation in Luzerne County, PA, received a $3.9 million dollar Pentagon contract to produce 600,000 warheads for use in Vietnam. Company president Phillip Medico was described by northeastern Pennsylvania Mafia boss Russell Bufalino, in an FBI-recorded conversation, as a Capo in his Mafia family -- His research found that more than 375 major businesses in Pennsylvania, including a large defense contractor, are controlled by the Mob.49
A Mafia Capo was making warheads for Viet Nam! Let me ask you, do you think he might make a special bullet or two for his Mafia friends? Maybe a special weapon or two for the Mafia hit-men in his family?
From Time magazine, March 6, 1978: U.S. Congressman Daniel Flood of Pennsylvania was investigated by at least eight separate U.S. Attorneyís officesí. According to his former aide Stephen Elko, a former aide who testified against Flood, said that the Congressman was 'Congress's most successful 'muscler', an official who used his considerable influence to direct federal contracts to people and companies that said 'thank you' in cash. It was Dan Flood who directed many lucrative defense contracts to the Medico company.50
From Life magazine, February 14, 1969: During the late 1960s, a Pentagon construction contract in St. Louis was handled by the Mafia-controlled Laborers Local 42. Millions of dollars were siphoned off in phony overtime payments and paychecks to ghost workers. More than a dozen Mafia members and associates were on the payroll. Not surprisingly, the cost of the Pentagon contract came to $22 million dollars, almost triple the original estimate.51
Ladies and Gentlemen, for the last thirty years, the Mafia has been awarded and has been accepting national defense contracts from the Pentagon itself. The Mafia has controlled companies that work on and produce some of the most sensitive equipment and hardware that is available to the CIA and the military today.
With the trillions of dollars that the Mafia has at its disposal, what are the chances that Mafia crime lords equip their homes with the latest in surveillance and protection devices? What are the chances that the Mafia has the blueprints to every newest tank, ship and aircraft available to the CIA? What are the chances that the Mafia makes weaponry for itself in its own production facilities? What are the chances that the Mafia has access to stealth technology and all of the latest technological advances? And what are the chances that they have spent some of their own money to possess equipment that is totally unknown to the average citizen and average officer in the military forces of the United States today?
The answer is, of course, the Mafia probably has every imaginable state-of-the-art gadget and device that science has been able to develop to this day. If anyone can afford the cost of these 'toys' -- they can.
Ladies and Gentlemen: IF the 'UFO Cover-up' is a false story concocted to cover-up the latest advances in stealth technology, the Mafia plays a major role behind the scenes.
And if you have any doubts, let's toss out one more major piece of information that you need to know about. In 1991, the Russian government fell. In a coup right out of the Keystone cops, the Evil Empire known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics came tumbling down. The United States was happy, the democratic peoples of the world were happy -- and the Russian Mafia was happy. In Enemy Eyes, author Stanislav Lunev, an ex-agent of GRU Russian military intelligence, an agency higher than the KGB, reveals information that should make you nervous:
"As a former colonel in the GRU, the military counterpart of the KGB, I am the GRUs highest ranking Soviet defector to the United States. I have one message for my adopted country: the Cold War is not over; the new cold war is between the Russian Mafia and the United States; and in this new cold war, the Russian Mafia has every tool, every weapon, every intelligence asset at its disposal that the old Soviet Union had. America is facing a nation led by gangsters - gangsters who have nuclear weapons."
"Today, Russian mobsters have open positions as industrialists, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and politicians, and the Russian Federation is run as mob-held territory, which explains the many well-known cases of contract killings of businessmen."52
"When the Soviet Union collapsed and its industries were privatized, there was only one group within Russia with the money to buy the new industries, and that was the Russian Mafia. But the Mafia did more than buy the industries - it bought the government. That's why I defected, because as a career Russian military intelligence officer in the GRU, I believed in serving my country - not organized crime or the tools of organized crime, like Boris Yeltsin."53
The Soviet Union is no longer a nation of Communist leaders bent on a political take-over of the United States and the world. It has become a nation of Russian Mafia crimelords, crimelords with all of the weaponry that once belonged to the Soviet Army. Stealth technology, nuclear weapons, tanks, missiles, stingers, airplanes, destroyers, submarines -- oh, and speaking of submarines:
Ludwig Feinberg, a Russian mobster, purchased a Piranha-class nuclear submarine from the Russian Naval Base in Kronstadt for $5.5 million dollars. The submarine was to be disguised as an oceanographic research vessel, but would, in fact, transport cocaine to ports in North America. Unfortunately, Feinberg was arrested on other charges and his plan fell through. But his adventure was not much different from what already happens with the purchase of Russian military helicopters - at $1 million dollars apiece - by the drug cartels to transport drugs.54
Russian arms experts - even highly technical ones with knowledge of nuclear weapons - are often not being paid or are receiving salaries that barely keep them and their families alive. Many of them are going to 'terrorist countries' and offering their services to the highest bidders. Even if they donít want to relocate to those countries, these starved scientists are willing to sell extremely sensitive information.55
According to Lunev, Russian airplanes are used to fly nuclear weapons into the U.S.. The planes are tracked flying across the ocean on what appears to be a typical reconnaissance flight. U.S. radar tracks them but when there are no other aircraft in visual range, the Russian airplane will launch a small, high-tech, stealth transport missile that can slip undetected into remote areas of the country. The missiles are then retrieved by GRU operatives.56
(Reports from southern Arizona reveal that some of these stealth missiles are being sent over the Mexican border and they appear to be carrying, not nuclear devices, but drugs! The Mafia is apparently using these sophisticated Russian stealth missiles they purchased at bargain rates to good advantage!)
And one last quick revelation: the Russians were experimenting with high intensity laser weapons intended to blind US pilots flying surveillance missions. Aimed at the cockpit, pilots would be blinded and could be subjected to fatal heat bursts.57
AP press release, November 5, 1998. SwissAir Flight 111 crashed off the coast of Canada on September 2, 1998. Investigators cannot explain why readings show that the cockpit temperature rose to 572 degrees without leaving traces of fire. The heat was high in the cockpit and not beneath the floor where wiring is located.
Ladies and Gentlemen: the Russian Mafia possesses the technology, the arms, and the weaponry once part of the Soviet armyís arsenal. Research into paranormal and psychic phenomena, the occult, UFO studies, and all of the other 'unusual' types of studies are now in the hands of the Russian Mafia. What you need to know, and it will be elaborated on in part two of this series, the Russian Mafia is now the capital of the Global Mafia.
The premise of this paper should no longer be in question:
IF there is such a thing as a ëUFO Cover-upí, the Mafia is involved.
IF the ëUFO Cover-upí is a cover for stealth technology, the Mafia is involved.
IF UFOs and extra-terrestrials exist and contact has been made, the Mafia knows.
The UFO community at large has not been doing its homework. If it had, no speaker on the UFO/New Age circuit would ever tell you that the general public can demand the Truth from the government! These 'pseudo-researchers' and ëexpertsí would know that the government is both infiltrated and manipulated by the Mafia! Demands made on the government are the same as demands made on the Mafia! If the UFO community at large had done its research, they would not have limited their accusations of a supposed 'UFO Cover-up' solely to the CIA and the government! The 'government' and the CIA and the Mafia work intimately together.
Obviously the UFO community didn't know this.
For your consideration:
Robert Morning Sky
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